Samantha's Senior Lust
By: Sassy Sue
Samantha, a widow for the last third of her seventy-two year life, appeared what had to be her terminal climax at 11:40 p.m. on a Thursday evening. The batteries in her vibrator dildo continued powering the instrument for almost thirty minutes after they were no longer needed. They like her owner seemed to have expired.

Friday morning, James, her forty-three, newly hired domestic, murmured her name at the door then entered, carrying her breakfast tray. He approached and gazed down on the disheveled bed and the still form atop the tangled sheets.
"Miss Samantha?" he called her.
Her wrinkled expression was more a grimace than a smile. The upper lip curled back, baring yellowed teeth in a grimace that appeared a cross between pain and ecstasy.

Her short nightgown, drawn well above her sagging belly and protruding hip bones, exposed a sparsely thatched mons pubis. Between her slender, but well-turned thighs, still deeply buried between her labia, was a large, flesh colored vibrating dildo complete with balls. The massive vibrator, of which three inches of ten inches, was protruding from the Miss Samantha's well-stretched vulva. The switch was on but the batteries, as noted, were dead. James bent to cover the seemingly dead woman's nakedness as he began imagining the scenario that had played out the previous evening. He liked the old woman.
It was not, he felt, the way the elderly lady should be viewed by strangers, police, undertakers. He went down to the kitchen and found a pair of rubber gloves by the sink. Carefully drawing them on James returned to the upstairs bedroom and removed the vibrator from her clasped hand and withdrew it from the old lady's vagina. It was not without a degree of difficulty he managed to free the dildo from her grasp. James then drew her totally inappropriate, short gown halfway down her slender thighs.

The old woman he thought to be dead moved her head and tried to sit up. She smiled, weakly.
"Pussy peeking, James?"

James turned red. "I was trying to cover you, Ma'am."

"You caught me with a dead pecker in my cookie jar, didn't you?"

James licked his dry lips. "One might say that, Ma'am"

A wry smile played about her lips.
"Did you cop a feel my goodies while you were at it?"

"No Ma'am."

"Are you sure?"

"It would not be proper when you were like that ma'am."

"I have never known a man that wouldn't peek up a woman's skirt if he had half a chance, or slip a hand under it if she'd let him."

" It didn't seem to be the proper thing to do under the circumstance."

"Doesn't my old, gray pussy arouse any interest in you?"

"Ma'am, I feared you were dead."

"And what did you think of that little gadget you found down there?"

"I thought it appropriate if it allowed madam to die happy."

"A bit embarrassing, don't you think, an old lady passing out pleasuring her groove?"

"There was a smile on your face, Ma'am."

'I'm sure," she said, wryly.

"I was trying to remove the gadget while leaving the smile on Madam's face."

"Very thoughtful," croaked the old woman. She rolled onto her side to face him.

"Tell me, James, did your pecker stiffen just a little when you saw that big hummer shoved in my parsley patch?"

"There was a twinge, I must confess."

A smile crossed her lips. "Can I count on your discretion," she asked.

"Always ma'am."
And you'll not breathe a word of my," she cleared her throat, "shall we call it extracurricular activities?"

"Never, ma'am."
Samantha's fingers inched the short nightgown up her thighs until, once more, the scanty gray fleece of her pubic patch and the puffy lips below were revealed to the man's eyes.
"Tell me James, does this make your pecker swell?"

"It does that, Ma'am."
"Do you have a big one?"

"I beg your pardon, Ma'am."

Samantha smiled, "Humor an old lady. Tell me James, have you got a big dick?"
"I'd say it falls in the normal range Ma'am."

"Would you satisfy an old lady's curiosity?"

"I'm not sure that would be considered proper."

"Oh c'mon James. Humor me. Pull out your pecker."

James opened his fly and pulled out a thick half aroused cock. "That's it Ma'am."

Samantha nodded approvingly. "You've got a nice one and it isn't fully hard." She nodded again. "Would you mind dropping your trousers so I can check out your balls?"

James shrugged. "Ma'am, I've never done anything like this."

"You've never been naked with a woman?"

"Yes Ma'am, but it wasn't to put on an exhibition but to...well you know."

"Yes I know you were just going to lay some pipe or feed the kitty."
I will ensure you are amply rewarded."
Samantha promised and James nodded. He unfastened his belt, opened the catch at the waist band and let his trousers fall to drape about his ankles. He tugged at the elastic band of his shorts and lowered them till they rested on his trousers. He parted the tails of his shirt and exhibited the thick crotch hairs, hairy thighs, heavy balls and a semi-erection. Samantha studied him admiringly.

"Does Madam wish anything else?"

"If you were naked, it would please me greatly."

James unbuttoned the shirt and tossed it aside. He kicked off his loafers and rid himself of the clothes gathered about his ankles. He bent to remove his socks, knowing that his parting buttocks revealed his tight, brown star. He straightened to watch the old woman wriggle out of the short night gown and sit up in bed, just as naked. Small, pear-shaped breasts hung on a bony chest that had recently been exposed to the sun and matched the overall leathery tan of her body.
"You never pictured me like this did you, James?"

