Salacious Part four
part IV

"Who was screaming?" I mummer, aware now of my scorching throat. Both Ian and Jake chuckled

"That was you, baby." Jake whispered as he stroked my cheek with the back of his hand.

I noticed we were in the bedroom and I was laying on the bed sandwiched between a very naked Jake and Ian. Jake was stroking my face and Ian was reaching around me rolling and pulling my erect nipples

"When did we come in here?"

I said as I reached for the orange juice Jake was handing me.

"Baby you have been out for two hours."

"O my God, how did that happen?"

"Well, after you screamed down the house, you passed out. Ian carried you in here and we let you sleep, we need you so it's time to wake up."

"My bum hurts Jake."

"Yea, you will remember your punishment for a few days at least."

"Ian and I, are going to help distract you. You did very well with your punishment, I never believed you could remain in place the whole time. You did, and I'm so very proud of you."

Four hands were doing a wonderful job of distracting me Ian and Jake seemed to be everywhere.

"Why don't you thank Jake for your punishment, Robin? Up on your knees and suck his cock."

Ian suggested, patting me on the ass to get me up. I took Jake's cock in my mouth, He had a beautiful cock a smooth purplish glans now glistening with a large drop of pre-cum, the long shaft was full of large veins which pulsed on my tongue as I lightly played with his cock. Kissing down the shaft and swirling my tongue around the head. Ian was laying on his back resting his head in his hand and playing with my nipple with the other.

"Take his cock in your mouth, slowly, yes like that, hummum so sexy to see your cheeks hollowed out like that you're giving it to him good are you not? There you go, take it deeper yes just like that, hummum yes suck that cock." Ian directs.

I turned my head watching Ian, who watching me sucking Jake's cock after awhile I let Jake slip from my mouth with a big plop sound. Ian's cock is my next target, I lift my eyebrows at him.

"Do I have your permission, Sir?"

"Oh yeah, you do."

he lay on his back, meanwhile, Jake kneels behind me and begins to stroke my pussy with his glans As I lick the head of Ian's very swollen cock.

"Yes baby go on take his cock just the head though, tongue it, do you taste him?"

Jake telling me what to do to Ian's cock is so titillating.

I moan, knowing the vibrations transfers to his cock in a nice erotic way. I encircle his cock with my hand gripping him at the root, and slide my mouth down his cock feeling the veins and bumps of the velvet smooth cock, I know that I am pleasing him when I see his balls draw up. As I am face-fucking Ian's cock, I feel something cold sliding up my back, ever so slowly up the crack of my ass, just as I start to wonder what he is up to I hear that damn vibe, which I fear and desire with equal measure, I moan in spite of myself. Jake runs his fingers through the wetness seeping from my pussy and starts finger fucking me, holding the cool metal of the vibe against the hot skin of my pussy as he runs it from back to front. I shiver as I think of the many options as the vibrations of the vibe run down the crease of my ass again.

"Oh God, I moan." Ian reaches to the bedside table opens the drawer and removes a tube of lube and a hot pink butt plug. I've seen them in kink stores but I swear this one is big. Jake eases me back down to a kneeling position while running his hands up and down my back and arms calming my nerves

"So, you know what we are planning don't you?"

"Yes" I whisper

"We want to take you together. We have been working on stretching this ass and I think that you are ready for the plug. Are you Okay with this?"

"Yes" I answer not knowing what else to say but the truth. This had been running through the back of my mind all evening, it was my ultimate fantasy spread out before me, I was ready more than ready. Jake pressed my head down to the bed.

"Now, hold your rear in the air baby. Oh Hunny, you look so beautiful like this, all pliant and willing to do anything I ask, I cannot wait to fuck this ass." Jake whispers.

I feel the cold lube against the puckered opening, as he added a generous amount.

"I want you to relax we will go slow. Okay?"

Somehow I'm not sure I would be able to speak if I tried, so instead, I nod my head.

"Push back against my fingers, Robin," Jake suggested

I push back as he enters my anus pushing in all the way up to his knuckles, as Ian, who had been silently watching, turns on the bullet he had placed in my pussy. Shivering, I press back harder against Jake's fingers as he adds a second and pumps in and out several times. The burn is uncomfortable and pleasurable at the same time, my heart kicked up a bit and I'm panting I need something, anything that will push me over the edge. I begin riding Jake's fingers, my mind in a sexual fog I just want to be filled by both of them. I cannot believe that my fantasy is coming true.

"Oh baby you look so hot with Jake finger fucking you like that."

Jake continues to work the lube in for several more seconds before removing them and placing the tip of the plug against me, pushing the tip past the ring of nerves.


"Breathe baby, and push back"

"Ooohh Jake, it hurts... it keeps getting bigger and bigger."

