Sarah's Time
For the beginning of the fall semester, the weather was unusually warm. A lot of shorts, tank tops, and tees crowded the campus. A lot of flesh to admire and Sarah did notice it all. She felt uneasy about it but passed it off as being away from home for the first time with all the strict rules that she never got to enjoy all this openness.

She did feel lucky with the roommate she had drawn, a very outgoing girl from upstate. In their room Mary never was modest about anything, going to the shower not covered, which Sarah always did. Sarah hoped she would get used to it, but never dreamed she would enjoy the openness of Mary and gradually did not cover up as much herself.

On one occasion when Sarah was in a hurry and went to the shower nude, Mary looked up from her bed and said, "You have a nice set, but we are going to have to get you bare down there if you want to fit in."

Sarah did not know what to say, but went straight to the bathroom, closed the door and proceeded to look at herself in the mirror. She did think she had a ‘nice set' as Mary had said and thought about Mary saying, ‘ WE are going to have to get you bare down there.'. It made the sensation she liked in her nipples and her ‘man trap,' as her mother called it. She had wanted to be bare down there for a long time but was somewhat afraid her mother would not approve. She always noticed that the girls in the gym showers who did go bare down there, their mound always looked so predominant, and she liked that look. She touched herself and made the sensation a little stronger, but knew she would have to wait to be alone to take it all the way.

Mary kept telling her when she was ready to fit in, just let her know and she would help her. Sarah was not expecting that at all, but the thought of aid from experience might be the right thing. She was not sure how much help Mary was offering, but her imagination ran the full spectrum, from little advice to do it for her. The latter moved her in a way that made her feel warm between her legs.

Sarah was no virgin, having lost that the night of the prom, in Jeff's car. It was awkward, and it hurt, and she was worried about the dress she had borrowed. He kept saying he only wanted to put it in to see what it felt like. With her breasts already exposed, when he pulled the dress down, she hiked up the dress to appease him and get it over, but he did more than just put it in, and completed his fun, shooting all inside of her. He had nothing on it and all she could think of was pregnancy. She told him to take her home, and she straightens herself before she got home. He asked if he could keep her panties. Without thinking, she just said yes to get rid of him.

A quick kiss good night, and she started to get out of the car, but he said, "I want to do that with you again."

She said she didn't think so, but he told her she would, or he would mail her panties to her mother. She hesitated but it pissed her off but agreed, and she did spread her legs for him three times for him to use her ‘man trap,' waiting for her period anxiously each time. She got lucky, and he ventured off into new conquests. She was disappointed each time he used her, it was not that pleasurable and put those thoughts aside to do more with men when she went to college. She would not have her mother checking her panties every time she dated.

Mary, out of the blue one day asked her if she ever kissed a woman. She quickly answered she had kissed her mother many times and Mary told her not like that but passionate. Sarah told her she was not that type of girl. Mary told her Sarah wasn't a girl anymore but a woman with needs. Sarah did notice the needs whelming up in her on occasions, sometimes took care of it when she was alone. Touching the right place on her ‘man trap,' when showering to have the water drown out the muffled sounds of delight. She did notice the feelings were coming more often especially when Mary was prancing around without her clothes.

When Mary asked her if she could kiss her, she surprised herself by telling her if you want. Mary moved closer to her and their faces separated by inches. Sarah could feel Mary's breasts against hers, and slowly Mary parted her lips and nuzzled them against Sarah's. Her tongue parted Sarah's lips and her tongue pressed against Sarah's tongue. The surge in Sarah's ‘man trap' she could not believe. Sarah could feel her hands touching her bared skin under her blouse. She found what she was seeking and caressed that set like Jeff never did. Finger circles her nipples, and she could feel the wetness of her ‘man trap". Sarah kissed Mary back hard, using her tongue to explore Mary's mouth. She wanted to touch Mary's breasts but hesitated until Mary said it was OK. She kept telling her to do it for me. Mary pulled the tank top down, and Sarah touched her. She had touched herself many times, but the softness of someone else was exciting. Mary's nipples were hard, and she started taking off Sarah's blouse, and with the full exposure she kissed that set, she so wanted to do for so long. Sarah surprised herself by doing the same to Mary. They kissed again with Mary being a little taller her breasts rested on top of Sarah's. The kept up the kissing and exploring the front and sides of their breasts. Sarah liked the sensation when Mary rubbed the side of her breast. She was so soft and tender with her that when Sarah felt the hand on her ‘man trap,' she jumped. Mary asked what the matter was and Sarah told her wasn't expecting that on her ‘man trap.'

