Sabrina's plan (the mean devil)
Sabrina told me one morning that she had a plan to help me get Becky pregnant whether she wanted to or not! She said "find out what color her pills are and I can make some that are totally useless against pregnacy. The woman will get pregnant I swear." I told her I couldn't do that to Becky. "We've been friends for years and I just can't and you'd better not either!" She pouted for awhile and said "okay, I won't. I was just trying to help you." I told her thanks and left it at that.

I decided that I needed to see all the women today at some time or another. I finished my breakfast and kissed the ladies present and was off. My first stop I knew was to see Karen.
I might not get to fuck her but she was still a beauty to enjoy. I called her to make sure she was awake and she told me just had gotten up out of bed but to come on over and she'd fix us some coffee if I wanted some. I told her that I'd love a few cups and I'd be there in 15 minutes.

When I got to the door and knocked whe opened it to let me in. She looked so pretty wearing a shortie sheer gown with no panties or bra. She didn't like to sleep in them because she said they felt restraining. She had brushed her hair and washed her face. She brought us a cup of coffee and asked if I was hungry. I told her No that Sabrina had fixed us biscuits and gravy and sausage patties and scrambled eggs. She said "damn I wish I'd been there for that. That sounds so good." She told me she was just having toast this morning. Her tummy had been upset last night and she didn't want to make it worse.

I took her in my arms and told her "Awww, poor baby!" She giggled and kissed me and said I could make her feel better if I wanted to. I asked "How?" "Well for starters take me into the bedroom and make love to my body. That always makes me feel good!" I nodded okay and off we went. We undressed and got in her bed and started to make love passionately. She put my cock in her mouth and sucked it while I explored her body with hands and tongue.

I finally got down to her wet pussy and started to suck on her clit while fucking her pussy with 3 fingers. It wasn't too long that we both climaxed and fell apart to regain our strength. She leaned and kissed me again and told me "thanks love, that makes me feel so much better. I think my stomach has cleared up enough for a real breakfast. Thanks kind doctor of love!" I laughed and told her "no charge."

I dressed again but she still just had on her gown and we went back to the table and I drank coffee while she fixed her breakfast. I got a cigarette and told her I was going outside to smoke (she doesn't smoke) and I'd be back in a few minutes. It was fairly nice but a little cool since it had been raining all night. The air was fresh as I polluted it with smoke. As you can tell I'm not much of an environmentalist!

I went back and she eating and I asked her about her boyfriend. I wanted to fuck her pussy so bad but knew her rules. "He's fine. Thank you. I'm meeting him this weekend and promised to give him some pussy if he wants it." she told me. I thought to myself what man in this world would turn down an offer like that from her or any other woman for that matter.
"Why do you ask?, she said. "I know you guys are anxious to fuck my pussy and I undertstand why but it's not going to be much longer." I told her "guilty as charged!" She laughed so hard she got temporarily choked on her food and coughed like crazy.

She finished eating and told me that if I wanted to feel the inside of her pussy like we had done before that it was okay. I told her I'd love to and we went back to bed for another round. She sucked on my cock until it was engorged and placed it her pussy. She put it in her opening a little further than the last time until she felt it touch her hymen and then moved it around in circles to feel it all over. She told me that it felt so good and she wanted it all but not just yet. We did this until I felt her cum on my cock and she removed it.

I told her that I needed to leave and I had plans to visit everyone today. "okay love." She said "I know someone out there will take your cum today. I just know it!" I told her I knew that too, but who did I want to cum in first? "If you want to come back by later and I'll do the aame thing again and this time I'll go ahead and let you cum in my pussy!"
I told her that would be great!! We kissed good-bye until later and I was on my way.

I stopped at Becky's next and made love to her. She likes me to cum in her but I didn't have any built up yet because of Karen. I didn't tell her of Sabrina's kinky idea! She'd kill her for that! After we finished I was off to the races and went to see Norma. Norma is so big now with our baby. Her poor legs are all swollen but she's otherwise happy. She asked who I had serviced so far. I told her I slept with Sabrina last night and had visited with Karen and Becky. "Is Karen still a virgin?" she asked. I told her "so far she is." She just shook her head. I told her that Karen was finally going to fuck her boyfriend this weekend so she'd be ready for us after that!

"Well it's about time she did. you guys have been so patient with her. I'd be crazy by now!" she told me. I laughed and told her "we're not far from that". We went to bed and made love but I still couldn't cum yet.
"I guess our baby will have to wait for it's "drink". That's what happens when you get a blow job in the morning." she told ne. WE both roared with laughter at this remark. I told her I loved her and would check back later. She said "I love you too and the baby does to. Bye!"

I called Peggy and went over to her place next. She met me at the door totally naked. She has the most perfect figure I've ever seen
and she knew she was hot! I hugged and kissed her lips then her gigantic tits and we shared a cup of coffee and smoke. She did smoke like me so I didn't have to go outside this time. I told about my adventures of the day and soon we retired to her bed for making love. WE fucked and sucked for awhile and I put my cock in her pussy as usual and gave her several orgasms until I felt myself needing to cum. It had finally gotten some back and ready to unload.

I told her I was going to cum in her and she yelled "give me your cum baby. I want it so bad! God that feels so good! Fuck me. Fuck me!
"Cum in me! Oh yes! She gets a little carried away sometimes but it's fun! I flooded her pussy with cum and we rested. I mentioned what Karen had told me what she would do if I stopped by later and she told me that Karen needed some cum in her. Especially mine!

I agreed it would be fun to give her some cum in her pussy instead of her mouth. WE got up and showered together and got dressed and I was off again. I was trying to decide which was next when I got a phone call from Sabrina telling me that Linda was having labor pains and I should check on her at the hospital. I don't think you have to worry. It's probably false labor but there is always a chance of an early birth.

I raced to the hospital and found her in the exam room crying. I held her and kissed her forehead. The doctor came in and told her everything was fine. He told us that it was early labor pains and the baby was okay. She'd carry the baby to full term but she needed to rest now. I took her home and made her go to bed and told the others to watch out for her.
I decided to spend the rest of the day to support Linda and not bother with the others.
I called Karen and told her the news and she said she understood. The offer she had made could be filled as soon as Linda felt better!

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