Salacious Part three
Part three

In most ways I am a quiet reserved person but when someone makes me mad I have a tendency to give them an unedited vulgar piece of my mind. Especially people who are rude or abrasive to service people. I feel bad about it later on, but I cannot always apologize to them.

Tonight is our date night, and I'm pretty sure that Jake found out that I'd showed my ass again while he was away on business. I found out that he'd called my best friend to find out if I'd misbehaved, and of course she told him that I had! Damn her!

Jake arrived on time with a black leather bag which at once gets my attention.

"What-ya got," I ask?

"You will find out soon enough. Did you have a nice day today?"


"What about this past week, while I was away?" Tonight's the night Jake thought, it's time show her what I have been up to all these weekends. While she thinks I've been out of town on business while I have been to Excalibur, learning how to Dominate her safely. She is going to be so surprised, I can hardly wait to see her sweet submissive side give over to me.

"Yes, it's been rather dull without you here to distract me."

"So, you behaved?"

Oh no... I finally knew where this conversation was headed so now to decide how much to share, "well, umm, I got mad at the repairman, because he made me wait for two hours, but that was a very good reason to get upset. Right?"

"Baby, have we talked about this haven't we?"

"I know I am sorry it's just I had such a bad day today?"

"Did you or did you not ask for my help?"

"Yes... but."

"There's only one butt I am concerned with right now," Jake really looked serious. "Do you still want my help?"

Oh damn, he was giving me an out. What should I do? My mind went in twenty different directions until, I remembered the girl on the cross. I made the decision yes, I was still scared crap-less, but I trusted Jake, he loved me whether he knew it or not . He would never hurt me.

"Yes Jake, err Sir, I still want your help." I lowered my head ashamed for how I had acted.

"What did I say the last time this happened?" Jake's voice lowered became deeper, wow now that's a Dom's voice. Now that i thought about it his whole demeanor had changed, became more take charge. It was a change that I instantly liked.

"I told you I would punish you did I not? You promised you would be good, and to not loose your temper?

I nodded.

"Words Robin," Oh my again with the voice.

"Yes, Sir."

"Since you have disobeyed me you will be punished."

Unsure if he was kidding I did not move. Jake raised his eyebrow at me. Oh wow, this was something new, but it is leaving this delightful ache that settles low in my belly and has me creaming my panties. I could not wait to see where Jake was headed with this until his next statement, "Robin strip."

"Here?" I groused.

"I am not going to say it again either strip or I won't ever help with this again."

So, I turned my back to remove my clothes, but Jake was not having it, he didn't say a word he just turned me around, raised his eyebrow and let me know with that one look he was not pleased. So, I remove my clothes, slowly to tease him or piss him off I am not sure, by now I was wet and no way in hell did I want him to stop but I did think a bit of an attitude was in order.

"Well, you do not need to be so uptight about it," I said, snarkily.

"Well that, my little smart ass, Will cost you later, now fold and lay your clothes on that chair, then kneel, knees spread palms up, head bowed,"

I follow his commands, getting wetter by the moment, this is a totally new side of Jake and I like it very much. I peaked as Jake moved toward my clothes and was mortified as he picked through my clothes removed my very wet panties and brought them up to his nose. O my, God, he's sniffing them, then he stuffs them in the pocket of his Jeans.
He turns to me almost catching me looking at him. Then, the doorbell rings, Oh Shit I am sitting here naked knees not only spread wide but facing the door. I watch mortified as Jake turns to open the door.

"Jake I am naked!"

"I know."

Then, he turns to open the door. Jake steps aside inviting in a good-looking guy, who zeros in on me as he walks into the room. O my God its Ian.

"Robin, this is Ian, I do not think you two have been properly introduced." Jake was grinning and I knew without a doubt that I had been set up.

Ian had finished school early and had left to return to England just before Jake and I had started dating.

"Ian is here to watch your punishment. You okay with this?"