"No Ma'am."

"Never thought about me naked?"

"No Ma'am."

"Had no interest this old pussy?"

"I never imagined it was a possibility."

"You didn't figure this old woman might have an itchy clit?"

"Are you afraid of me?"

"I'd be afraid of hurting you if I was to try anything."

"Like fucking me?"

"I suppose."

"I don't think you'd break anything if you were to shove that big thing up me."

She raised an eyebrow and smiled to herself. "That is if this old carcass can inspire you into getting it up the rest of the way."

She picked up the large dildo and smiled teasingly. "Do I to have to use this again or are you going to pleasure me?"

He shook his head. "I can't measure up to that monster, Ma'am."

The old woman nodded. "But there's a lot more warmth and drive in a man's cock than in a piece of plastic. There's a world of difference if you know how to use it."

James shrugged. "I've had no complaints."

"I bet you could give this old body a hell of a ride." She patted the empty space beside her. "Climb aboard. Let me play with that dong."

James precariously eased onto the bed. He reached out and cradled one of her sagging tits in his palm and flicked the rubbery nipple with his tongue.

The old woman's hips writhed on the bed.
"Oh God!" she breathed. "That's so fucking good."

James continued to tease the erectile flesh with the tip of his tongue.

Samantha captured his expanding penis with her fingers and moved the loose skin up and down, over and off the bulbous cockhead.
"So very nice." she breathed.

James moved his lips to the other sagging breast. His hand wandered to her lower belly and the triangle of sparse brown and gray curls that outlined the thick, brownish lips of her vagina. He inserted a finger into the moist crack as the old woman parted her legs.
"Oh Yes!" she gasped, "Tickle it. Play with my snatch."
Her hand worked his cock until it stood hard.

James' fingers fingered the woman's opening until there was a flowing of her juices.

"You keep that up," giggled Samantha, "you'll make this old lady cum."

James gritted his teeth. "I might say the same about you."

"You mean you're about to spout?"

"Any minute now, if you keep doing that."

Samantha stopped and squeezed the hard cock at the base. She rose onto her elbow and turned quickly, for an old lady, so that she faced the foot of the bed and brought her face close to his hard on.
"Got to have a good look at this hard beauty up close."

James felt her breath then her lips encircle him. Her tongue laved the smooth cock head as professionally as any whore ever had ever. He pressured further into her mouth. She absorbed him until her chin rested in his pubes. She raised her head until just the glans remained between her lips then reversed direction.

"You're goanna make me come," warned James.

Mumbling with a full mouth made the words indecipherable. Her head only bobbed faster. James' pecker racked shot after shot deeply into her throat.

The old lady swallowed it all.

She kept at it until the man could stand no more.

"That's enough," he moaned. "I can't take anymore."

The old woman nodded and swallowed. "In my day I gave good head."

"Ma'am, you still do. You've drained me."

The old woman spread her thin thighs and exposed the thinly landscaped cunt with the inner lips extending past the smooth outer ones. "I was hoping you'd have something left to plug my hungry pussy."

"Need get my breath before I can do that."

Samantha nodded. "I can wait. It's just fine being here with a naked man."

"Want me to lick your clit?" asked James.

"That would be sweet of you," beamed Samantha. She wriggled and arranged her hips to give him easy access. "Guess that's not the prettiest pussy you ever seen up close. Maybe you should close your eyes."

James surveyed the puffed, thick brown lips and the nub that issued from the upper portion of the groove like a little finger with the puckered foreskin extending a quarter inch beyond an extension. "If I can lick it I can look at it," he replied.

"Never saw a clit like that, I'll bet."

"That's true. It looks like a baby's dick."

"So I've heard..."

He flicked it with his tongue and it expanded slightly. "You got a little hard-on down there."

The old woman winced, pleasurably. "It's very sensitive."

He took it between his lips and sucked until the firm extension rested between his teeth. He nibbled lightly at the base while his tongue worked around it until he felt the foreskin recede and his tongue found the exposed head."

Samantha moaned. "Oh God! It's been so long since a man's done that."

James lifted his head. "I feel like I'm sucking a kiddy cock."

The old woman's fingers worked through his hair and massaged his scalp. "Have you ever done that?"


"Sucked on a boys cock?"

Once. When I was a kid."

"Did you like it?"

"It was a dare. We dared each other. We had to go through with it."

"Did you like it?"

"When he did me, I never felt anything like it. I guess when I did him, he felt the same."

"And you never did it but once?"

He licked the exposed tip of the oversized clit. "We tried it a few more times that summer. He covered his teeth with his lips and went at the hard bit of woman flesh. He had her moaning and she could ask no more questions.

They lay in bed, sharing the coffee James had brought up.

