Saturday's Adventure

After a lengthy telephone call Jill hung up the receiver. It had been her boss. He wanted her to go into work. "Today of all days" she thought to herself. Alas she took a quick shower. Blow dried her hair and put it back in a stylish pony tail. Muttered "screw it" when she looked at her make up case, threw on a jogging suit. It was saturday after all. Then headed out the door. The drive in had been nice. No week day traffic. Of course not, it was Saturday. As she pulled into the parking lot. She noticed the only car in sight was that of the boss. She rolled her eyes and manuvered her car into a parking spot near the front door, grabbed her purse and keys. Then made her way into the building. The lobby had been locked. So she locked it back, strolled to the elevator and pushed the tenth floor button. One thing about saturday, none of that annoying music! That thought alone brought a smile. Sure she was working on Saturday but no traffic and no annoying music. It was going to be a good day. She could feel it deep in her bones. The ding of the elevator stopping at her floor brought her back to the here and now. She stepped off and began making her way to her office. The sight of someone moving caught her attention. When she saw she could hardly believe her eyes. Her boss had a petite blonde on her knees and he was feeding her his cock. Jill stopped in her tracks and watched in aw. That girl was not being half hearted about her desire. Even from the distance Jill watched as the girls full lips slid all the way down to his mound. The blonde stopped moving her mouth and looked up at him. As if he had commanded her to do something. She began shaking her head wildly. Brad's head feel back. Reaching up the tips of Jills fingers brushed her throat. She could almost feel the head of his cock pushing it's way down her.... What am I doing? She muttered to herself. Quickly she shook her head and looked away. Her feet began moving again once she pried them from their now favorite spot on the floor and she made her way to her office.

Once inside she closed the door behind her and leaned against it. She had noticed how handsome Brad was from her first day on the job. Deep down she knew he had been a little bit interested in her but she had refused to mix business with pleasure. It was a recipe for disaster and she knew it. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Then tried to walk on trembling legs to her chair. It was saturday, no office staff (minus the blonde whom she had never seen before and the Boss who never minded when she made herself at home.) she was going to take full advantage. She slid her shoes off and tucked them under the corner of her desk, then slid into her chair. She could do this, she could work after watching her boss face fuck someone in his office no less. Sure, after all she technically didn't see it, did she? Giving a shake of her head. She tried to push the thoughts out of her mind. A press of a button brought her computer to life. The fan made it's normal humming sound. She pulled the right drawer open and lifted the stack of files. That she had neatly placed there Friday thinking she would not be back until Monday. She flipped the first file open and gathered the application from the top. Name, Address, Telephone number, Social Security number blah blah blah, everything seemed to be in order. She scooted her chair back a bit and pulled the tray that held the keyboard and with a few clicks brought up the program. Once the program was open and ready for an applicant. She began typing in their general information. Enthralled in her work, she never heard the knock at the door.

Jill are you busy? Came Brads husky voice. Why did his voice have to sound so erotic. Oh wait, I know the answer to that she thought. He just shot his load down the hot blondes throat. If I were a man and I had just fed someone that looked like that my juices. I would be husky too. What the hell was she thinking. A fake smile formed on her lips. As she looked up at him. She placed her hands on the flat surface of the desk and slowly shook her head. "No, I'm not busy Brad. I am just putting in the applications for the summer wish program." Silently she wondered if she were being sarcastic. That thought alone made her fake smile turn into a real one. He walked into her office and stopped when he leaned against the corner of her desk next to her. No, wait, why is he coming into my office. She wanted to groan, no make that a growl. Yes that's it. She wanted to growl at him and demand to know why the hell she was there but she couldn't. She needed this job and if being there on Saturday and catching him face fuck some blonde bimbo. Then that is exactly what she would do and she would smile like a pro while doing it. He picked up her pen and began twisting it within his fingers. "So, how long have you been here this morning?" he asked way to casually. Had he wanted her to catch him? No, surely he didn't want that, yet she had. Her smile grew and she could only imagine just how brightly her green eyes were sparkling with mystery. He wanted to know and she didn't want to tell him. The typical game of cat and mouse that had been played throughout the ages. "Oh, I have been here long enough. Have you been here very long? " She leaned back in her chair and crossed sock covered feet. After all it wasn't her ass on the hot seat. Sure he was the boss but even being the boss. There were just certain rules nobody would break. He broke the biggest one.

