Sarah's Visit
Sarah cut across the quadrangle, stepping quickly toward the dorm apartment. She was anxious thinking about Mary and all the times wanting her and being denied because of the initiation rules. She yearned for her touch and wanted so much to please her as she did her. Mary was constantly in front of her nude and Mary's opinion of a full dress was panties and bra. Thinking of Mary in that way, made her ache in her ‘man trap,' now officially called her pussy,

Her heart was racing as she opened the door, starting to open her blouse to advertise what she wanted, but there laying on the bed was Tonya with her legs spread while Mary smothered her face in Tonya's pussy.

Sarah retreated out the door, saying as she did, "Sorry!"

"Don't leave! We have been waiting for you!" Tonya tried to say, being almost to climax.

As Sarah closed the door, she did hear the grunts and moans of the finality from Tonya. She did not stop until she was back on the quadrangle and just felt the need to call her sister. As she dug for her cell in her purse, she found a business card. The card had the name of C.W. Berrywild with other initials she ignored and on the back of the card was a telephone number and a note ‘Call me.' and beneath that was ‘Claire". She thought of that elegant woman, so mature, yet so preserved and wondered if surgery helped. No matter, she punched in the number on her cell, remembering she had agreed to a date for tomorrow.

Claire answered, noticing the caller ID, "Hello, dear. I am so glad you called. I was just talking about you. I hope you are not canceling for tomorrow."

Sarah told her that she certainly wasn't canceling and she was out for a stroll and found her business card. The more Claire talked, the more Sarah calmed down. She liked Claire's soothing voice and remembered that open gown at the initiation, as well as the gentle touch of her hand. When Claire asked her if she would like to come over to her place, Sarah instantly agreed.

When the door opened, Sarah just stared at the picture of loveliness. Claire in a black dress, very low cut and her breasts moved freely beneath it. Although not short, the skirt was split high enough to know nothing was beneath that dress, Claire gave her a peck on the cheek, and when Sarah entered, she closed the door, took her into her arms and kissed her pushing her lips open with her tongue. She told Sarah she wanted to do that outside, but nosy neighbors did not need to know.

Claire asked her if she would like something to drink, and did she like wine. Sarah agreed and watched the elegant, sophisticated beauty go through the motions of pouring drinks, assuring her breasts were well seen, even a partial nipple was exposed when she bent to get a few coasters from a cabinet. Claire led her to a dining nook and as she did Sarah watched the swinging of her behind and the exposed leg from the slit as she walked. Even the gray hair seemed to fit the picture and Sarah was excited. She could feel that ache again that had left her in the dorm.

Claire guided Sarah to a lounge chair, and Claire sat in one just opposite of her. Claire nestled in the chair and had full command of that dress, knowing how to move to expose and tease as much as possible. When she put her glass of wine on the table or when she retrieved it, breasts, swung into full view and then uncrossing and crossing her legs gave that view that Sarah craved. Sarah was wet, and it wasn't from the wine. Claire asked Sarah if she would like to get more comfortable. Sarah explained she had nothing on underneath her skirt and blouse.
Claire looked at her, blinked her eyes and exclaimed. " Dear, if you remember, earlier this evening, I saw you nude, being fondled by grateful women, and finally watched you give oral sex to a young man. I am sure that I would not be shocked if you got comfortable. I liked what I saw and would enjoy seeing it again."

Sarah slowly unbutton her blouse, letting it hang open. She could tease too, hiking her skirt up and then giving a few leg crosses of her own. She didn't know if she was making Claire hot but she knew the display was making her ready.

Claire said softly, "Would you be more comfortable in my bed?"

Sarah nodded and Claire again softly said, "Would you like to make an older man happy?"

Sarah was puzzled, but Claire continued, "My husband, Edwin loves to watch. He will not get in the way, and I would be most appreciative if you would agree. I try to please him in any way I can."

Sarah thought for a moment that she just had been naked in front of twenty horny women, then blew Leon in front of everybody, and finally concluded, why not! Sarah was very anxious to make love to this woman, and that surprised her that she thought of making love to this woman and not just another conquest.

In Claire's bedroom, she watched Claire slip out of her dress, and she did the same, as the blouse and skirt hit the floor. Sarah sighed looking at the silver hair the fastidious makeup, the gorgeous breasts sitting so proud, the long shapely legs and then that puffy mound between Claire's legs that she wanted so bad to taste.

Claire climbed into bed and patted the surface inviting Sarah to join her. She did and Claire tenderly kissed her, but Sarah kissed her back as they lay next to each other. Sarah felt those hands of Claire's again touching her breasts, the circling motion on her nipples, the soft touch of the sides of them like she knew that Sarah was so sensitive there.

