Santa's Presents
I have never been big on the Christmas Holiday,as it always seemed to be a rushed time to me. This year I decided to step outside of the situation and do something a little different. Having the need for peace and quiet without all the hoopla of holidays I ran off to the farm that my Great Aunt Lily had left me when she passed on early in the year. Located in Northampton County North Caroline a five hour drive to my Great Aunts farm and I got lost twice on those country roads. The first time,I had to backtrack to 95 South to find my way to the town of Seaboard after taking a wrong turn. The second time, an officer of the law was kind enough to help me out in more ways than one.

The road was dark without a street light insight when the officer found me making a U turn in the middle of the highway. Flashing his lights and his siren to get my attention, I followed him off to the side of the road. Scare out of my mind but hopefully not showing it I rolled down the window and waited for him to approach. With flash light in one hand and his other not far from his gun, the officer approached my car. Checking out my license tags and the make of my car he came up to the window took one look at me and broke out into handsome grin.



"Lord when did you become a cop?" I asked laughing as I remembered the trouble maker from my childhood summer visits with Great Aunt Lily. In fact I was his partner in crime most of the time and served the punishment as well. We were lucky all we got were our asses beaten a lot and restricted from seeing each other for weeks on end. That last part didn't last long we as always found our way around it. Those summer visits stopped once my father got station oversea to France. When we came back to the states four years later we moved to the west coast. I didn't get back to the east coast until Aunt Lily died a year ago. I attend the funeral and the reading of her Will it was then that I found out I had inherited her home. The home that had been mines during all those summer of fun, plus I had never forgotten Max. He was the little boy with the big brown eyes and coal black hair who had been cute at that age was now a very handsome man.

"Yes, I remember you Max and I don't think I could ever forget you since you were responsible for every beating that I ever got!!"

"Shelby don't you dare lie! I never made you do a thing that you didn't want to do. In fact I don't ever remember you tell me no."

"I looked up at him from seating inside the car and decided to get out and join him in the dark on this country road."

I am of medium height about 5ft 5in where, as Max is a good foot taller with some inches to spar. The moon was coming out so it added its own light to what lights our car and his flash light gave making it easier make each other out. I don't know about him but I was very pleased to see that my childhood play mate had grown into a hottie.

"So Shelby why are you here now, I mean outside of making an illegal turns, shouldn't you be at home with your family and your man?"
"Max, you know damn well I am not married or even have a boyfriend! Aunt Lily told me that you asked about me every time you saw her. I said laughing at the memory of how she uses to tease me about coming back down here and marrying a good old country boy. I never figured she was talking about Max.

" Oh and just encase you have heard this from any of us, thank you so much for stopping in and checking on her." We both stood there saying nothing to each other just letting the moment pass over us as we remembered a good friend who had passed on.

"Well to answer your question, I am kind of running away from the family for the holidays. I need some peace from it all. Beside mama and daddy are on their way to the Holy Land and will be there until after the New Year then they are going on to France to visit friends. My three brothers will be with their families so that just leave me and I chose this way to spend my holidays."

For a moment he said nothing just stood there looking down at me with those eyes of his, as I remember how I love to look into as a child. They always reminded me of milk chocolate, smooth and creamy.

"Come on let me lead you to your Aunts house since it seems that you have forgotten on to get there. Also this time I will not give you a ticket for making an illegal U turn in a no turn zone," he said with laughter in his voice.

"I know where I am going, I just got a little turned around and when is the county going to put up street signs and some street lights..." expressing with fault indignation that I was lost.

"Shelby this is the country... farm land for miles, so don't think it going to change anytime soon, Max said as he leaned toward me and kissed me softly on the lips. Now get in the car, Shelby and follow me to your Aunt's house."

At that point I was on auto pilot, as my mind screamed HE KISSED ME over and over again. I thought about the nights I had dreamed about Max kissing me and he did! We both made the illegal U turn and I follow Max the short distance to the turn off for my Aunt home. It seems that the road had been paved since my last visit which is why I hadn't recognized it. I followed him in the dark down the long tree lined road to a moon lite clearing and the a little further to her small country home. The house itself was over 100 years old built by my Great Grandfather. It was different from all of the other houses in the area as it was built out of stones taken from a quarry in Emporia Va. As I got of my car is started to snow, a lite snow that was common to the area. I unlocked the door and went inside thinking that it would be good to have a warming fired on such a cold night. Turning on the big tiffany lamp that had always been kept on a small table in front of the living room window, took a good look around and remembered the fun times I had in this house. All of the furnisher was still there and the place looked like someone had been taking care of the place.

"I had someone come out here once a week to check and clean if needed," Max said from the door way as he was bring in wood, from the stack on the porch.

