Sarah-The Party
Sarah's cell vibrated. Claire's name showed on display. Sarah felt that twinge of pleasure throughout her body. She had been waiting for this call. She could not rid her mind of the erotic awakening of what Claire had proposed. She answered.

"Sweetheart...It's Claire...Everything is set for Friday...Fit your schedule?..No menstrual problems or other nagging cold?"

Sarah assured her there was none, telling her she was anxious to taste her once again. Claire told her that she was in for more than the taste of her, and Sarah smiled, blew her a cell phone kiss, and said goodbye.

"Who was that?" Mary peered over the textbook and continued, "You certainly are in demand! I can't get any time with you. Sarah, would you do me?"

Sarah looked at Mary. She was the only girl she knew who studied in the nude. She did have a beautiful body with firm breasts and a pussy that was a delight. Every inch of her looked soft and cuddly, and she knew that this was a club person request that could not be ignored by club rules. Sarah knew it would be very quick, as Mary could get herself off just by thinking about it.

Sarah pulled off her top, unhooked her bra, pulled down the tight jeans, dropped her panties and listened to Mary sigh. Mary dropped the textbook, laid back on the bed and spread her legs, hoping Sarah would get right to it. And Sarah did, putting her face on that soft opening between Mary's legs. She did like the taste of Mary and explored with her tongue while her finger tickled her last hole. As always Mary quickly was telling her she was going to cum and Sarah did what Mary liked best as she came, pulling Sarah's head hard against her pussy.

"You are so fucking good. You know I am falling in love with you. I could be with you forever. Do you love me?"

Sarah did not want to hear that, but she just smiled and kissed Mary, feeling the firmness of her breast. Got up and dressed. As Mary lay there, manipulating herself to fire once again. And she did, as Sarah walked out the door.

Friday came, and Sarah was knocking on Claire's door. Claire opened the door dressed in a short silky robe, invited her in, then kissed her, letting the robe fall open once the door was closed. Sarah always liked the feel of Claire against her and felt the twinges and moisture build where she liked it to build the most. Claire handed her a robe similar to hers and watched as Sarah undressed and put the robe on letting it hang open like Claire's. She took her hand and led her to the nook.

Mr. Edgar Washington was standing there, also in a robe hanging open, and Sarah could see where Leon inherited his most prized possession. Not as big as Leon, but enough for Claire to enjoy. She watched his eyes move over, stopping to stare at the places the open robe did not hide. She did not mind at all and liked it, just as his son had looked at her at the initiation.

"I finally get to meet you. Saw you on campus many times, but now I understand why Leon talked about you so much. It is so nice to meet you, and call me Edgar," Mr. Washington politely told her as he watched her take small glances at his hanging cock, "I want to thank you for letting me watch my son with you, I always wanted to watch him. Again thank you."

Sarah could not believe how attracted she was to this older man. It was more than just his cock, but the manliness of him was overpowering. She understood how Claire had succumbed to this hunk of humanity. She hoped someday to see him with Claire, just to watch him deploy his talents.

Leon appeared from nowhere, totally nude. As he came to her his beautiful cock swung, and she could not take her eyes from it. He kissed her. She felt a surge of warmth. He felt her soft skin. He touched her in places that she wanted to be touch so much. She felt that big black cock against her mound. She trembled.

"It's time to get you children to bed!" Claire proclaimed, being anxious to finally see that penetration of pussy that she solely adored.

The bedroom was glowing from all the lighted candles. Sarah thought the setting was perfect to be fucked by a real man. Not that she had not been fucked before by Jeff, but not like this, a romantic fairy tale to be cherished. He took off her robe and she heard Leon sigh. He laid her on the bed and crawled up next to her. She felt him kiss her neck and gently suck. She felt his hands on her breasts and then his lips. He sucked her tummy. He kissed her mound. She reached for him and found him very hard. She never dreamed he could get that much of cock so hard, but it was and she opened her legs keeping them high in the air, inviting him to take her.

The penetration was smooth and gentle by an experienced lover. She felt so full. The hurt vanished as the pleasure whelmed in her. He kept a steady pace, and she watched her breast move with each thrust of his cock. His cock touched all the right places, and she climaxed with a pleasure she had only felt with Claire taking her in and out of pre-orgasm. This was different. She kept surging with each thrust he made into her. He could no longer hold himself off and spurted inside of her. He was not a quite man and let his pleasure be heard.

Sarah looked up to see Edgar smile and wink at her, as Claire lay down beside her in the bed. Claire kissed her. Leon got up from her and went to the other side of the bed. He stood over Claire who turned and starting licking the mixture of both their excitement from this cock. Sarah was bewildered, but then Edgar was spreading her legs and held them in the crook of his arms as he mounted her. She willingly helped him enter her. He fucked her, and she loved it. She humped him back just as much as he was humping her. She wanted this to last forever but in time he unloaded in her, which the surges of climax, she had done three times before him. Sarah laid there totally satisfied.

Sarah turned to see Leon on Claire and her fucking him just as hard as he was fucking her. Claire pulled Sarah's face toward her and kissed her pushing her tongue into Sarah's mouth. With each thrust of Leon's cock, Claire duplicated in Sarah's mouth. Sarah's face was turned the opposite way, and Edgar stood before her with an offered cock. She gladly sucked him. As she sucked him, she felt somebody fingering her last hole. It was Edwin. He slipped his finger into her ass. Moved his finger side to side making her asshole not as tight. He finally lifted her legs high in the air and slipped his cock into her ass.
If she only had a picture. She was sucking Edgar, Edwin was fucking her ass. Claire was sucking her nipple, and Leon was playing with her clit. It was all too much for her when she climaxed and once again passed out.

When she awoke, Claire was the only one there, asking, "Are you happy, sweetheart?"

She was, as she made her way home across the campus,,,


Sarah had done all but two of the club members before she graduated with Claire still being her favorite. She had two children. Her daughter naturally, was named Claire, and her son was named after his father, Edgar Jr. Although she had many visits from Claire and Edgar, through the years, Tim, who she had later married, kept her happy daily..

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