"I don't imagine you weren't expecting a first morning like this," said Samantha."

"That's a fact."

"You're a nice looking man. Do you have a girlfriend?"

"No ma'am."

She raised her eyebrows. "Boyfriend?"

"I'm not queer." "Neither am I but I have never minded eating a little hair pie when it was available. I thought you might feel the same about man's cock."

"I'm not looking for any."

"So how do you keep that thing happy when it gets hard?"

James smiled. "He becomes good friends with my fist."

Samantha nodded. "Figures, a man all alone, doing himself."

"No entanglements. No arguments," said James.

Samantha emptied her cup and stretched to place it on the table on her side.

"Ever done any corn holing?"

"I told you I ain't queer."

"Wouldn't be queer if you done it to a woman."

"Most women don't want any part of that."

"But some do."

"All right," he admitted, "I've probed a lady's rectum."

Samantha giggled. "Hope she took it like a man. Did you like it?"

"Tighter than her other place. I was fingering her clit. I knew she was no man."

She reached over and found his cock stiff. "You're coming around just fine it must be the stimulating talk about assholes."

"N, that is not usually a breakfast topic."

"Would you consider plugging my butt if I got on my hands and knees?

James watched the old woman get in position and lower her head to the pillow. He parted her scrawny buttocks to reveal the dark brown, puckered star of her anus.

"Looks awfully small and tight," said James.

"There's KY Jelly in the drawer of the bedside table," said Samantha.

Peter found the tube, unscrewed the cap and squirted a small amount on to his fingers and applied it to the crinkled opening. He shoved the longest finger in past the second knuckle and moved it from side to side, stretching the slippery walls of the opening.

Samantha moaned, pleasurably. "Feels fine. Now ram your dick up the old dirt chute."

"You like talking dirty, don't you?" James touched his cock to her wrinkled hole and moved forward in a steady pressure until his pubic hairs brushed the taut, wrinkled white cheeks of her spread ass.

"Fucking asshole fucker! Pound the shit out of me!"

James withdrew until he could see the rim behind the head of the glans then he slammed her hard and heard the breath go out of the old woman.

"Jesus! I felt that one all the way up in my throat."

"You said fuck your shit hole," said the man.

"Well what are you waiting for? Pound me. I won't break."

James slammed into the frail looking woman until she started to moan. "Oh god! So fucking good. I'm going to come all over you."

"I'm going to come in you," breathed the man. "I'll fill you with come."

"Going to piss myself when I come," breathed the old woman. "When I cum this good I just know I'm going to piss myself."

"Get to the john," urged James.

"NOooooo! It's too good. Fuck my ass while I'm pissing. Don't stop."

The old woman's ass rose up, pressured against his groin and froze. He pressed his cock into her as far as he could and felt the throbbing begin.

At first there was a trickle of moisture at his crotch that rapidly grew into a flood of warmth that flooded his groin and flooded down his legs as the old woman's bladder emptied on him and soaked into the sheets.

"God Damn! Woman you're pissing all over the bed," grunted James.

"Shut up, Goddamn you, and fuck my ass," grunted the old woman. "I'm coming and pissing makes it better.

"Never got into anything like this," grunted James. "Well piss away, I reckon it'll wash off."

"Hot piss and cum," groaned the old woman. "Only done this a couple of times before in my whole life." She fell forward on the bed and lay in her own urine that seemed puddled in the sheets.

James, still lodged deep within her asshole, followed her down to lay on top of the small, taut butt. Those rounded ass cheeks still clenched and relaxed as her asshole continued milking his cock. "Reckon I come pretty strong too but I didn't piss in you."

The old woman fought for breath. "You can piss up my ass if you want. Come on, give me a piss enema. Do me a world of good."

"I might be able to after I soften up some. Right now I'm too stiff to be pissing though I admit to feeling the urge."

She tried to wriggle her butt under him. "I'm in no hurry, sonny. Just let it soak. I enjoy feeling your boner up the old dirt chute. I feel fuller than I've been in years."

"You're right tight for a woman of your age," said James.

"Hrmppp," snorted Samantha. "How many seventy years old assholes have you been up in your young life?"

"None," agreed James, "but. . ."

"Fucking butt is what we're talking about," grunted the old woman. "You keep me happy; I'm thinking we'll get along. You just earned yourself a raise." James nodded. "I might hang around awhile."

"Now, if you're ready, fill my ass with warm piss you might make me cum again."
The young man pressed into her tight hole as far as he could concentrating on flooding her asshole.
"Here it comes, your piss enema to clean you out."

Samantha moaned as she felt the warm piss squirt into her bowels. "Oh God! So fucking hot. Fill me. Fill me up!"

"I want you to know," breathed James, "I've never done this before."

"Won't be the last time, cackled Samantha, and next time you are going to feed my kitty your sausage."
His dick softening and the bed soaked with their piss, James could not wait to fuck her old, gnarly pussy.

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