Just then the plug quickly narrows and seats itself. I lay there sweating as Jake and Ian murmur sweet words and soothing touches. Jake pulls me into his arms laying me back against the bed he holds my face between his hands caressing my lips with his thumbs.

"You know you mean the world to me. I would do anything for you."

Jake leans down kissing my lower lip then nipping it as he sucks it into his mouth. I lick at his mouth, and then our tongues are tangling, feasting on each other.

"Jake, pppplease, between the vibe and the plug I'm going crazy here."

"Aaahhh baby, let me help you."

Kneeling between my legs and nudging them apart with his knee, he removes the vibe. Spreading the lips of my pussy wide he fucks me with his tongue while teasing my clit with the pad of his finger, circling, and stroking me to a frenzy. My body being controlled by this sexual fog surrounding us, the fantasy nowhere near as good as the reality. Ian is watching, stroking his splendidly erect cock, I reach for him, replacing his hand with mine, I match my movements with those of Jake.

Taking a leg in each arm he tosses them over his shoulders, and enters me in one meaningful thrust, taking my breath away. The plug shifts in my bum as Jake's cock thrusts, drilling me to the bed our bodies slick with sweat. Jake knows how to use his cock to drive me higher, rubbing the head of his cock against that one spot that sends me over the top . Tonight he only teases me, not giving me the release I need so badly. Ian is beside me teasing my nipples rolling and pulling them his eyes centered on my pussy as Jake continues to fuck me.

"God, you are so fucking gorgeous like this," Ian whispers. He leans down taking a pebbled nipple into his hot mouth, scraping it erotically with his teeth.

"Are you ready baby?" Jake slowed just rocking back and forth

Speech is beyond me, so I nod my head, Ian moves to the edge of the bed sitting with his feet on the floor.

"Come over here baby and sit on Ian's lap facing him."

I straddle his hips, and watch as he guides the head of his cock running it from back to front, wetting its swollen head which is weeping and purple so engorged and hard it looks painful I run my nails from the base to the tip tracing a circle the head... he hisses his stomach tightens and I feel his balls draw up. I take my time lowering myself to the root my eyes slide shut as I bottom out on his cock, my breath hissing between my teeth as I hold myself deep.

Ian lays back pulling me down to him, rocking his cock in and out, Jake behind me wiggles the plug.

"Are you ready for me baby?" Jake crooned

I manage to nod my head speech is beyond me, Ian inserts his hand between us and works the pad of his finger against my clit, as Jake removes the plug. Dribbles of oil, fingers massaging, the mushroomed head stretching me, burning, stretching, he's going too slow, I need, Ohh Ohh pushing back against that rock solid cock.

"We are about half way there, do you need a break?" Jake groans

"Oh God no, please don't stop." Without any thought, I push back taking Jake the rest of the way, Jake, Ian, and I moan.

"You two are killing me here." Ian mummers.

"Hummmmm oh my, oh god don't move give me a moment"

Jake and Ian run their hands over my body, soothingly as I breathe deeply, I'm close so close.

"Okay, move now"

Jake chuckles in my ear.

"Which will it be, move, or don't move."

"We are going to have this conversation now?" I groaned.

Ian starts rocking first, as Ian pulls back, Jake pushes forward. I'm in the middle living my darkest fantasy, riding the tide back and forth, Ian reaches between us massaging my clit.

"Oooohhh my stars, what are you doing to me?"

They picked up the tempo, erotic sex-fueled sounds were my only answer. I was so full, stretched to the limit riding both hot guys I fantasized about all those years and now, I was living it the reality so much better. The tension in both their bodies so great they trembled from it. Salty sweat slick bodies move, the tempo holding just shy of release. I was the first to soar, my body clenching with the force of my orgasm setting off Jake quickly followed by Ian.

We lay there tangled, chests heaving, trembling legs and arms, hearts slowing to normal, someone threw a sheet over us.

Tenderly, they pulled from my body, rolling me to my side, Ian caressed my face.

"Was it all you thought it would be?" Jake breathlessly whispered in my ear, as he nibbled on the tender flesh.

"You knew?"

"It was not hard to work it out baby Now, maybe we can schedule more visits with Ian."

"You did well for your first time." Ian whispered

My eyes slid shut, exhaustion taking over, Jake returned with a warm wet cloth wiping the evidence of our lovemaking away. I wanted to protest, it was too personal, but he was finished and was sliding between the sheets with me. The last thought I had as I slipped into sleep was when I could get Jake to take Ian and me to Excalibur.

Please let me know if you would like to hear more from Jake, Ian and Robin

©2016 Charity Robbins All rights reserved no reprinting without the expressed permission of the author
All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
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