Saturday Getaway
We took the road to our favorite spot in the woods. Its a secluded place surrounded by natural beauty.

We get out of the car. We start walking to the hot spring. She runs ahead of me and stops.

She turns back and winks at me. She looks so beautiful. Her hair tied up in a pony tail. Dressed in a tank top that fits her like a glove and a short skirt that just covers her ass.

She glides her hand over her tits on top of the tank top. She is so seductive. Slowly presses her tits together, offering it to me.

When I move closer she runs further away from. Then again from a distance, she slowly lifts her tank top. Slowly revealing her full round tits held up by her black lace bra.

She turns and bends to give me a view of her perfect ass. I start stroking my cock which is now standing at attention in my shorts.

She holds the waist of her skirt and wriggles out of it. She is now standing in her black lace bra and thong.

I move closer to her and unclasp her bra, letting her breasts free. I hold her nipples in between my fingers and slowly rub them.

Then I slide my hand inside her panty and brush against her pussy before I remove her panty.

Now standing here in front of me totally naked for the whole world to see. I pull her closer to me. I kiss her lips as my hands trace her back and her ass.

She pushes me away and jumps into the hot spring. I undress and follow in pursuit of her.

She swims away from me, and I follow her until we reach the corner of the hot spring. She has no where to go, and I pull her closer to me. Kissing her with lust and passion.

Her tongue parts my lips, enters my mouth and meets my tongue. I grab her ass, and stroke my finger between her asshole.

She starts to grind against my hard cock. Our kiss becomes deep and intense. I bite and suck on her lower lips.

She wraps her right leg over my waist and grinds against my cock. I push her against the edge of the pool and slowly lower her pussy onto my cock. She is now straddled over my cock with legs wrapped around my waist.

I start banging against her. Pushing my cock deeper and harder into her pussy with each move. I hold her by her ass, squeezing and pinching her ass cheeks. She moans against my lips. She scratches my back, driving her finger nails into my skin.

I start kissing and sucking her neck as I continue to fuck her pussy. She bites and scratches my neck and shoulder in response. She moves her hips and clenches her pussy.

I am so close to cumming. I lift her off my cock as I don't want to cum so soon. I make her sit on top of the edge of the hot pool.

I stand between her legs. I push her legs apart, holding her thighs. I want to taste her. I hold her pussy lips apart and flick my tongue over sweet pussy. She moans as she clenches her fist in my hair. I push my tongue in her pussy, tasting her. Mmmmmmm, she tastes so good.

I keep sliding my tongue in and out of her pussy as I rub her pussy lips with my fingers. She screams that she wants me inside her. I get out and place her on all four. I tell her that I want to fuck her doggy style. Holding onto her waist, I take her from behind. Once completely inside, I grab her breasts. I keep my hard cock into her pussy as I fondle her breasts.

I spank her ass cheeks until it turns red.
She circles her pussy over my cock, I love it when she does that. Holding her by her waist, I start pushing my harder and faster as I get closer.

She starts pushing against my cock, convulsing her pussy as she is also close. I hold onto her tight as we both ride the wave of orgasm.

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