Sarah's Initiation
Sarah did not understand why Mary was so distant. She certainly was not the same roommate that introduced her to the world of very erotic sex. Sarah yearned for her touch, but so far only pleasuring herself dominated her desires. She thought that maybe a visit to Bonnie would help, but Bonnie told her on the phone that she needed to wait until after the initiation, then things would be different.

Sarah did receive from Mary a list of rules for the initiation. She went over them one by one. The first being, arranging for a male who she would give oral sex. The rule stated that whoever she decided to bring, he must be uninhibited about ALL the club members watching, and be willing to complete orgasm, ejaculating in the mouth of the inductee. Reading that, Sarah felt a tingle in her ‘mantrap,' which surprised her, but she liked the feeling and felt the wetness.

Another rule included no drinking or getting high before the event. That rule she did not like because she wanted a little fortification to help with this new experience. She had bought some courage from a fellow classmate, and now she would have to stash it away for another fun time later.

The last rules dealt with clothing that would be provided, and no clothing was to be used beneath the supplied clothing. The instructions stated no bra or panties were to be worn beneath them. Also, the inductee would be cleanly shaven on all parts of the body, and a scented douche would be used before dressing at the event and would be provided by the group.

The handout also stated that the inductee would be contacted for the inductee's menstrual cycle to ensure the event would be scheduled not in conflict with a potential period.

Sarah had decided to phone Tonya about using her brother, and Tonya had replied, "No problem hon, let me know the schedule, and I will see if he is free. And not to worry, a few of the other club members have used him, and he performs quite well. I would recommend that you do a little practice to be able to take all of him. Others have struggled a bit. And don't worry Sugar, even if he is busy he would change his schedule for a looker like you. I know I would."

Sarah asked Tonya, "What would you recommend for practice?"

"Sweetie, you get that gorgeous ass to the grocery store and pick out the biggest cucumber you can find and take it home and see if you can get it in your mouth and down your throat. That man has a lot to deal with."

Sarah was sure she wanted to be with Tonya after the kiss she gave her when they first met, but she was not so sure about her brother.

She did buy, not one but two cucumbers because she could not believe he would be as big as the largest one in the store. Mary had all kinds of advice about giving head. She must have been quite active before she found out her true desires.

"If you do get him all in, make sure you pull out enough to work the head with your tongue. They go crazy with action on that ridge of the head. Keep just the head in your mouth and collect his cum then swallow. Don't try to swallow while he is cumming. Just collect, then swallow. That will make it a whole lot easier," she said with her voice getting huskier the more she said.

Sarah took in all of her advice and did begin practicing with the green cock. She even had trouble with the smaller of the two, gagging with her first attempts at deep throat. She did notice she was getting her mouth opening wider as she continued with the practice. She finally gave up on the larger one, thinking if he was that big then I will fail and probably not be a member of the club that she so desired,

The call came asking her for her menstrual cycle, and the date was set right in the middle of her cycle. She liked that because that is when she was the horniest or maybe even a little later than the middle. Didn't matter she was ready and called Tonya with the date of initiation.

The day had finally arrived, and Sarah was excited, scared, anxious and wanting. She looked forward to meeting the club members and wondered who would be there. She dressed very casually, as per instructions she would be provided clothing, special for the initiation. She checked her watch; the time had come for her to leave. Mary was in the shower but popped out of the bathroom nude to give her a kiss and wish her luck, parting her general blowjob advice. The kiss felt good, as it had been quite awhile, but she headed for the door with a forward look to pleasure and inquisitiveness.

She found the home, at the address she was given, and knocked on the door; Two girls she had seen on campus greeted her. They immediately took her to a room and told her to prepare, reiterating the instructions, asking her to verify that she followed the instructions implicitly. When she did, they immediately left, telling her they would be back when she was ready.

She looked at the clothes provided, which was nothing more than a high neck gown, almost like a graduation gown, which was closed in the front with a hook at the neck. She didn't see anything sexy in that but shed her top and jeans, unsnapped the bra and slip off her panties, as called out in the instructions. She was ready and anxiously waited

The two ladies appeared again, looked her over, took her hand and led her to a large room which was filled with women of all ages. Of course, she knew Mary and Tonya but was surprised at a few of the club members. Mrs. Berrywild was there, who was the secretary to the dean. She had to be in her 60's. Two of her professors and she did finally spot Bonnie, who smiled at her. Sarah was hoping that she would get to be with Bonnie again. All the women were dressed in a similar gown with the exception that the hook was not neck high but well below the neck. Cleavage adequately showed which would have tempted anybody to look and admire.

