Satanic Worship
My good friend John related another incident that he been witness to while being stationed in WASHDC area. He had worked at a military base that required top secret clearances for all who worked at that site. So much for background checks.

The young people working with him were mostly in their early 20's and had experienced the rise of the drug culture in the 60's. It seemed like every person he worked with had at least smoked pot at one time or another. They had even convinced him to at least try it!

He went to some of their parties and observed the behavior of these young people and how they interreacted with each other. Their tastes in music was totally different than his since he was into R@B and they were into heavy rock. He got to like some of the music they played by Led Zepplin, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, etc.

He did smoke pot with them but refrained from anything else like acid (LSD), "killer weed" (a combination of pot and php), cocaine and anything else like that. He had heard too many bad things that happened to people using those drugs. One of the newest members of our group was a pretty young lady named Jill. She was sort of naive but had smoked pot. He found out that a couple of guys had slipped her some LSD without telling her so he had watched her that whole night to make sure she was okay. He said that he chewed those guys out for doing such a thing and they had told him they just wanted to fuck her and that was the best way they could that!

Jill didn't have any problems that night and afterwards he told her what those guys had done and told her to be more careful next time.
She told him "if they were just wanting some pussy, I'd probably given it to them willingly!
I do like to fuck, very much!" But she thanked him and life went on and they became close friends. She felt he was other "dad".

I had heard him tell his stories of the macabre including the woman who thought she was being attacked by a vampire and another concerning a bunch of young folks using a Ouiga board and having one of them actually levatating off the ground. Damn some people will try anything for kicks!! I used a Ouiga board myself once in fun and had asked who I
was going to marry? It gave me the letters JAG, and I was hoping for NEC. As it turned out it was ex's initials were PAP!

He then went on to tell me that he had communicated with Jill after he had left the area and received a letter one day telling him this even more incredible story. He told me that in her letter she had told him that at one of the parties everyone had taken acid and decided to hold a seance and it was determined that they should call for Satan himself.

Well it must have worked because she had written that something had appeared in their circle whether Satan or another demon. She was scared shitless to say the least. After that ordeal she went to the commander of the base and reported herself and everyone else for drug abuse. She went on to become a devout Christian and had recently gotten married.

I listened to John in utter awe!!
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