I live alone as my parents are always traveling. There is only one house nearby which has been vacant for a long time. One day while walking back from school, I see a movers and packers truck in the driveway. Seems like someone finally bought the house. I linger around to find who my new neighbor is. I don't see anyone other than the moving staff. I go back to my home.

Later that evening I go out to my balcony with my hot chocolate. I like spending my evenings on my balcony sipping my hot chocolate. The view from my balcony is pretty good. Not many houses around. Farmlands and windmills on one side and a forest on the other.

I notice a silhouette of a lady on the balcony of other house. She must be the one who bought the house. She stretches her hands, seems to be enjoying the slow breeze that is flowing. She stays there for while and then goes back in.

It was Saturday morning. I was doing the dishes after finishing my breakfast when I heard the doorbell ring. I answered the door.

'Hi, my name is Sandy. I am your new neighbor.'

'Hi Sandy. I am John. Why don't you come in?'

We talked for a while and got to know each other. She was an artist; she got a job at an art gallery nearby. That's the reason she moved here.

We used to meet often and became good friends. I used to spend my evenings at her home. I enjoyed every second with her.

She used to wear loose fitting blouse and skirts, but one morning when I went to see her, she was wearing a tank top that barely held her big boobs and shorts that hugged her ass and hips. I couldn't take my eyes of her. She asked me to come in, I walked behind her. I never thought of her as sexy. But that day changed everything. I started thinking about her ass, her boobs, how I wanted to fuck her. I used to fantasize about her. I started having wet dreams of her. Her thoughts were driving me crazy. I wanted her so badly.

One evening I was sitting on my balcony as usual. It was getting very hot. I saw the light go on her balcony. She came out wearing only a towel. She went back in. I knew this was my chance. I didn't waste any time. The next instant I was at her doorstep. I rang the bell. She opened the door for me. She was still in her towel.

I was just going to take a shower.'

You carry on, I will wait.'

She went back to her room. I couldn't resist the thought of her in shower. I went to her room. The bathroom door was open. I walked to the door. She was under the shower, with her back facing me. This was my lucky day.

My cock was making a tent in my pants. The water was flowing over her body. I wanted to join her. Even before I realized what I was doing, I had stripped all my clothes. I was standing naked with my hard cock in my hand, jerking off. I moved closer to her. I hugged her from behind. She didn't seem to mind. My hard on was pressed against her ass crack. She started grinding against my cock. I grabbed her tits. They were so soft like I had imagined. She was driving me overboard with her ass grinding against my hard cock.

Sandy I am going to cum.'

She turned around.

Not so soon John.'

She held my cock in her hands as placed a kiss on my lips. I came all over her.

Sorry Sandy. I didn't mean to. This is the first time I am with a woman.'

I didn't know that you were a virgin. It's all right. I love cum all over me.'

She started spreading my cum all her boobs and then she licked her fingers.

I want your first time to be special, John. Let's clean you up.'

She pulled me under the shower. She took the soap and started applying the soap on me. She took extra care washing my hard cock. She applied soap all over my cock, from the base to the tip of cock. Her touch was sending shock waves through me. I just watched as if in a trace.

Sandy, it's my turn now. Let me clean up the mess I made.'

I took the soap from her hand. She was now standing under the shower. I turned off the shower. I applied soap over her breasts, over her abdomen and over her pussy. She let out a moan. She had a small strip of hair near her pussy. I was now applying the soap over her back and on her ass cheeks, paying special attention to her ass crack. I knelt down as I applied soap over her legs. I slowly moved my hands over her thighs to her ankles. I stood up and turned back on the shower. We both hugged and touched each other as we showered together.

We wiped each other dry. Her nipples were now standing out. I wrapped my lips over her right nipple while I rubbed the other between my fingers. She was moaning with pleasure.

I want you inside me John.'

It was like my dream come true.

Of course Sandy. I have always wanted you.'

You are such a naughty boy John.'

We walked to her bed. She pushed me onto the bed. She got on top of me. She kissed my lips as she slowly stroked my cock. I was rubbing her pussy and stroking her clit with my fingers as we kissed each other passionately. Her tongue was in my mouth. Licking and rolling with my tongue. She took my cock in her soft hands and lowered herself onto my cock. She was riding my cock. She was moving her hips in circles. She was so good. I started to thrust my cock into her. I pushed my cock deeper into her. She pulled me to her. We kissed soft wet kisses as we were grinding against each other. Our kisses became more passionate and deep. Sucking and biting her lower lips. We were grinding hard against each other. She hugged me tight. I was foundling her breasts.

She screamed: I am cumminggggg'

My cock was drowned in her pussy juice. I could feel her cum dripping over my thighs.

Cum in me John'

Yes Sandy'

I pushed her onto the bed. I lifted her left leg and placed it over my shoulder as I inserted my throbbing hard cock into her slopping wet pussy. I was thrusting my cock harder and faster into her pussy. She was fondling her breasts as I banged her pussy. She took her right breast and sucked her nipple. I grabbed her other breasts and played with her nipple.

Cum with me John, I am close.

I am about to cum too.'

We both came together. I kissed her and hugged her tight as we rode our orgasm.

We just lay there for a while. I was lying on top of her with my cock still in her. It felt so wonderful.

I am feeling hungry Sandy.'

Let's go to the kitchen. I have some food there.'

We went to her kitchen. We both were naked, covered in sweat and cum. She was taking out the food. I kissed her neck from behind as I grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart. I stroked my semi hard cock over her ass crack.

Does Johny boy want to fuck me in the ass? She asked with a smile.'

I have always wanted.'

To be continued..........
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