"Yes, Sir If, Ian being here pleases you, then it's okay with me."

Secretly, I was delighted my dream right here in my living room. Jake had told me that he and Ian had shared women before. Apparently Ian liked to watch, I wondered if there would be more to this than just a Funishment. If all I had heard of Ian and Jake was correct , I was in for a memorable evening.

"We already talked about what you like and I know your limits, is there anything you want to add to what we have talked about?"

"No Sir."

"Pick a safe-word," I thought for a moment, I'm not sure where it came from but the word just popped into my head and out my mouth.

"Salacious." How had Jake learned about limits and safewords?

"OK, go over to the table, bend over it, we shall see to your punishment."

So, now my clit was throbbing like crazy as I bend over the table.

"Spread your legs shoulder width, put your hands together stretched above your head."

Jake comes over and nudges my legs further apart then, he takes the rope and ties my hands together, then leaves them just laying on top of the table.
"Now, Robin I brought some things with me, would you like to see the one I brought for punishment?"

"I am not sure, but okay, yes, I want to see, please Sir."

I watch from the side as Jake pulls a paddle out of his bag, it's about fifteen inches long in length a wooden handle with a strip of leather about three and a half or four inches. I am not sure how I feel about this development, I should really learn to keep my mouth shut, I know Jake is kinky, but I never saw this coming.

"Why are you being punished?"

"Because I lost my temper and then opened my mouth," I reply cheekily.

"You have earned. Ten strokes for your temper and five for your little attitude."

My clit is throbbing and I am dying to press my thighs together to relieve the throb, I can feel the wetness leaking down my leg.

"I'm not going to tie you to the table but you will remain in place if you move we start again. also, I want you to count and ask for your next stroke. Do you understand the instructions and are you ready to begin?"

"Yes, Sir I understand." Jake moves to my side and I see Ian watching. Jake is moving his hands over my ass smoothing the skin there, tracing his fingers from my ass around to my dripping pussy he plunges his fingers inside stroking my pussy. He played my body like a fine instrument, from the opening strains to a shivering crescendo.

"I can see how wet she is Jake," Ian whispered.

Ian got up, and walked up to my other side now Jake on one side, rubbing my ass and Ian is tracing his fingertips from the back of my knee, up the inside of my thigh higher till he's so close to my pussy I know he must feel the heat from it. Then, he pushes his index finger inside me.

"Oh, yea she likes this Jake she is soaking."

Ian adds another finger pumping them up inside me, massaging the walls of my pussy with his fingers. Oh God, such sweet torment. Jack moved from my ass to my breast the part not pressed to the table, tracing tracing his fingers along my body. Both of them together driving me slowly insane. Suddenly, Ian and Jake stand back.

"Baby, from the juices on Ian's fingers I can tell that you are ready." Ian comes to stand by my head and places his fingers on my lips.

"Suck your juices from my fingers, Robin."

Ian, Jake, and I all groan as I lick the evidence of my arousal off Ian's fingers. Jake picked up the paddle thing laying on the table beside me. He moved to the side. Ian stepped away from the table but stayed within my line of sight where he had a good view of the action. Suddenly I hear a whoosh then a thwack sound that registers just before heat bursts across my rear. Ouch Lordy that hurt.

"One, ooooh may I have another."

Jake uses the leather end to run over my ass. The cool leather oddly soothing my burning ass.

Then, another whoosh and thwack which lands on my other cheek. I have a hard time staying down on the table I want to rub my burning rear so badly, not to mention that the throb in my cunt. I know by now Ian has a good view and can see my juices running down my thighs I was mortified. Jake taps me on the ass.

"Do we need to start over?"

"Oh no Sir, suddenly I remembered to count. "Two Sir, may I have another?"

Whoosh and thwack

"Three, may I have another Sir?" oddly the strike of the paddle does not register anymore, but then it quickly builds to an inferno which morphs into an aching throb between my legs.

