Saturday night at Mcgee's Tavern
As I pull into the parking lot, there's a few more cars than normal, this could be a sign of a nice long night. As I walk up I notice a Caddy with gold rims, very out of place for a corner dive like Mcgee's Tavern, my pussy is already leaking juice and I'm getting excited.

I pull the heavy wood door open and my pussy floods my slit, just the smell of this place gets me going. I've been horny all day and I know exactly what's about to happen and my mouth is watering.

As I walk in I wave to Bob and Randy eating sandwiches at a dark booth in the corner. I pat Bill on the back as I sit at my favorite barstool and I'm very aware of how wet I am. My lips are slick, my clit is throbbing and my panties are surely starting to get wet but I'm calm and cool on the outside.

Pat the owner/ bartender is on the phone at the end of the bar, he does a double take when he sees me and quickly says "I gotta go" and comes down smiling. "Shot n a beer" I tell Pat. "Coming right up" he says with a wink.

Just then his daughter Jenny walks out the kitchen and we catch up on small town gossip until another food order comes in. I look into the large Michelob mirror behind the bar and in the corner playing pool are three handsome young black men in black leather jackets. I shift on my stool and feel cunt cream smear down the back of my thigh. I'm so wet I can feel the entrance to my pussy hole is slightly open.

I finish my drinks and another beer comes in from Bill, when I'm finished one comes from Randy. It's Then that I wink at Pat, grab my beer, my big purse and head to the back where they're playing pool. I wink at the three black guys and really swing my hips as I walk by. I walk down the narrow hallway passed the ladies room and stop in front on the mens room door. I look back up hallway and Pat and Bill have their eye's glued to me. I give a little wave and push the door open and walk in, I'm so horny, wet and excited that my knee's are a little weak.

Mcgee's has two urinals and two stalls, I walk into the first stall and close the door. The toilet paper holder has a big magnet holding it to the pale green metal wall. I move the TP holder to the side, then walk to the handicapped stall. Same thing, I move the TP holder and the 6 inch glory hole appears.

I hear the mens room door open, I'm so horny I can barely stand it. I reach into my purse and pull out a small gardening knee pad and take position. A shot of whiskey gets pushed under the wall, then I hear a zipper lowering. I recognize Pat's cock right away, the Irishman pushes his flaccid cock thru the hole and I take a big drink of my beer, slam the shot and get to work.

I lean forward and gently take his cock head in my mouth, my tongue rolls all over it, I feel it grow a little, I also feel my pussy hole dribble more juice. By now my panties are a mess and I relish feeling like a total whore. My nipples are poking thru my low cut top, they're aching for attention. I take all my lust and put it into sucking my friend Pat off.

I reach thru and rub his heavy, bloated ball sack with one hand while my other strokes his growing shaft into my mouth. His warm cock flesh tastes incredible in my mouth and my big lips slide effortlessly up and down his now rock hard dick. I take him deep down my throat, I hear Pat moan, I hold him there, letting his cock get a nice throat massage. I slowly slide him back and out of my cock pleasing mouth. I stroke my spit on his cock until it's glistening, then I start working it for his cum.

I've sucked Pat's cock three to four times a month for the last six years, I know what gets him off. I squeeze lightly on his balls and pull them down, I hold them like that while I attack his cock, my head twisting, lips sliding, hand milking. Then I start tasting prejizz, I slow, but only for a moment, enjoying my 1st taste of fresh warm cream. I look at the head and stroke up and watch his piss hole open and a beautiful pearl of man cream beads at the opening. I lick it off and let it float on my tongue, I know he's close.

I take him deep again, one more throat massage and I'm taking my cream. I slide him back, tug his balls hard and stroke n suck like crazy. Pat's moans fill the men's room and then he blasts my tongue with a powerful load. My pussy is on fire and I'm close to having a full hands free orgasm. More cum pours into my mouth as I stroke, I'm drinking it down as it spurts.

I suck him clean and his cock disappears back thru the hole. I unbutton my jeans and slide a hand into my panties, I'm completely soaked and I can smell my pussy juice. I start rubbing my clit when the door opens again. Two feet appear below the hole, along with another shot. I recognize Bill's work boots right away.

Bill has a smaller cock and he cums quick but usually feeds me a heavy load if Martha hasn't fucked him in a few days. I reach thru the hole and rub his balls, he's rock hard when he puts it thru. There's already precum leaking signaling Martha must be mad at him again.

I lick the pre-treat and go for a record. I slicken him up, use two fingers to encircle his dick and suck away. After ten or so strokes he pops in my mouth and I'm not disappointed. "HOOOOLLLYYY FUUUUUCCCKKKKK" Bill moans. I pull him out of my mouth and tilt my head back, hoping he makes a big mess on my face. Streams of cum fly across my lips and cheek as I stroke. I shove my ball rubbing hand down my pants and rub my clit as I'm bathed in hot man cum.

When he's done my face is glazed perfectly, I feel like a total whore and I love it. My eyes close and my mouth hangs open as I slosh two fingers over my throbbing clit and cum hard. I'm shaking and shuddering, strange noises come out of my cum covered lips as I frantically rub.

As I start to cum down I lick my lips and taste Bill's load, he's a smoker and his cum is acrid; his precum is ok but his heavy cream is difficult to swallow, not just because of the volume. I take toilet paper and wipe my face the best I can.

My pussy is still throbbing and it starts getting horny again when I remember that there's at least 6 more cocks to suck tonight and I can't wait for the last one of the night. A brand new cock and his cum is sure to be delicious. I've been waiting three years to get it in my mouth and tonight's the night.

More to cum with the black guys, Bob and Randy and a surprise treat.


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