Scared of the Dark
Opening my golden eyes i saw that the red letters on my alarm clock beeped 3 45 red over and over again. I have always had this weird intuition of knowing when the power was knocked out. I reached out to try to reset the alarm but it wouldn't budge, which meant the power was is still mia. Not being the biggest fan of the dark i picked up the lighter and candle i made sure was always beside my bed i lit the wick and felt my heartbeat slow to normal as the room became engulfed with the soft light.
Beside me, Devon stirred and reached out for where my body should have been. When he found that it wasn't there his eyes popped open and he looked around wildly before he found me sitting at the edge of the bed. "What's the matter baby?" He asked groggily as he scooted down to the edge of the bed to wrap his arms me from behind.
I snuggled into his chest and inhaled deeply, filling my senses with his yummy smell. It made me feel better. Safe. "The power went out again." He looked at the alarm clock and saw it blinking. He knew i hated the dark, so much so that it didnt even bother him that i insisted that we sleep with a night light. I felt a kiss on the top of my head and shhh sound coming from his chest, his way of soothing me.
"Don't worry baby I'm here." I leaned my head back on his shoulder and closed my eyes, hoping his kisses would move from my hair to my neck. Sure enough, his wonderfully soft lips found the flesh of my neck, kissing in some spots, nibbling in others, just the way i liked it. Reaching between my legs, i rubbed clit, feeling that i was already starting grow warm and wet. His hands moved under his old shirt i was wearing and cupped my breasts firmly, making my nipples hard and aching.
Sliding off the edge of the bed, i turn around on my knees and quickly draw his boxers off. His cock was already half mast, and a single bead of pre cum was sitting neatly on his head. I licked it off quickly, then teased his sheath before i slid him half way in my mouth. His deep moan urged me on and i stroked his balls while i slid his cock slowly in and out of mouth, feeling him growing harder and thicker with ever bit of suction i used.
His hands found my hair and he buried them deep, pulling me in a rhythm that he liked best. I loved sucking his cock. Something about imagining what he looks like sitting up and getting blowed by me as slow or as fast as he wanted made me feel sexy and valuable, two things a woman always wants to feel.
When he came close, he pulled me off my knees to stand in front of him. He pulled the shirt over my head and dragged my white panties down to the floor where i stepped out of them. "You are so beautiful sweetie, i wish you could see that." I smiled, but didn't say anything, not wanting to ruin the moment. Reaching out, he ran his fingertips over my round supple breasts, over my erect nipples. Down the line of my belly to the uncommon thickness of my ass. He had always said i was a white girl with a black ass, and he loved it. Finally his fingers touched the apex of my legs and i shuttered, wanting more. I didn't have to beg. His strong middle finger slid easily into my wet pussy, making it pulsate.
The man had magical fingers, could make them vibrate very fast and he knew i loved it. With his finger still inside me he wrapped his other arm around my waist and picked me up only to lay me back down on the bed, spread eagle. A second finger joined his middle as his mouth closed over my right breast. As he sucked, he fucked me with his magic fingers, drawing me close but not letting me fall into the orgasm quite yet. He took his time devouring my body, spending equal time and concentration on every piece until his mouth finally had made its way to my pussy. By now i was breathless and moaning, wanting the edge and yet not entirely wanting to jump off just yet. But his tongue was too soft, too quick and i felt the ball of energy that was building up burst and flood, sending cum over the sheets and his face.
"I wanna fuck you so badly baby," he whispered in my ear before he sank his hard cock deep into me, filling me generously. My hips bucked against his and moaned with relief as his thrust became faster. I wrapped my legs around his waist, locking my ankles right above his ass and let my nails drag down his back, wanting him so much that the heat between us was almost unbearable.
The growl that came from his throat as i dug my nails in was completely male, almost animalistic. And so fucking sexy. His body amazed me, how i could feel his every muscle move and flex as he love-fucked me, how i loved that his head rested in the crook of my neck and i could feel his heavy breathing, his teeth, when he came close, how his heavy balls slapped my ass.
"Yes baby fuck me just like that...ohhh" I moaned in his ear, wanting him to know not only how amazing his cock felt inside me, but his entire body was making me more and more wet for him until i came again, my muscles contracting and pulling his cock in the final stroke that sent him over the edge.
We lay entangled, gasping for air, needing water, but too tired to get it. Then we heard the buzzing of the electric flickering back on and the night light beside our bed glowed proudly again. Devon reached over tiredly and blew out the candle. "See baby," he said as he wrapped his body around me. "I told you you were safe with me.
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