Mary told her no more ‘man trap,' it was her pussy and she told her it was going to be Mary's pussy from now on. Sarah responded by kissing her hard.

Mary back away and said, "Now it is time to make that pussy bare."

She led her to the bathroom feeling her ass along the way. Sarah realized that the expectations were more than advice and she looked forward to it.

Sarah could feel her soft hands on her sides as she expanded the elastic of the running shorts and slipped them down her legs, taking note of where her eyes stared. Her eyes never moved from the bulge in Sarah's panties from the fleshy mound. Mary's nimble fingers slipped inside of Sarah's panties and slid them down her shapely legs. Sarah had not been undressed so gently since her mother did it when she was a little girl. She liked it, and she could feel herself getting wet from just the thought of Mary being so at ease with stripping her.

Turning on the warm water in the basin, Mary soaked a washcloth, placed it over her hand, and softly caressed it on Sarah's mound. She reacted telling Mary how good that felt. Mary just smiled and took a scissor and carefully cut Sarah's softened hair from around her pussy, always brushing away the stray hair from her mound. There was no need to do that except Mary wanted to touch that softness which she yearned for so long. She finally stood and kissed Sarah's hardened nipples, playing with the tips with her tongue. Sarah squirmed with pleasure, and Mary deep kissed her exploring her mouth.

Mary took Sarah by the hand and led her to Mary's bed. Sarah was almost in a trance as Mary laid her down with her head propped by multiple pillows. Sarah did not resist as Mary spread her legs. Mary bent down and gave Sarah's mound a soft kiss. Sarah felt the tingle in her pussy. She wanted more, but Mary got up and went to her shelf and got the cream and opened it. Taking some of it on her fingers, she spread the cream all around Sarah's pussy.

She sat next to Sarah on the bed and said, "It may burn a little, but we have to wait a little while."

It did burn and welcomed the kiss from Mary trying to make her forget about the warm sensation on that most sensitive place. Mary continued to distract her with passionate kisses and sucking on her hardened nipples. She fondled Sarah's breasts and took Sarah's hand and opened her legs she placed Sarah's hand between her legs.

"Explore it all you want," she said breathlessly.

Sarah had only explored herself, and the sensation of another warm and wet softness made her forget the cream on her pussy. She easily found the spot that made her cum. Sarah caressed it holding the two lips together pressing against it. She moved the lips together up and down just like she did for herself.

Mary herself forgot about the cream and told her, "Keep going!"

Mary's head rolled back as she let out an unintelligible series of words that made Sarah fondle her even faster. Mary climaxed her body shaking with desire. She drove her tongue into Sarah's mouth sobbing as she did. They clung to each other and slowly felt the delight of afterglow.

They kissed but only softly, and Mary said, "I wanted that for you."

Sarah kissed her on the cheek and whispered in her ear, "I am counting on you that you will."

Mary retrieved a washcloth and carefully removed the cream. Although it was red, Sarah's pussy was bare and very inviting.

"We have to let that heal for awhile, but it is still beautiful, just like you."

Mary kissed her and told her it was time for a shower. Sarah did not hesitate and went to the shower and let the cool water run down between her legs. The coolness felt good on her pussy, and she looked forward to Mary's use of it. She wondered what her mother would say if she knew she was calling her ‘man trap' pussy. She didn't care. All she wanted for Mary to use it.