Soft music began to play, and the lights were dimmed, and Bonnie spoke introducing the new inductee. All clapped. Each came up to Sarah and grasped her hand and introduced herself, Each making sure that Sarah had a long look at their cleavage. Sarah found the whole thing exciting, and her pussy started to ache from all the potential pleasure confronting her.

After she had met all the members, the music stopped, and Bonnie came up to her and unsnapped the gown, and two of the member pulled the gown from her. She stood nude in front of them. She watched as eyes moved over her body stopping at the pleasure places. She surprised herself by how much she enjoyed standing there before them. She could feel the wetness between her legs.

A double door opened, and there stood the Little Tree. He was naked and as he walked in his root began to swing. There were gasps in the room from those not in other initiations, Some eyes were on Leon, and some eyes stayed on Sarah. Sarah watched and wished she had not given up on the big cucumber. As he looked at Sarah, the swinging became less as his root rose to half mast. He was no Jeff and his looking at her that way made her a little wetter.

The time had come for Sarah to make Leon cum. As he moved toward her, she reached out and took his cock in her hand. She bent down and kissed it. His cock was no longer at half mast, but stood straight out, except for the droop of its weight. She liked the feel of it. She had never touched a cock before, always letting Jeff, when he fucked her, put it in her himself. But this felt good, and in the middle of a lesbian club initiation, she was thinking how that cock would feel inside of her pussy.

She stroked it, letting her fingers gently rub the helmet, paying particular attention to the ridge and that fleshy part underneath. Leon moaned, and Sarah knew it was time. She reached down a found his balls and they were so soft. She knelt. She opened her mouth and let her tongue take the place of her fingers on his beautiful cock. She opened her mouth as far as her jaw would allow, and slowly slipped the head into her mouth. She sucked. He took her head and pushed her forward. Sarah bent her head back and felt it on the back of her throat. She held her breath, but she knew if he ejaculated now, she would choke. She pulled back and started working the head again when he became tense, and then making noises of extreme pleasure. He was cumming. She held her breath as the jizz filled her mouth. When he was done, she swallowed, completing the blowjob like a seasoned whore. She liked it, and it was a different feeling than eating pussy.

The room was silent as she completed her task, but then one person started to clap, and the room followed. Leon helped her from her knees, felt her breast and whispered in her ear, "Yo hot bitch, I want mo of yo! Dat cunt needs a stopper!"

Sarah whispered back, "I look forward to it!"

Leon left the room, and a crowd gathered around Sarah, congratulating her. Then they dissipated, as quickly as they had formed around her. Only Bonnie remained. She welcomed her to the club, telling her she would see her soon if she wanted. She kissed her and let her hand drop to feel her bare mound.

"Oh my, you are very wet! You must have enjoyed that little initiation. When we meet let's talk about some possibilities with a friend of mine."

As Bonnie left, Mrs. Berrywild came to her opened her gown, showing a well-preserved body for her age. She kissed Sarah, and Sarah responded back, liking what she saw in this mature woman. She thought about the experience of peeking at her grandfather as he gave her grandmother the pleasure so warmly.

"She would be honored to be made love to by such a beautiful woman." coyly pursing her lips as she held Berrywild's breast.

"Call me Claire, honey. Would tomorrow be too soon?"

The date was set and Claire walked to the door and disappeared. Mary came up to her to congratulated her, kissing her very deeply, telling her tonight in their room she would make it all up the time they had missed together. Tonya came to her opened her gown and told her how proud she was of her for getting Leon all down, as other inductees had choked or gagged. Sarah was fascinated with the dark nipples and touched them. Tonya runs her fingers through Sarah's hair and winked. She told her she was ready anytime she was. Sarah nodded as she pressed a finger on one of those protruding dark nipples. She wanted more of that. They kissed with tongues searching each others mouth.

Others came up to her, opening their gowns tempting her for pleasure with them. All kissed her and either felt one of her breasts or touched her on the pussy. Sarah loved the attention and the temptations and felt them in return, wherever they touched her. Gradually the room was empty, and Sarah went to the room where her clothes were. She got dressed and decided to walk in the cool night air, feeling very sexy and kept thinking of how she was going to eat Mary's pussy when she got back tor their room.

As she walked her mind drifted to the Little Tree and his root and thought of how it tasted and wondered how it would feel stuffed inside of her pussy...
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