Seal: Part 2
What a way to meet someone. Shane didn't realize how much he missed a good pussy. When he was over seas he and his buddies made good use of their down time. The releases made sure they were shape, the bond between them all was something more than coworkers. They were family, in-tune with one another's needs. He enjoyed knowing that they would always be there to help him with all his needs.

Although there was never any reason to turn down a fine piece of ass. Addy was that. She felt so good wrapped around his dick. If her friend was anything like her, he was going to have a great evening. Food, drink and two hot ass women. Yeah he was surely in the mood for that. She mouth looked so sexy, set in that little smirk as she punched her number into his phone. Damn! He hated having to rush, he could have fucked her for hours in that parking lot.

Walking into his apartment with his few bags of groceries, he was surprised to see Matt sitting in his living room. "Hey dude," Matt said," just making sure you were settling into your down time." "Well it has taken some diversions. But, I have been unwinding a bit." "Yeah, I get it. Amy didn't let me get any sleep." Matt told him with an exhausted smile. "Can you blame her? She hasn't had the great releases we have had over this last mission."

Shane was putting his purchases away. Reaching up, his t-shirt riding up his solid torso. Matt suddenly remembered the feel of that torso rubbing against his back as Shane pushed hard and fast in him. He walked up behind Shane pressing his now erect penis into him. "Didn't Amy wear you out?" "She didn't have want I needed." Matt replied as he reached in front of of Shane and started stroking his growing hardness. Damn that felt good. Matt knew Shane would never deny him.

Shane turn around and Matt dropped to one knee. He had Shane's pants undone and stroking the head of his dick. The scent he smelled was of Addy's wet pussy. Matt was sucking him before he could say anything. A low moan told him he liked Addy's taste. Leaning back on the counter he enjoyed the skill Matt had in milking his cock. He know what made Shane want to fuck.

Placing his hands on Matt's shoulders was the signal Matt was waiting for, he released his own engorged cock. He continued his adding pressure to his sucking, thickening the head in his mouth. He wanted the feel of that thick head stretching his ass, as he took Shane's cock as deep as he could stand it. His buddy was ready for him. Matt stood, they kissed, stroked each others cocks. They were both ready for what is so much a part of them.

Their bond will be sealed once more. Shane pushed Matt onto the counter and positioned himself to enter him. Matt held his legs open wide, anticipating the pleasure he was craving. He was in a moment with a powerful thrust. Much louder moans came from both of them, from the feel of the fucking and the completion of the sealing of their bond. His rhythmic movements pleasing them both deeply.
Sex was a bonus to the bonding act, the togetherness was what they lived for.

Stroking Matt's cock with every push. He could feel Matt would be cumming soon. He was no where near ready to cum, Matt was going to have all the fucking his ass could take. He did start this. Matt body slid on the counter, his muscles flexing from the rising excitement. Their eyes met, and the look Shane was giving him was pure lust. Matt couldn't hold his climax back. Hot cum shot out and covering his chest, some reaching his lip. Shane quickly lean down and licked the cum from his lover's lip.

He could still feel the waves of climax pushing through Matt's erect cock. Emotion was growing in them. Kissing they shared themselves, nothing was ever held back. Shane
gave harder and more meaningful thrusts. "Man, you are doing me better than you ever have. Damn, that feels so good." Matt told him between moans. He didn't know what had him so full of lust. She was just a woman he fucked in a parking lot. Was that what was making him pound his buddies ass? Or was it the need to be in his ass.

The mix of the friction rubbing his dick and the image he had of her sweet ass, had him on the edge of cumming. Even after all the fucking he and Matt did, his ass was still tight and always rubbing him the right way. With that his dick shot a huge load of cum, filling Matt's ass. He moaned and pushed in again making it drip out onto the floor. He pulled out and laid on Matt's chest. Matt rubbed his back, his fingers rising and falling along the grooves of his muscular physic.

After cleaning up, they sat in the living room and had a few beers. "What are your plans for tonight? Amy wouldn't mind you coming by." Matt offered. "I'm meeting a woman I met and her friend." "You always did work fast with the ladies. Catch you later." Matt walked to the door with Shane right behind. They did their manly hand clasp and Matt left.

It was already 3:00pm and he needed a shower, change and get directions on where this little get together was taking place.

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