Sarah walked out of the shower and into the bedroom. She wanted Mary to look at her with desire, but a knock on the door led to a skirmish of clothes flying by both of them. When they both were decent, as the old saying goes, they opened the door, and there stood Bonnie from the administration office. Bonnie was statuesque in her dark suit with a white blouse, opened just enough to show a hint of cleavage. The knee length skirt with low heels completed the vision of a business person.

Bonnie greeted Mary with a hug, which Sarah found unusual, but accepted the introduction to Bonnie by Mary as the leader of our social club. Bonnie shook hands with Sarah, hoping she would consider joining their group. Bonnie told Sarah her office was open anytime for a get acquainted introduction and hoped she would 'drop by.' Sarah told her she would be pleased to find out all about it.

Bonnie headed for the door telling Mary not to be late. Mary nodded, and Bonnie left. Mary told Sarah she had to go to help Bonnie catch up on a few things with the club. Sarah asked if she was leaving, wanting to continue with their playfulness. Sarah, even though she was still recovering from the effects of the cream, she wanted Mary to do to her what she had done to her. Sarah was a little jealous when she gave her a hug and bounded out the door. Sarah was startled when Mary came back through the door and came to her and kissed her hard and told her not to do anything by herself that she would take care of it later. Sarah could feel the warmness between her legs, and it wasn't from the cream.

When Mary returned, she was less passionate with Sarah, telling her it was better if she healed. Even when she kissed her, she did not do any casual brushes of her breasts. Somehow it was different, and she now wished she had taken care of herself when she was alone. She could not believe had much she wanted to cum. Mary told her that she had told Bonnie that Sarah would be an excellent addition to the club. Sarah was pleased and went to Mary for a casual feel of her breast with a peck on the cheek.

Sarah was surprised and a little disappointed when Mary said she was going to take a nap. So Sarah decided it was time to take a walk around campus and enjoy the Indian summer. She wasn't the only one enjoying the warm weather with students laying in the grass, studying or just listening to music. It felt good to walk in the fresh air, and as she turned on the mall, she found a woman bent over with her hands on her knees. From the back, she filled out the running shorts just perfectly with shapely legs that any woman would 'kill for.' She stood and turned around, and Sarah took a moment to recognize her face because the top was stretching to the limit of the top. It was Bonnie!

Sarah said a gracious hi and Bonnie returned the same, expressing her need to run continuously to hold her weight. Sarah admired that in a woman in her late thirties or early forties. There was no doubt that Bonnie kept her promise to herself with a figure like she was displaying. The small talk went on until Bonnie suggested that Sarah come over to her apartment and she could give her the lowdown on the club that she monitored for the college. Sarah thought why not and she wanted to get to know Bonnie more which might help as a contact at the college.

Walking into Bonnie's apartment, she admired the furnishing, all very feminine. Bonnie told her she was going to grab a quick shower and told her to help herself to any drink in the frig, but if she was in the mood for anything harder, it was there on the roll around bar. With Bonnie in the shower, Sarah did find the temptation of a little tequila which she sipped to fast and went for number two. When Bonnie came out of the shower, she wore a silk shorty robe, hair clinging to her head from the wetness and no makeup, but she was still a knockout in Sarah's roaming eyes.

Bonnie made herself a drink and sat down opposite her, crossed her legs which showed plenty of them. Sarah was awed by Bonnie who when reaching for her glass on the coffee table; her robe would open enough for Sarah to admire the fleshy mounds sitting on Bonnie's chest. Bonnie started to explain the club and what it was meant to do for the female student, but Sarah wasn't listening as Bonnie would cross and uncross her legs. And to Sarah's delight, Bonnie would fit right in as Mary would say.