Whoosh and thwack

"Four Sir, may I have another?"

aaaaahhhhggg, I come to my toes dancing as much as possible without moving my feet from their position.

Whoosh and thwack, five, six, and seven proceed as before, each thundering whack, making my clit pulse violently, and my need to rub the ache away more intense.

Whoosh and thwack

"Eight Sir, may I have another?" That one was evil, placed just at the top of my thighs, where the skin was unmarred and unprepared.

Whoosh and thwack

"NNNNine" I said while coming up on my toes , "Sir, may I have another?" Oh my I made it.

whoosh and thwack

"Ten Sir, Oh thank you, Jake."

I lay there openly weeping, not sure why but it felt so very, very good to release the pent up frustration. I could hear Jake explaining to Ian how this release was something that I needed and that it was good for me. But then I heard something that made my belly jump with nerves? Excitement? I was not sure which.

"So, Ian she has five punishment strokes left would you like a go?"

Oh my, I had forgotten them. I was now in panic mode how could my poor ass take anymore?

"Yea, I would can I change the game a bit?"

"Of course, this is your show now,"

I hear Ian sorting through the bag and then a package being torn open, steps to the kitchen, the water running, what was up? Then, Ian is at my side

"Come here, Robin," he took my hand assisting me to my feet standing beside me as I got my shaking legs working again. He led me to the middle of the room where he had placed a dining chair. He sat and pulled me towards, him tapping the insides my thighs, indicating that I should straddle his thighs. His hands remained on my thighs, Jake's at my rear tracing the back of his hand over the glowing globes of my ass. Ian moved down my legs then traced upward, to my pussy his finger ran from my slit up to my clit. My legs quiver and I feel the beginnings of an orgasm suddenly Jake removes his fingers and slaps me on the thigh.

"You know better than to cum when you are being punished." It now became clear that someone has been talking to Jake instructing him on some Dom secrets. "Ian why don't we, show Robin what we have planned for her."

Ian holds out a bullet vibe and Jake shakes the remote. My stomach drops, I have no idea how long I can hold up against that nasty little thing. Between the spanking and the orgasm, I have been holding for what seems like forever. Now, I'm standing here legs spread for Jake's buddy who I know likes to watch and share both of which are major turn-on's for me. How much more can one woman take? Ian's fingers at my entrance bring me out of my wandering brain. The bullet slides home and then I am moved to the side and placed over Ian's lap.

The vibe starts about medium speed.

"Robin, do not cum you have not earned that yet! Now, remind Ian why you are getting five extra swats."

They both wait while I get my shattered brain into gear again. Okay, I remember.

"Because of my cheeky behavior, Sir."

The vibe in my pussy intensity has just been turned up to full on high. I brace myself for what is sure to come next. Ian's hand that was so gently rubbing my tender skin whacks right square in the center of my right cheek. Then, he matches it with one to the other.

"Jake, I never knew what a nice shade of red a just paddled ass could be, thanks for inviting me." Another whack to the middle of my ass.

"Oh, it's not over yet Ian, Robin needs to thank us properly for her punishment."

I hear them chuckle as Ian lands the last two swats to the underside of my ass right at the top of my thighs where that wicked paddle had kissed earlier.

"Oooooh Oh my that really hurt." The vibe I thought was on high was apparently much stronger than mine because Jake turned it up again. "Oooo pleaseeee I really need to cum."

Two fingers entered me, and started stroking that sweet spot inside my cunt. My thighs and belly were quivering, dark spots danced before my eyes I was gasping for breath.

"Oh God! plesaseee."

Ian brushes the hair from my eyes, leans down, lightly skimming his lips against my ear, as he whispers. "Cum for me baby,"

Time seemed to stand still as lights burst into a symphony of color before my eyes my stomach and thighs were quivering beyond my control, and somewhere someone was screaming, I wondered who as blackness enveloped me.

©2016 Charity Robbins All rights reserved no reprinting without the expressed permission of the author
All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
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