Screwing my Niece
Joanna is my older sister's younger daughter. I have seen her at various times since she reached her late teens and envied the luck of whatever boyfriends have managed to have sex with her. I would never try to initiate sex with a family member and this story is only fantasy stuff.

I don't fantasise about her that much but when I do it is very intense - the combination of normal desire for a lovely girl and the deep dark secret naughtiness of tossing your sister's daughter. Her face is extremely like American porn model Nikki Sims aka Next Door Nikki (see album pictures). Which makes naked pictures of Nikki very exciting for me. Joanna's breasts not quite as big as Nikki's but still shapely.

In 2008 I did three times visit a massage place in a city about 40 miles away from home. It was open 24 hours a day with comfortable clean premises, a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere and a variety of good-looking girls (usually about a dozen at a time) from whom one could select and go off to a private room. Some of the girls were university students working there for the sake of the money. I finally stopped myself going because of my marriage. I would have been concerned about getting detected or infected.

It is true that at that time Joanna was a university student in the same city (200 miles from her home).

So there is a remote chance this could have happened even though it didn't....

I had been there three times and each time was a treat, third time with two girls together. So that summer afternoon I went with anticipation of what I might enjoy this time. There were about ten girls sitting or standing around including two who were playing pool together. A brunette in a white shirt and tight red shorts was bending over the table and making her shot. She stood up and turned around. I was shocked to recognise my niece and in the same moment she looked at me and her face registered questioning and then disbelief. She came over and said, 'Oh God, Martin, what are you doing here?' (I had suggested a couple of years back that she stopped calling me Uncle Martin). Then before I had answered she said, 'Oh please don't tell my Mum and Dad'.

I just had to confess I had been going there sometimes and I was certainly not likely to tell her Mum and Dad. I asked her how long she'd been working there and she said couple of months, just a few hours a week. I asked 'Are you really OK?' She said Yes, she liked the money and she liked the excitement, even though some times were better than others.

I told her, 'Don't worry, I'll go and I won't come back. But please be careful and stop it as soon as you can'. She said, 'Hey, why not stay if you want a girl? I won't tell anyone who you are'. Then she gave a shy little smile and said, 'I don't suppose you want me?' I hesitated, with all sorts of emotions going through me. She said, 'If you want me you can have me for free!' I said, 'I do want you and I'll pay you more than usual'.

Within five minutes we were together in an upstairs room, hugging and kissing. The girls didn't usually kiss but Joanna kissed me like she really wanted to indulge me. Then I put money on the table. She said, 'Hey, I'm not worth that much!' but I left it there and pulled her shorts down. I could see she was a bit trembly. I said, 'Keep the money anyway but before your bra and knickers come off please decide if you really want to do this'. She said, 'If you really want me I really want you to have me. It's one-off and no one will ever know'.

We both undressed completely. She was as lovely as I had reckoned. I liked the neatly trimmed triangle of dark pubic hair. She smiled at my erect penis and said, Wow! She asked if I wanted to go in the bubble bath with her. Yes please, I said. She ran the water and we climbed in. We sat at either end and I looked into her eyes while I stroked her feet. I'd known this girl since my sister first had her. She said, 'I like new experiences. I'm going to enjoy this one'.

I was glad I had taken Viagra, like I always did before my visits. We dried each other with towels and got on the bed. What a feeling when i finally slid it into her cunt and she whispered, ‘Hard as you like, Uncle. I know I'm a wicked little bitch'.
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