Seduced by Jordan - Part 1 of 4

Her scent was intoxicating as she straddled me
with her exposed pussy just inches from my face. I no longer felt the pain in my shoulders from the strain of my outstretched arms over my head which were secured by the metal handcuffs attached to the bed posts. As she knelt over me, my gaze alternated between her taunting face and alluring smile and the moist womanhood dripping with the cum from the young stud that she had just fucked while I was forced to watch. My cock was stiff and throbbing as my entire world and life had been reduced to nothing more than an overwhelming need of an orgasm. In that instant, nothing else mattered.

"Please fuck me", I pleaded. "Please, please, please."

"Are you ready to make me happy? Are you willing to give up everything for me?" she said softly.

"Yes, yes, whatever you want" I replied

"Would you even give up your life for me?" she asked.

"Anything, anything, please let me cum!" I begged.

I noticed some movement just to the left of the bed. It was the young guy that she had fucked earlier passing to her what appeared to be a sponge. I could smell the faint chemical odor of the chloroform from the sponge that she held in her right hand. I knew what it might mean.

"How bad do you need to cum? Are you sure you're ready?" she asked.

"Yes, please do it" I cried.

With that she slid down my body positioning her hips so that her pussy was directly over my erect cock. With her left hand, she lightly gripped the shaft of my cock and guided it into her waiting wet glorious hole. She began to move her hips slowly up and down with my cock now fully inside of her. It felt so warm and wet as she slid up and down my throbbing shaft. I became delirious with desire and anticipation. Within seconds I could feel myself on the verge of release.

"Oh god, it feels so good. I'm coming. Oh god! Oh god! Don't' stop!"

"Are you sure?" She said.

"Yes, Yes, please let me cum" I cried louder.

As I exploded, my eyes rolled around and my whole body quivered with the orgasmic rush I so needed and craved. It was at that moment I felt her free right hand placing the damp sponge over my nose and mouth. I was so caught up in the rapture of my orgasm, that I offered no resistance. I looked up at her face as she smiled that wicked sensuous smile. I remember coming so hard. It felt so good. And then I slept.

## To Be Continued

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