Much to her surprise he laughed and then smiled his boyish smile. "She made you jealous didn't she?" The question totally caught her off guard. She wondered if her face was as red as it felt hot. If so she could be a beakin. "No, she most certainly did not. Since when do you have sex in the office?" He ran his fingers through his dark wavy hair and leaned in closer. "Admit it she made you jealous. I will tell you what, you admit it and I will tell you how long I have been doing it." It was a trap. He was baiting her and she knew it. At the same time she wanted to know the answer. Rolling her eyes once she smiled. "Okay, you've got me. She made me jealous. So how long have you been doing it?" His laughing stopped and he leaned in closer. "Kiss me and I will tell you." That brought a laugh from her and she simply grinned. "Now you are just teasing me." she cooed. "Kiss me and see if I am teasing." He smiled but the laughter had left his eyes. He was serious and it was taking all her will power not to ram her tongue down his throat. "Brad really, you just dropped your load with the blonde and now you are trying to seduce me. You are insationable!" She snatched her pen from his fingers. That had proved to be a mistake. His hand was as fast as a vipers strike. Stronger fingers slid through her auburn curls. A sharp twist pulled her head back. His eyes were deep and dark. They held an uncanny mystery. His lips were within an inch from hers and she could feel every breath he drew and expelled. She thought of wrenching her head free of his grasp. It was only that a mere careless thought. She was right where she desired to be. There was no way in hell she was messing that up.

Instead of answering his question. She slid the palm of her hand along the center of his chest. She felt the musles hidden beneath his shirt. Damn, he was every bit as buff as she had imagined. She started to lean in and press her lips to his but the grip of his fingers in her hair tightened. His lips were so close, yet so far away. Her voice dropped to a velvet purr. "You did tell me to kiss you." She whispered. He leaned in closer. The bristles of a near noon shadow brushed over her soft cheek. It was a delightful scratch that made her belly to flips. "I did but you waited. So now I am making you wait. You don't mind waiting do you Jill? After all you will do anything to please me, won't you?" His voice was so low, so rich and dripped with the most exotic accent she had ever heard in her life. She started to ask how he was going to make her wait but the answer becamse all to clear. His large hand slid over the front of her sweats. Fingers spread as they cupped the delicate curve of her breast. He very lightly kissed the corner of her mouth. Instantly her nipple wrinkled to a tight hard peak that begged for more. His hand touched any where, every where but where she ached for it most. She started to complain but it was a lost cause. The feel of his fevered lips brushed a sensual kiss along her jaw line. It made her tremble. The warmth of his breath flowed over the soft neck flesh. He whispered tauntingly. "Your neck is beautiful. The only thing that would make it more desirable would be to have my collar around it." As the words left his mouth. She couldn't believe her ears. She had been in the bd/sm life style for years. Never would she have guessed that he was as well. His hand slid down her side. It drifted over the curve of her hip. Then drifted between her thighs. Why did you have to wear a pair of sweats today Jill, her brain screamed. His touch was warm and gentle. It also held a demand for respect. One that she had never felt before.

His hand slid along the inside of her right thigh. As his lips found her earlobe and nuzzled it. "Call me Master" he whispered. She had been alone for a while and had not been owned in a long time but something inside her burned. It was a raging fire. She licked her dry lips and whispered breathlessly "Master". A low masculine growl rumbled from within him. She shuddered as her hands slid up his chest and came to rest on his shoulders. "Tell me what you want slave girl." Wait, he just called her slave girl. She wasn't a slave girl was she? Oh yes she was and his lips were doing that thing to her ear that drove her mad. She whispered in rasping breaths "Touch me Master please, touch me!" she begged. He took a delicious love bite from the side of her neck. His hand disappeard from her thigh. Before she could ask what he was doing. The flat of his hand smacked her pussy. Her knees sprang wide instantly. Hips thrust forward chasing after the warming fingers. She gasped on impact and groaned. He swatted again and again. Each swat brought with it similiar results. She was getting hotter by the passing seconds. She could feel it. There was no way in hell he couldn't feel it. She went out on a limb and whispered breathlessly "Please fuck me Master.". He growled a hungry growl and spun her around, pushing her over the desk. She tried to push back but the feel of his hand slapping her ass hard made her knees go weak. He had found her weak spot and he was embelishing on it. Strong fingers curled in the waist band of her pants. He worked her sweats down over her hips, down her thighs puddling around her feet. She breathed deeply. The cool air made her arch with desire. The air alone tickled her glistening heat. Her voice trembled as one word toppled out of her mouth "Please!!!!"

His fingers slid down her slit from behind. He found her hot, wet and ready. Two fingers side by side pushed in deep and wiggled. Wet kissing sounds came from her pussy. She was beyond wet, she was drenched. He leaned forward and kissed the small of her back. His voice held something she had never heard in a man before. It held softness and caring. "The blonde didn't get my load slave girl. I was saving it for you." he whispered huskily. She bit her bottom lip and lifted her head as high as she could. She looked over her shoulder and found him looking back at her. His fingers slipped out of her smoldering pussy. They worked the front of his pants open. They fell to the floor with the sound of keys hitting concrete. Her teeth released her lower lip. The sight of his massive cock made her swallow nervously. She had never had a man that size inside her before and now this Master was going to take her, to use her for his pleasure. The flips her belly was doing picked up speed. She pushed back and whispered "Please" once more. His hand came down sharply over the cheek of her ass. The sound echoed off the walls. The sharp sting faded into instant warmth. She could feel her juices trickling down her inner thighs. He was doing everything right and he knew it. He stepped up behind her and ran the head of his cock up the length of her slit. It felt like a hot poker when it slid over her clit. Another droplet of juice slid down her inner thigh. What was he doing to her. It was a primal lust. One she had never experienced before. She could try to impale herslef on him but she knew if she did he very well may shut her down. Her voice cracked as she pleaded once more. "Please fuck me, I beg you!!!"

