Sandy's Niece
It was dark in our bedroom. I switched on the night light and saw the silhouette of my wife, Sandy. Her nightgown was hiked up close to her waist, and her bare ass was more than inviting even in darkness. I leaned over and kissed her cheek and moved my tongue between her cheeks at the beginning of her crack. For some reason that was an erogenous zone on Sandy, and that was the place I would go first if I knew she wanted to be rimmed. Doing that always got me a return visit between my legs. I kissed that spot and let my tongue nestle at the start of her crack. She moaned, but I assumed she must be dreaming because that action did not wake her. Unfortunately, I was no ready for fun and thought about Chet just one bedroom door down the hallway. We had not been together since Gene, and he had me that delightful day.

I got out of bed and wrapped myself in my favorite robe which hid very little. I tiptoed down to the bedroom where he slept. I cracked open the door and stuck my head in the room. The bed was empty, and Sandy's brother was not there. I wondered if he and Gene had other conquests beside me.
I backed out of the room and closed to the door. The bedroom door opposite his was slightly cracked. I hoped I would not find Chet in bed with his daughter. I opened the door and only saw Carrie sleeping with a nightlight. She lay there in her birthday shorty nightie given to her by her aunt for the birthday.

I went inside her bedroom and closed the door. I walked over to the bed and sat on the edge and carefully observed Sandy's niece. The top of her gown was loose enough that one of Carrie's breasts was entirely out. Oh, how I like a young breast. They were so firm, so pointy, and puffy nipples that pointed at me. It was just too much of a temptation, and I pressed a finger on her protruding nipple. She must have liked it because her arm swung over and landed on my bare thigh. I tingled, and her bent arm allowed me to push on her elbow, and her hand moved up my thigh making her fingers rest against my pussy. Needless, to say I was getting hot between my legs.

I rested my hand on her panties. She soundly slept. I slid my hand into her panties, and I found a mound covered with fine pubic hair. I was surprised because I thought all the young ones kept it bare. Maybe it was going back to the way it use to be. When my fingers parted her pussy lips, I looked up, and Carrie was staring at me. I knelt on the bed and slid her panties down her legs. She had the gown off, and one more time those beautifully shaped breasts came into view. I put my hands on her knees and opened them to the treasure I sought. She knew what was coming and spread her legs wide as I pushed my face onto the soft hair of her mound. I left my cheek on her mound but reached out with my tongue to feel the beginning of her young pussy.

I rolled my body between her legs and started the ritual her aunt, and I so much enjoyed. She went from the whimper of a small child to the throaty moan of a mature woman as I tongue and licked. When I finally concentrated on her more significant than average clit, she exploded. She shuttered and squirmed as she pushed her pussy into my face. It was wonderful to feel her so excited. Her pussy wetness flowed onto my face. My hands reached for those young tits and played with them until I was cross-legged with her and began my pumping. Bare pussy on hairy pussy and it had been such a long time since I felt that. I was surprised how quickly she fired, but waiting for me and pushed against me until the surge happened.

"Carol, can I do that to you, like you did to me? Would you show me what you do to get bare down there? Is my aunt Sandy bare like you?"

I answered all her questions because we talked until both of us slept. In the morning I trotted back to my bed with Sandy still sound asleep. I never got in but went to the kitchen and found Carrie still in her shorty. I kissed her, and she kissed back. She looked at me and felt my breast and said. "I need to find someone at home like you."
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