"I am going to start a fire and then I am going to make sure you have what you need. After that I am going to go back on my beat and sometime after 9 am I will be back to make you breakfast. Then we are going to decorate this place for Christmas, he said as he leaned into kiss me again.

This time I didn't let him go without knowing how welcome it was. When we finally stopped, both were out of breath and tents were being made in our clothing. My nipples were sticking out for all they were worth making sure that they had his visual attention if not his physical attention. I looked down after feeling his cock between us thick and ready for action. I could feel it through his winter clothing that he had on underneath his uniform, along with the bullet prove vest. Ahh too many clothes, damn, well maybe later!!

"Woman let me light the fire and you check to see if there is anything else you might need," Max said as he turned me around toward the kitchen and smacked my of behind after tracing my lips with a finger.

With Ohhh ah and stinging right butt cheek, I went into the kitchen and quickly found that there was more than enough food in there. I heard the cracking sound of a voice from Max's radio calling him. He was answering back when I returned to the combination living room and dining room. A fire was starting up in the old stone fire place taking off some of the chill in the air. Wearing black leggings and a long V neck purple sweater with knee boots I could feel the warmth that not was not soo much coming from the fire but from what I had shared with Max and the thought of what I wanted to share with him. I was ready to get out of some of these clothes and I wondered if I could talk Max into joining me,as I watch him bring in my suit case and hand me the keys to my car.

"Ok that is everything; you have you cell phone and make sure to plug it in as the land phone line out here has been disconnected. So lady, look for me around 9am and we will ....." The last words were lost as he pulled me into his arms.

I wrapped myself around his body as our tongues did a wild dance with each other. When he left minutes later after another crackling voice from his radio asking him to go and check on something he had a serious hard accompanied by the look in his eyes that said he would be back later. My pussy juice had soaked the seat of my leggings, I was dazed, bruised lips and horny as hell. I couldn't wait for him to come back to finish what he, we had started.

I decided to retired to the bathroom, stripping off my clothes as I went. Reaching bathroom with its white large claw footed old style tub with warm water and fragrant bubbles. To further enhance my relaxing mood I light two vanilla and lavender scent candles before climbing in. I laid back letting the warm waters ease over me calming my sexually stimulate nerves. Then thoughts of Max slowly found their way back to me and I thought about what I wanted to do him and have him do to me. My right hand during all that thinking had found its way to my pussy and was quickly working me into orgasm. The more I thought about Max the faster my talent fingers worked. My left hand found my breasts with my swollen nipples and then the game was on. With my imagination calling the shots and my hands busy giving me pleasure, I came screaming his name and almost drowned myself in the process, as my of my orgasm. I slid down into the tub jerking and withering in my orgasm sending water over my head and out of the tub on to tile floor. I came up gasping for air as my body continued jerking and contracting in orgasmic waves. I finally was able to hold on to the side of the tub until it stopped and all that was left tingling of my skin. I finally got out of the tub, dried off and found my body oil. I went downstairs and sat in front of the fire place after looking outside and seeing that the light snow had turned into a rare winter blizzard. Rubbing the scented oil into my skin slowly, I inhaled deeply its fragrance. By the time I reached those places on my body that were already sensitive from the tub experience I was back to rubbing my clit again. This time with no fear of drowning in the tub I gave into the sensual feeling of pleasuring myself again.
"Woman... What the hell are you doing?"
I stopped what I was doing opened my eyes to see Max looking down at me.

"It's not 9am, is it?" I asked as I continue to stroke my clit unabashed by him catching and watching me at my pleasuring.
He stood there looking down at me before taking off his hat and throwing it in the nearest chair.

Well he watched me,I stopped playing with my clit and put my fingers in my mouth and slowly suck them clean.

"The roads have been closed due to the weather and since I have already served two shifts back to back I was let off early. So I decided to come back and check on you and here you are being naughty girl without me. I thought I was your partner in crime Shelby?" Max's voice was low and seductive and the look he was giving me matched.

"Well Officer Max what crime should we commit?" I asked softly and seductively as I laid there on the sofa naked,hot and very horny.

"Mmm well madam I think you may have broken a few laws and you should be punished for them."
He then pulled out his long black night stick and ran the head of it down my body, over ever hill and valley ending with sticking the tip between the lips of my shaved pussy. There he pushes it in and out as he moved it slowly down the lips of my pussy. All the time he was slowly looking over the naked body of his childhood playmate, who now wanted to be his adult playmate. Gone was the skinny little girl to be replaced by the shapely and sensual fullness of a woman who desired to be touch and played with.