A door opened and Edwin appeared, totally nude, with a limp cock swinging as he sat down to the side of the bed. He smiled at Sarah and began stroking his cock as his wife began running her tongue across the tips of Sarah's nipples. She felt Claire's hand exploring between her legs as she kissed her leaving her tongue inside Sarah's mouth. Sarah sucked it, as Claire thumbed her mound and found the treasure spot that most women adored.

Claire made a trail of wet down Sarah's body and finally reached the place where she most desired. Sarah could not believe the pleasure she was getting from this women. So erotic as her husband stroked his half hard cock. She looked down and could see that silver head of hair moving up and down her pussy. She felt a finger slip inside her. A gentle suck on her clit and she exploded. Her body stiffened. She called to God. The pleasure was so intense she tried to back away from it, but Claire was having none of it as she sucked hard and curled her finger inside of Sarah. Sarah thought she was going to pass out, but then it subsided and her body relaxed.

Claire was not done with her and started that slow licking and gentle sucking all over her pussy lips and thighs, even letting her tongue enter her and move it from side to side. As she worked her inside, her thumb explored for her clit. She was making it all happen again, and Sarah loved it. She soon was ready again but Claire back off and the feeling started to subside. Just as Claire had planned, she started again building her to a climax but stopped again, and when she started for the third time, Sarah fired as she had never fired. The pleasure was so intense she finally did pass out. When she came back to the world, Edwin was standing by the bed with a full erection, apparently some new and different helped him getting it stiff. She took it from his hand, scooted to the edge of the bed and took it in her mouth and began sucking on him.

Claire was delighted as Sarah took him all the way and he ejaculated in her mouth. There was not much that came out, and she easily swallowed the cum. Claire was all over her kissing her mouth and exploring her mouth with her tongue. Claire apparently loved the taste of him, and Sarah agreed, Mr. Berrywild did taste just fine.

Sarah had pleased the husband. Now it was time to please the wife. Sarah pulled her down on her and then both rolled with Sarah on top, kissing her as they lay breast to breast. Sarah nuzzled her neck and tongued her ear. Claire wiggled, keeping her ear against her mouth. Sarah licked all the way to Claire's gorgeous left breast, sucking it hard, while the right breast was teased with a soft flicking of her nipple.
Her areola was so tight that wrinkles extruded from it, holding the nipple so high as little mountains. Claire was in a state of pure pleasure. Sarah was ready to give her something different,

Sarah made her way down Claire's body with her tongue, stopping at her belly button to tongue it. She did find that Claire was sensitive there and took the time to please her. Her tongue trailed down her hip, reaching her inner thigh but kept going to the back of her knee and nibbled. Claire laid there, eyes closed, soaking in the new sensations when Sarah picked up her leg and put her big toe into her mouth. She reached for her other foot, bending her leg and putting her other big toe in her mouth. She sucked. Sarah reached her hand and found Claire's clit which she massaged with fingers pressed against the sides of her pussy. Now, Sarah had read somewhere that the big toes were on the same nerve trunk as the clit, but no matter if it was true because as she sucked and massaged, Claire began to shake. Her body trembled, and she thrust her hips forward and came deliciously, pushing her toes against Sarah's mouth. Sarah knew Claire was ready for Sarah to eat that beautiful cunt before her. Sarah nibbled, licked, sucked, massaged, fingered that thing of beauty with Claire giving off noises of extreme pleasure. Finally, Claire told her to stop. She did, They held each other for seemed minutes but only a few minutes had passed. Sarah scissored Claire's legs with her own and pressed and humped until both of them climaxed, Sarah first, then Claire. They both lay exhausted, feeling the pleasure subside in such a delightful way.

"Oh, damn, I knew I was right about you!" Claire proudly explained, I told Edwin, "That girl was special, and I want her! Never have I been so excited and pleasured."

Sarah softly said, "Claire, you just don't know what an exciting woman you are. You are so beautiful and gracious; I can never give you what you deserve."

Claire replied, " You deserve all the excitement of lovemaking. I read your lips at the initiation when Leon whispered in your ear. I know you said. ‘I will look forward to it.' What did he say to you?"

"He said, ‘He wanted to stuff my pussy."

Claire smiled and spoke, "What if I could make that happen?"


"Yes, I can. Edgar Washingon, the head custodian at the school, he is Leon's father, and he has been my lover for the last twenty years. Don't worry about Edwin. He has been watching Edgar if you don't mind me saying so, fuck me religiously. I can arrange for Leon to be here for you."

Sarah was surprised at Claire's pronouncement and the language she never heard her use. No matter, it just seemed so sexy and inviting and asked," Will you and Edwin be watching?

Claire said, "Yes and Edgar also."

Sarah thought about it for a minute and exclaimed, "LET'S GO FOR IT!!...
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