Bonnie finally invited her over to the couch to look at an album of pictures of various events. Sitting next to her was even more bothersome because she knew nothing was underneath that robe. Sarah knew that this gorgeous woman was making her excited. Bonnie put the album in Sarah's lap and every time she pointed out a picture her arm would brush against Sarah's breast. Sarah prayed that this woman would make a pass at her, but wondered if she should be the one to take the lead.

Bonnie kept toying with her, touching her hair, brushing her breasts, and pressing down on the album which made contact with her mound. Finally, Sarah just leaned over and kissed Bonnie. With one sweeping motion, Bonnie let the robe fall to the couch.

Sarah quietly exclaimed, "You are gorgeous!"

Bonnie just smiled and told Sarah to take her clothes off. Sarah quickly responded although very slow hoping to tempt Bonnie. When she was naked, Bonnie told Sarah she was gorgeous herself, and no wonder Mary was hot for her body. Sarah wondered about that statement but was too hot to care. She wanted Bonnie all over her, and she in return.

Bonnie pushed her back on the couch and lifted on of Sarah's legs and carefully scissored between Sarah's legs. Sarah felt Bonnie's mound on hers, and the pressure was delicious. Bonnie moved in slow circles with the right pressure on that sensitive spot. Bonnie was humping her, and the last time it was with Jeff except this was pure pleasure. Bonnie increased the movements while talking to Sarah telling her how fucking hot she was. It surged in Sarah, and she bellowed the deity over and over. Bonnie did the same only in a muffled way. Bonnie then laid on Sarah and kissed her with breast and against breast. They lay there for a long time enjoying the touching of their bodies.

Bonnie finally admitted that Mary had told her that she was of our persuasion and was glad they both had met when they did. She explained that the club was only ladies and each at a get together could be solicited by anybody in the organization. Refusing an invitation was considered inappropriate. They did have a great initiation. Sarah asked what, and Bonnie said that each member must have given a man oral sex or as the boys called it a blowjob. The ritual had to be witnessed by at least one member. The only thing Sarah could think of was Jeff's cock rammed into her, and that was bad enough, but in her mouth was not something she wanted.

Bonnie kissed her goodbye and hoped she would be joining them. Sarah wanted to get home to talk to Mary about the club and the in particular initiation. But most of all she wanted to go to her room and fuck Mary as she had just fucked with Bonnie.

She scurried across campus, more anxious as ever to see Mary. She opened the door to their room and found Mary face down between the legs of a gorgeous petite black woman. She started to leave saying for them to excuse her interruption. Mary jumped right up, much to the disappointment of the woman laying with her legs open waiting for a climax.

Mary said, "Sarah, this is Tonya. She is a member of the club that we talked about, and Bonnie told you all about."

Sarah wondered how Mary knew that she had gone to Bonnie's, but as she explained that Bonnie had called her and said that you would be more than welcome after a club session, with a vote and the initiation. Tonya got off the bed and came to her and hugged her. Sarah was not that at ease with nude women embracing her, but watching her come to her with her dark nipples and once again bare between the legs, did look inviting.

Mary said that Tonya had a brother that some of the gals had used for initiation. He was as small as Tonya, and his name was Leon, but everybody called him Little Tree. When Sarah inquired why, she just told of that old saying ‘Big tree big root, the small tree all root.' Sarah surprised herself with an imagination thought that would make her feel warm in the ‘mantrap, ' but she did and liked it.

Mary explained if she wanted to bring someone else, it still would have to be witnessed by at least one member or you could perform the initiation in front of the club, and of course, Little Tree would not mind either way. Sarah once more surprised herself by thinking have the whole club watching, would be so sexy.

She asked Mary one question, "Is every contact with the club members individual or can the whole club watch or partake?"

Tonya, now dressed walked up to her and kissed her and said, "That is one thing you are going to have to find out Sugar!"

Sarah liked the way she kissed, and the desire in her was real for her and her brother. Sarah could not wait for the meeting and initiation...
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