Saiai~Beloved Part I: Love's Tattoo
His mouth made me his slave. Licking me in my most intimate of places I was wet inside and out and every surface of my body tingle with want. It was hard to focus with your tongue dancing around seductively in my pussy, but I tried. Feeling the thrumming of your cock in my mouth and down my throat, I flexed my throat muscles as the taste of your flesh filled my mouth. Together with it all was almost more then than I could handle as my body started to shake as you fucked me with your tongue. In that I could do no less I returned the favor. Cumming, hard and fast we fired into each other mouths a hot, thick and sticky release that was only the start of the evening. Ending in a twisted mass of arms and legs wrapped us around each other, and this was our way for two weeks. Now he's gone. Back to his life and his wife, leaving me to remember as I laid on the tossed bed sheets still warm and scented with us. I promise myself never to do this again, and in the days to come I repeat this promise to myself as thoughts of you rack my body. Seeking you like a drug in spite knowing that you will never be mine.

We had been a part for some time then one day while waiting for the train, in Osaka Japan where I had gone to take a job teaching English and to get away from you I feel eyes upon me. Usually, I would not have noticed or cared, it 2018 and still seeing people of color especially Black American women were some of what of an item still. Looking up and around, not being much taller than the average Japanese figuring it was just another person staring at the odd woman of color. It was then that I saw you standing with only six people between us looking down at me. Your black eyes were giving nothing away just the radiate need of you washing over me almost holding me in place, but I fought against and moved to step with the crowd onto the train you touched my hair and stopped and stood in place as the crowd of humanity moving around us and then left.
"We need to talk Saiai; there has been enough time between us," Your voice comes to me like smooth, warm silk brings memories of moments, and I go back to the day that we met. I arrived at a meeting that was late for due to an accident on the metro. I had taken the time that day to dress with care in hopes of making a good impression. White tailor shirt with French cuffs and black pencil skirt, silk hose, and two-inch high black leather pumps. My hair still in braids I twisted into buns that rode low on my neck. My only jewelry as pearl studs and my grandfather pinky ring that I wore on my right index finger. So when I walked into the meeting late, my tardiness already explained I couldn't figure why you seem to focus on me, in fact, you stopped talking the moment I entered and didn't start until I had taken my seat. After introductions were you restarted your inquiry into whether or not the company that I worked for could represent you effectively in Japan. Acting as if I take notes, I watch you from between my eyelashes, and you seemed to be disconnected yet aware of those around you. Then you signaled for your assistant to take over and you leaned back in the chair and looked directly at me. When the meeting is over, I am hot and damp in places that I hadn't been in a long time my body was humming with want. As I was making for the door still feeling your eyes on me, you spoke to me in Japanese.

" Anata wa totemo utsukushīdesu ...You are very beautiful."

I could have said the same about you I thought. At least 6 ft. 1in tall with hair so black that it looked blue, a mixture of Nordic and Japanese ancestor showing itself handsomely in your face. Plus you must admit it is not often that you see an Asian person with ice blue eyes.

"ArigatÅ SÄ.. Thank you, "I said stopping where I was and turning to face you, still sitting at the conference table looking as if you own the space. I stood there ready to make my escape with the others as they leave. You had intrigued me and made me aware of my needs, and I wasn't prepared for that, not today and not from you. I thought to myself that I would remember this time later tonight and reenacted differently while I was masturbating. My boss Anne Ratclift is the last to leave and looks at me out the corner of her baby blues under well -trimmed blond eyebrows with a look that said don't fuck this up and get him.

"I understand that you are one on the team who speak Japanese fluently, Ms. Cross says to me in Japanese.

The sound of your voice was saying my name had me wanted to hear you moan it. I was sure I must have closed my eyes in pleasure, and it had me imagine what your voice would sound like as I sucked your cock.
"It is one of the languages that I speak. I love to travel and have found that speaking the language of the country that you are in brings you closer to the people of that country and its culture." By now I had walked back to the conference room table, the door open for my protection... oh hell, it was really for yours. I took the seat next to you and waited.