The second you left her lips. His hands grabbed her waist and he drove in with all he had. She screamed out in pleasure and pain. He was massive. She could feel her insides stretching, molding to fit his every inch. He kissed the back of her shoulder, then the back of her neck. His voice was soft and caring. He could feel her nervousness and he was going to take it away. "You are mine Jill. You have been since your first day here. Now I am going to show you what being mine truly means.". He began grinding his hips. Each grind worked his cock deeper inside. She was feeling a man for the first time in depths never touched before. Her fingers curled about the desk. She went up on toes and almost tried to pull off him. He wasn't about to let that happen. His left arm wrapped around her waist, like a band of steel and pulled her back. He pressed another kiss to her shoulder. As his right hand slid over her mound. Thick fingers parted her smoothly shaven pussy lips in search of her clit. A pool of nectar had gathered round it. She squirmed on him. Juices ran in tiny rivers down the inside of her thighs all the way to her knees. She whimpered softly and pushed back on him. As her hips dipped low and rolled back he growled again deeper, louder. His fingers went on either side of her clit. While his middle finger tap tap tapped at that hard aching peak. Each tap brought a jerk of her hips. Velvet walls smoldering hot around him sucked his length. His body was locked so tight with hers not even a breath of air could get between them. His middle finger continued it's tap tap tap. The juices that had made their way to her knees went further. She quivered in his arms. She was at his mercy and she knew it. Her hands slide from the edge of the desk to her breasts. She cupped them and squeeze roughly. Fingers twisted around her nipples ruthlessly tight and tugged. All the while that middle finger tap tap tapped unmercifully.

Seconds turned into minutes, minutes was nearing an hour. That's right this sweet delicious torture had lasted an hour. Deep auburn hair was damp with sweat. It clung to her face and along the sides of her neck. Her nipples were sore and sensitive. That should slow her own assault down but it didn't. If anything it encouraged her to be rougher. She had struggled not to beg to cum several times. She hadn't fully orgasmed but she had leaked to the point her socks were wet with pussy juice. He bit the back of her shoulder. With no warning he pulled back and drove into her hard and fast. She sucked in a deep breath and jerked her nipples tighter. His finger continued that damn tap tap tap. God if he would just rub her clit a little harder she would lose it! Slowly he ground his hips working his full length so deep inside her. Her nipples were burning. Her clit was on fire it was aching so bad. Her pussy walls were quivering and leaking uncontrollably. One could almost swear it was one long massive orgasm. Tears began to glisten in her eyes. She whispered helplessly. "Please Master, please I am begging!! Please show mercy on your slave Please!!!!" As soon as the words left her lips. His fingers closed over her clit. They rubbed hard and fast. His hips hammered away at her driving his cock balls deep into her sultry depths. Juices were pushed out with every thrust. Her hands left her breasts and smacked the desk. She was up on toes. It was the most wonderful chaotic orgasm building she had ever had. "PLEASEEEEE!!!!!!!!!" she screamed breathlessly. At that point it wouldn't have mattered if the entire floor had been filled with employees. She needed this as badly as she needed air to breathe. His kissed the back of her shoulder, the side of her neck and whispered deeply against the outside edge of his ear "CUM!!!!" An earth shattering scream echoed throughout the floor. He drilled into her at a maddening pace. When the last of her juices flooded from deep inside her. She sucked in a deep breath of air. He growled a growl of a man that was pure primal. He was taking what he wanted. Within minutes his cock jerked then spewed deep inside her. He gave her every drop of his jizz.

Tho he stopped moving and even took his hand from her clit. His cock never shrank. He pushed her hair to the side and kissed the spot between her shoulder blades. His voice was back to it's natural husky tone. "You are mine Jill. Completely mine" She could argue but why would she? She licked her dry lips and whispered back breathlessly in a quivering tone. "I am completely yours Master." His arms wrapped around her and held her tightly. It wasn't the way a man would hold a sex slut. It was the way a man would hold a woman he was in love with. No words were shared beyond that point. The blonde was never seen again. To this day Jill wears a beautiful black velvet shocker that holds a tiny chain on each side of a sparkling silver heart pendant. Tho no one at work would ever see it. The tattoo of his initials just over her ass held far more meaning. Than the rose that blended into them. She never complained about working weekends again. Who knew Saturday's could be so thrilling.

The End....

I hope you have enjoyed Jill and Brad's adventure. I would truly appreciate any thoughts or comments you may have about my story. Until next time, Take care and be well....
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