Salacious pt one of four

pt one

Jake and Ian had the attention of every women at college, including her.

I had noticed them at our first week in college, although we didn't run in the same crowds, we were in
many of the same classes. It did not take long to learn more about him since half the freshman class
was talking about the "Dynamic Duo". The guys envied their easy conversation with the girls and we
girls dreamed of being on one of their arms. Well, I just watched them both from the back of the room
just as taken with them as the rest of my class.
Jake was gorgeous with the deepest blue eyes that reflected his fun and funky personality. He had
short blond hair, always long over his ears, that worked well with his athletic, tanned build. He had a
muscular chest and large biceps that filled out his Rugby uniform in all the right ways. He was the guy
everyone could call a friend.
His friend Ian not as athletically built; he was trim and lean with abs that were rippled all the way
down to a happy trail that I would love to follow. Ian's dark eyes, which could be described as 'ole
soul,' were the deepest blue and perfectly matched his dark hair which was always clipped short as if
he had just had it cut. Ian was the embodiment of the sophisticated, refined good guy.
Jake and his buddy Ian were from England, their accent along with their all around good looks made
them guys that women drooled after. Both were tall and attracted beautiful women. No party was
complete without them; they were simply fun to be around. Together they made panties moist and
broke hearts all over campus. I had often wondered if they went everywhere and did everything
Neither of them paid any attention to me, of course, who would expect them too? On the outside, I
was a shy, bookish looking smart girl. I was not slender like the women who circled around them, my
breasts and hips were larger than average, my skin was pale not tan, and my legs were short not long
and lean. My green eyes and black wavy hair were what I considered my best physical attributes, and
although I did not think of myself as ugly, I was not glamor magazine beautiful.
For the most part I kept quiet, watching Jake and Ian from behind a self imposed wall of anonymity,
reading novels. Within the pages of my books, I could be, go, and do anything at all.
Braydon was a young cancer patient at the hospital where I volunteered. He loved sports; anything
about Rugby was at the top of his reading list. Sometimes I had a hard time getting a word or two in
as he talked non stop about the last game our college team played. When Braydon's health took a
turn for the worse and he was admitted full time. I decided to cheer him up, with a surprise. It would
require that I get over my shyness enough to speak to Jake. After working my nerve up, I approached
him, late one afternoon after class.
"Jake, I am Robin, well, err... we have had some classes together," I mumbled, my heart racing, my
voice a bit husky.
He turned towards me, and my heart nearly stopped, heat rose flooding my face with an
embarrassing shade of red. I almost turned and walked away, Jake sensing my unease moved in and
placed his hand at the small of my back.
"Yes, Robin how are you? I've seen you, of course, who could miss such a gorgeous woman like
My heart, which was working overtime, kicked up another notch. Wait a minute did he say I was
gorgeous? I am out of my league. My heart stopped in my chest because he flashed that sexy as hell
smile at me! Then, I realized, I had been watching Jake for four long years falling in love with him by
degrees. Wait, I was in love with Jake. It took a few moments for me to compose myself, while he
stood there cool as a cucumber, waiting for me to continue.
"Well, Jake, I volunteer at the hospital on the cancer ward, reading with the children while they
receive their treatments. A boy, I know from the hospital... I am not supposed to become attached but
I did, he's kind of special to me."
"He loves sports so much, I mean he's been sick most of his life and he does not get to play. He
follows the university's Rugby team. I thought if you had some time, maybe you could stop by."
I somehow managed to say, before I lost my nerve - this was for Braydon and I had to try, even
though I half expected him to say he did not have time or that he hated hospitals or would have some
other reason to avoid the cancer ward as most people did.
"Sure, it's getting late, let's go have something to eat, and you can tell me about Braydon."
"Oh, well, yea, thanks."
Jake placed his hand at the small of my back as he led me toward the parking lot. I was stunned,
wow he said yes... oh God, what was I going to do now?
"We could walk to the coffee shop, or there's this pizza place across town."
"Whichever you like," I answered nervously.
"Did you drive or walk to class today?"
"I walked."
"Good, ride with me then, we'll get some pizza." He stopped before a Classic 1970's era muscle car.
"Nice car, is that a 1972 Ford Gran Torino?"
"Yea, how'd ya know?"
"My dad had one. He loved that car, and so did I, we had one that dad and I used to take out on the
"Yea well it's my one indulgence."
"Only one?" he grinned at me, flashing that rakish smile.
"I will never tell."
That night we discussed Braydon and his illness. I described how I had gotten close to him and
about my brother, who Braydon reminded me of. We even talked about cars, I think he was
impressed by how much I knew about classic muscle cars. I was an open book to Jake which
surprised me, as I was usually closed off to people who I did not know well. He touched my hand
often and put his hand low on my back while we walked. By the end of the night, I was high with
excitement. Jake had noticed me. Not only would he go to see Braydon but he wanted me to go with
him. We parted with a sweet kiss I wished with all my heart would deepen.
Little did I know what Jake was thinking as we parted. 'My heart and cock were pounding so hard
when I took her in my arms. The smell of her hair the way her breasts pressed against my chest as I
held her, God I wanted so much to take that kiss further. To sink myself deep within her, so close we
could never be separated.'
That night Jake walked away from the woman he knew in his heart would one day be his. Soon he
could hold her in his arms all night long.
Later that evening while taking a bath, I replayed the events of the day in my mind. My hand traced
lazy circles around my breasts, rolling, and pinching the nipples imagining it was Jake's hands, his
fingers. What would they feel like? Would his fingers be rough? Would he put just a bit of edge to our
My hands trailed lower tracing my skin from my plump breasts over my stomach, and lower toward
my pussy - spreading the lips and plunging into that slick heat. My thighs spread wider of their own
accord. I soon added another finger and picked up the pace. My other hand continued to pinch and
roll my nipples pulling them, tracing lightly over them to soothe the skin there.
What would it be like to have his cock plunging in and out of my pussy. In my mind's eye Jake was
above me, his muscular chest right within my reach with his hot cock plunging into my pussy. Water
from the tub splashed over the edge, as I added a finger to my clit circling it, stroking faster and
faster. The tingling in my spine spread outward flowing like a tsunami, crashing into me with an
intensity I rarely felt.
"Oh, yes Jake, mimm... ohh god yes..." I cried out. Opening my eyes I looked around I knew no one
was here to hear me calling out his name but I just had to look around one more time.

©2016 Charity Robbins All rights reserved no reprinting without the expressed permission of the author
All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
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