Saving CJ
Jule stretched herself out on the bed after a long, much needed, hot shower. It had been an extremely trying day. Her clients, Aundre' and his wife Deana had nearly lost the house they'd worked so hard to purchase. It was a bank owned property and the transaction had required a great deal of work and more time than anticipated. The sellers were impatient and ready to kill the deal and move on. Jule had spent most of the day fighting with the listing Realtor hoping he could convince his clients to give them just a few more days. Fortunately, herd day had been light and she was able to sit at her computer and counter point what the agent had been telling her....The transaction was dead and the sellers wanted the house back on the market immediately! We were at the final hurdle before closing, but this blow could end it all right now. Finally, after a series of professional but insistent emails flying back and forth she was able to secure another full week. That was more than she had hoped for and she knew that she could get it done in that amount of time. Her clients were currently living in a hotel and had no knowledge of what had transpired this day. She wanted to keep it that way. It would only have caused more stress and served no real purpose.

She let out a sigh as she adjusted her naked body over the comforter. Maxwell's "Black summers'night" played in the background as she leaned into her pillow to settle her mind....In her hand a glass of Riesling....with each second she could feel her body release itself from the day's pressures....her mind floated.....he was there......

CJ had a way of touching her so deeply. She couldn't quite put it into words and when she tried, nothing ever seemed to sum it up. Maybe, it was his beautiful Hershey Chocolate skin, No-no, possibly his massive muscular frame that reminded her of a beautiful Stallion, strong and proud. Ummm, nope, she didn't quite think so. Was it his eyes? They say "the eyes are the windows to the soul". Maybe, it was his spirit, the easy way he moved, not that cocky way like some guys, but confident, secure, like a man who knew exactly who he was and no words were needed to prove it. Probably and most likely, it was a combination of them all. He did something to her that no matter how many times she saw him, no matter how much she looked upon his face, it still sent off little shivers like electrodes that attacked her lower stomach...she was quivering as she looked at him in his black turtleneck. He stood there in the door way, filling it up. His gaze was deliberate and teased her with an ever so slight invitation. But, what stood out to her was how his shirt, that black short sleeved turtleneck hugged him, the threads caressing every muscle and curve in his arms and chest. He looked delicious to her today.

She leaned back and she could feel him as he walked over to the bed to sit beside her. His hands began to knead her breasts, his fingers made little circular motions on her nipples. She closed her eyes and went into a deep pleasure spot in her mind that allowed her to experience every touch, every lick when his moist tongue danced over her stiff nipples. A deep moan escaped her and she could hear Maxwell sing ::::I can't control the feeling, girl cause I know you're here::: Like Maxwell's Bad Habits, Jule had one of her own.

When his mouth covered hers she pulled his tongue in deeply, sucking and lapping. She could taste the cognac he'd been sipping as he tugged and nibbled back. She pulled him closer to her feeling his weight on her chest. Her left hand fell away and began a journey of its own down his body. She maneuvered her hand underneath his shirt to explore his stomach and chest. Her fingers played with his nipples, squeezing and running her hand over their taut tips. Following his stomach downward, she wanted to touch him and feel his thickness in her hand. She massaged and stroked it through his jeans.

His kisses alternating between her lips and nipples while she played with his zipper, getting her hand in enough to gently squeeze his dick threw his underwear. She was so turned on. She needed more.

His thick, long body leaning into her, she needed to be free. She wanted it her way today. She wanted to do the things to him that he enjoyed, things she loved as well. So, she pushed him, moving him away from her. She stood up and turned to him. She let her hands run over his shirted chest, pulling at his nipples and finally moving to fully unzip his pants. She unbuckled his belt and slid his pants and underwear down over his hips and thighs. He helped her by stepping out of each leg respectively and kicking them aside.

She stood there, his dick stiff and making a big exhibition of itself as if on display to the world. Her hands reached out to touch it, one and then the other stroking it in rhythm. She pushed him back to lie on the bed and now she set on the side leaning over him. Not letting go she continued to pull and massage his hardness. Her mouth wanted to feel it, taste his pre-cum on her tongue. Almost absently, she licked her lips. Leaning forward she let her tongue flutter over the tip. She could hear him sigh and push his head back. She knew it would only stay back for a short while because he liked to watch her work.

She pulled him in harder, spitting on it and making slurping sounds. She couldn't help herself, she wanted to enjoy him today, this way and right now. She licked and played with it from every angle, always coming back to the head, tickling the ridge with her pointed tongue, her hand grasping it as it slid between her lips. His body jerked just a little as she barely heard him exhale deeply. She put her face into his balls and sucked softly on each one. Licking his perineum, she let her index finger play with the rim of his ass.

"CJ", she whispered. He was looking into her face as she looked up at him. "I want to ride you Baby. Is that okay?" It was a question that didn't need an answer. He only shifted his body a little to get comfortable and allow her to mount him without being awkward. Straddling him, she leaned forward coming face to face and kissed him. She dangled and rotated her pussy over his stiff dick letting the tip wet itself and with each meeting - going deeper. When it was wet enough she ground further and harder. Soon slick and stiff they were beating as one. CJ grabbed at her tits and pulled them into his mouth. Then, she could feel his hands clamp down on her ass and force her deeper. He used his strength to propel his body upwards and harder. Soon she was swimming. It was as though with each assault he was demanding her to give more. He was draining her, coaxing her inner depths to give her best. She couldn't hold back, couldn't deny him. The quivers in her stomach were now like a thousand butterflies someone had deliberately released in her body. The way out was up and as they fluttered forward they caused an intense sensation that tickled and caused her to float at the same time. Her body released and with it the butterflies escaped through her head. She was spinning, being taken away and there she was as if suspended on a cloud before finally coming down.

CJ flipped her over as if turning a pillow and positioned her on her knees and elbows. He entered her pussy from behind, ramming his thickness inside. Although she was wet, his entry still made her flinch. He could be brutal when he was at his peak and she thought that's where he might be at this time. That being the case, she knew he'd ride her hard and forceful before exploding so hard he'd wrap his arms around her waist and lift her up from the bed.

The moans were loud and unexpected as she let go yet again, this one intense and deep. It took her to heights that made her forget who she was and what she was doing. She stayed with the wave until she was now relaxed, soothed, and content.

She opened her eyes to stare once more into his eyes, drinking in his satisfaction, admiring how the black shirt caressed his curves and outlined his muscles. Yes, she'd be content for now. Leaning over Jule clicked the "save" tab on her computer filing this one away in the folder labeled "CJ".

She picked up her wine glass and took another slip, this time smiling - if only he knew how much she enjoyed that photo.
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