"Your company will be hired to represent my company in Japan, and it all goes well I may hire you, to represent it other parts of Asia."
"While I was pleased to get the account for my company I didn't miss the" you" part. I don't fuck where I work, no matter how much I will dream of hopping your bones, maybe for the rest of my life. Your response had me wondering if you could read my mind but then, Mr. Oshiro that seems to be your way. We sat there staring at each other not attacking or seeking away from past unseen boundaries but just looking. Yes, I was trying to keep it business only because I knew all had to do was to uncross my legs and that hand that you had placed on my knee would become like a heat-seeking missile and find its way inside my panties.

"Well Sir I am sure that we will do a most excellent job," I said getting up, and moving away from the chair and you. Turning I made for the door and I heard you say...

"Anata ga hoshii... I desire you."

Stopping at the open door where I could see your assistance hovering I said what I needed to say and left you there, walking away on shaking legs with juice from my pussy slowly making a warm wet path down my thighs.

I don't know how you found out where I lived or got into my apartment. When I came out of the shower naked singing Teena Marie's" Ohh Wee" you were there sitting in my reading chair the book I was currently reading about the decadence of Rome, and drinking from a glass of red wine, which you must have brought with you as I had none. Your eyes, those ice blue eyes looked me up and down slowly taking in my nudity and curves. Not letting your presence bother me I continued drying my braids with a towel as I walked over to you with hips swaying, tits high and pussy shaved taking the glass of wine out of your hand and taking a sip. Then hand it back to you and swaying my-happy-bare-ass to my bedroom where I locked the door and got ready for bed. Figuring if you found your way in you can find your way out.

As soon as my head hit the pillows, I was in dreamland, reliving my day and dreaming of you. Somewhere in the dream, I started hearing the shower running and thinking that I had forgotten to turn it off. Oh damn, I thought still sleep, and yet not I moved to get out of bed only to wake up to you getting in.

"What are you doing?," I asked you our faces just a breath away from a kiss. It is then that I realize your hair is damp and the smell of my body wash...unisex green tea. I noticed that you use the cologne and I went out and bought the body wash so that I could smell when I wanted to think of you. There is enough ambient light Oh my God your naked body is the color of old ivory carved by the hand of a master, six-pack abs broad shoulders and a cock that is... well ... hmm, my mouth is watering. So there we were standing there in all of our naked glories... oh, I sleep naked.

"I don't fuck where I work," I said knowing that you didn't give a damn about my morals.

"You don't work for me, you work for a company," Marcus reply's in a voice that was calm and yet seductive all at once.

"Mr. Oshiro..."


"Mr. Oshiro, I work for the company that your company hired and like I said, I don't fuck where I work. "Now if you like to stay you can sleep in the guest room down the hall...,"The rest I never got out as his mouth was on mine. The kiss was warm demanding and teasing all at the same time, and I moaned into the pleasure, just as I remembered where I was and whom I was kissing. Breaking the kiss and stepping out of his embraced, I walked to the door and stopped then giving him a little shake of my bare ass I walked down the much darker hall to the guest bedroom.

On reaching the guest bedroom I walked into a flip on the lamp, but I never got to it. Marcus had picked me up and holding the back of me to the front of him, letting me feel the hardness of his cock cradling itself between my butt cheeks. Arching my back away from you as you cup my breasts to hold me in place and I can't resist grinding my ass on to your cock feeling it slide deeper into the crevice between my ass cheeks.

"Yasmine I want you, and you want me, business or not, "Marcus whispers in my ears as I am shaking under his massaging hands and I go from no to yes your hand, and I melt into you. Finding myself face down on the bed on my knees with my ass up in the air and spread wide for your pleasure which you greedily take advantage it and me. Laying light kissed my ass cheek and then between my legs as your fingers trace where your lips have been, probing teasing me. Now I am so wet I can feel it running down my thighs it feels warm the warmer as you lick my thighs and then my pussy. I am shaking and moaning wanting more and then shocked when you smack my ass, first one side then the other.

"Don't you ever shake your ass at me again, because if you do, I will strip you and fuck wherever we are in that pretty ass,"

Your words were harsh and yet so seductive that I almost shook my ass at you again to see what would happen, but before I could do anything, I was up and off the bed and over your shoulder being taken back to my bedroom. Where I was dropped on my back onto the bed, causing my legs to spread wide exposing my sex to you. Going on to my elbows, I pulled my knees up and out spreading my folds of my pussy wider exposing my clit to you. You stand there and mumble some low and fast in Japanese, but I was too lost in lust to catch it. I was hot and horny wanting you to fuck me until I can't tell where you begin and I end. Again like earlier today you read my mind and fell upon with such passion that it frightens and excited me all at the same time. We came a thing of hands mouths, arms, and legs as we wrapped ourselves around each other become where the other begin and the other ended. It was like all the tension between us that had started at hello has is now taking us over, and there is the only end of it all.