"So officer,what do you have in mind?"
"Stand up and get against the wall!!"
I was shocked at first by the tone of is voice, it was all business with no room for discussion, but I did what I was told. Max came up behind me and started his police drill, spreading my legs a part with his booted foot,pushing me forward and having put my hands on the wall and he started to frisk me with his big warm hands. Working from my ankles up he slowly worked up my legs massaging the skin as he went along pausing every so often as if to put the softness of my skin to memory. My juice was flowing and I could smell the scent of my heat mingling with the scents oil that I had rubbed on to my skin.

"Damn baby, you are like some smooth silky chocolate bar that I can't wait to put my mouth on. Ever since we were little I have wanted you and now Santa has given me the present that I have been asking years for."

"Oh and have you been a good little boy, Officer?" I asked as he hands grabbed my ass cheeks and squeezed them in the process making me thank God that I had junk in my trunk.
"MMMM I guess you have been a....," I said as he slid two fingers into my pussy from behind causing me to suck in my breath. Ahhhhhhhhhhh Max...!."

"Quiet woman, don't talk until I tell you to open your mouth," Max said as he delivered a quick but solid smack to my ass.

Again like a good girl, I did what I was told as his frisking became more sensuous and demanding. By the time his lips found mines I was shivering with lust, juice running down my legs and I was ready to do anything he asked of me. He had completed a body cavity search on me and started to fuck me with his fingers while there, but just as I was about to cum he stopped. I was still stand up with my hands against the wall and legs spread apart.

"Don't move "

I didn't bother to answer as I could barely breathe without panting like an overheated dog. I heard cloth moving against cloth and then heard the dropping of his gun belt unto the coffee table behind me. The warm of his body against my back was more than I could almost stand. Max placed his hands on me and started stroking me with his hands and his body. I could feel his manhood rubbing against my lower back. I wanted him to fuck me... now!!
"Officer Max, please!!!"

"Please what Shelby, what do you need, what do you want?" Max whispered in my right ear as he held my large tits in his hands pinching and massaging the nipples.

"Ohhh PLEASE!!!! PLEASE FUCK ME... FUCK ME NOW,"I screamed at him as I fell against the wall and would have slid down it if he hadn't caught me. Max then put me over the back of the sofa with my ass and pussy up in the air open and exposed for his further pleasure. Creaming and screaming I continued to beg him to take me... but he continued to tease me. Playing my body like instrument that he wanted every loving note out of it, replacing his fingers with his mouth as I gave voice to his actions moaning my pleasure. He lapped at the wetness there as he added more to him by his actions. Between the two of us, my pussy was a sloppy wet mess that was more than ready for his entry into my body. He slid himself into me, filling me up with his girth and length. All I could do was ask moaning my pleading, as he slowly moved in and out of my body.

"Do you like what I am doing Shelby? Max asked as he cupped my breasts with his hands massaging them as he felt their weight. Mmm you don't know how long I have dreamed of doing this and more with you," he murmured in my ear as he picked up speed, driving his cock into me deeper each time, pushing me closer to cumming.

"Ahh Shelby," Max moaned into my ear betraying that what we were doing was affecting him as well .By now the sofa was clean across the room up against the opposite wall. Max was pistol ramming cock into me as he held me by my waist. Caught between the sofa and Max all I could do was go with it and I went. I came screaming his name at the top of my voice also cursing him for making me beg. Max came seconds later shooting hot cum deep into my pussy which was now running in rivers of the mixture of my juice and his cum down my legs. I felt another orgasmic wave hit me and my toes curled causing me to contract the walls of my pussy around Max's cock. The sound that came from him was the combination of a moan and scream as he tightens the grip on my waist bruising the skin. The upper part of my body fell forward as my orgasm released my body and I slowly came back to myself. I tried to straighten up but was unable to it was then that I realize that Max was half lying on top of me.

He stood up pulling his cock out of body and pulling me up turning me to face him. Holding me in his arms against his chest I could smell the intoxicating scent of us on him and in the air. Max then picked me up and carried me up to the master bedroom laying me genteelly on the bed he joined me.

"So I guess you have been a very go boy," I said as I laid there looking up at him and wondering how long had I been in love with my childhood friend?

"I think since we were kids, Max said as he read the look in my eyes. Do you know that when you left and didn't come back for summer vacation the following year I missed so much and have every summer since?" Max said as he stroked my face with fingers that had the scent of both on them.

"Well I guess then you had better continue being a good boy or I will have to tell Santa that you were nice but not naughty as you could be. "I said as I pulled him down to kiss him into submission. Rolling on top of him and straddling his cock I lowered myself down on to.

"Now I think it is now time for me to show Santa my appreciation for giving me my present," I said as I slowly started to ride his cock and lick his lips. He didn't ask me what it was as it seemed we both had been wanting the same thing...each other...

So here wishing you a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year, I'm sure that we will be having both.

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