Kissing your way down my body, sucking at my breasts as your hands and fingers exploring me to leave me fighting to breathe and think. This isn't right but if feel so good and I moaned never realizing that I had been heard. His mouth made me his slave. Licking me in my most intimate of places I was wet inside and out and every surface of my body tingle with want.

"See Yasmine you want me as much as I want you. I'm not a casual kind of lover with me it's all or nothing, and I want all of you," Marcus said. His words were warm, and the meaning was searing against my skin, leaving tattoos on my mind to never be forgotten as they were driving my need to fuck him or at least be fucked by him.
"Saiai... beloved," Marcus whispers against my lips then send it with a breath into my mouth, and I breathe it in, as it was being tattooed on my soul.

I am now Saiai...your beloved and it's the only name I will answer to when called by you. Now with my lips and teeth, I worry the flesh of your neck as you moan fighting to keep from putting your hands on me, letting me have my way with you. Rubbing my skin against your skin, my hard nipples, and my hot wet pussy, I to have more you, I had to taste you in the most intimate of ways. Feeling your eyes on me, I craw down your body dragging my nails lightly on your skin in my wake, and you moan loud my name... Saiai! Arriving at your cock which is hard and warm to the touch, I stroke it lovely admiring it and it feels like a throbbing heartbeat... your heart in my hands. Your eyes on me now and as I slide the head of your cock into my mouth, I hold it there massing it with muscles in my mouth, and my tongue to hear you moaning and cursing in Japanese. I am pleased with your response. Then I started sucking on the head, tasting your precum and moan sending the vibrations to the skin of your cock as I palm your balls rolling them softly in my hands. Finding that space between balls and anus I rub it lightly as I hear you gasp and then moan and I feel your thighs tighten and the muscle ripple. Smiling to myself, and closing my eyes letting my mouth and hands see for me as I orally caressed your cock.
Saiai !!! Marcus said from between clenched teeth as the dark beauty shook the boundaries of his control as he sucked his hands into her hair and held on as he gave her want she wanted and what he craved. His Saiai, with teasing care sucked as much of his cock into her warm wet mouth as she could while stroking his thighs the combination of the two making Marcus growl his pleasure. Then she picked up her speed, sliding him in and out of her mouth and down her throat, where she would stop and hold there. Letting her throat and mouth close in around him and tightening to just this side of pleasure and with a hair breath of pain. Marcus felt his whole body stiffen and flex as his Saiai held him captive with her dangerous, seductive mouth. He was beyond words as she consumes him, bit by bit and he goes willingly with the sound of his impending orgasm echoing in his ears. Then she was gone...

Opening his eyes Marcus, was surprised to see her climbing up his body and then to taste himself on his lips as his Saiai gives him a kiss that sears his soul. Fighting to breath and in mid intake, he stops as his Saiai slide down on his cock and sits there with him encased in her warm wetness. At first, this was more than his body could take and then she took his mind. The walls of her muscle caressed in such a way that he grabbed her by the waist and held on as she began to ride him. Looking up from where he laid beneath her as his Saiai let go and crossed over to wild abandonment, sliding up and down his cock with her breasts moving time to the sway of her hips dancing on his cock. Moaning and growling his pleasure as his orgasm came like a rolling tide he body grabs her hips in a bruising embrace and holds on for dear life. Opening his eyes wide, Marcus looks into his Saiai's eyes and watches as she claimed her orgasm. Screaming his name, she comes hard and then melts into as he joins her.

Later he leaves her apartment exhausted and sated. Marcus Oshiro made arrangements for Yasmine to be part of the team that he would be working closely within the weeks to come. If all goes well, he would introduce her to his lifestyle. The thought of that, made his cock hard again, just then his cell phone rings and it's a call from Osaka, Japan. Marcus says hello and smiles into the phone, it's his wife.

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