Seduced by Jordan - Part 2 of 4
Six months earlier...

The weather forecast of a thirty percent chance of light showers was enough to cause me to cancel my golf game that Saturday morning. As it turned out, there were only a few scattered clouds in a sky that seemed to promise a rather nice day. My wife had left Friday afternoon for her annual all girls weekend in Las Vegas, so I had the weekend to myself.

After pouring a cup of coffee, I went into the den and checked my email. Finding nothing urgent that required my attention, I opened up one of my favorite porn sites. This was one of those underground free classified sites advertising female escorts. I had actually used the service in the past which mostly ended up being well short of what was advertised. The pictures were always fakes and the service rarely lived up to expectations.

One would think that now, at the age of 52 and 30 years of marriage, that my sexual appetite would be waning. However, the opposite was the case. My wife, who is a few years older than me, began losing interest in sex a couple of years ago. In fact, on that Saturday morning, I recalled that it had easily been three months since our last sexual event together. Mostly I found my sexual releases in the fantasy world of erotic video clips and masturbation.

Occasionally I would hook up with an escort at a cheap motel, but other than getting off, the experiences fell well short of spectacular.
I needed "spectacular" as my obsessions began to turn into a hopeless addiction. I began exploring various fetishes in erotic video clips. The world of female domination began to engulf me. I was into cuckolding, humiliation, tease and denial. The more I tasted the more I wanted. I was on the hook and just couldn't get off. I didn't want off. I was spiraling into the deep web of a sex addict.

As I continued my voyages into the world of femdom fantasy, I found myself spending more and more time on those sites and video clips that centered on financial domination. It's hard to explain the rush of releasing control of one's finances to the whims and commands of a beautiful dominant woman. In those desperate and vulnerable moments just before orgasm, I often find myself in such a submissive mental state that I would give anything for a full release. The thrill only intensifies, when there is the threat of withholding or ruining that release if I don't agree to her demands.

So far, my participation in this fantasy has been just that - fantasy. As I plunged deeper and deeper into it, I began to harbor a fear that I might actually meet the one woman that would turn my fantasies into reality. I wondered how weak I would be and how far my submissions would go. As I pondered this inability to resist, the thoughts not only scared me but aroused me at the same time.

As I browsed the escort site that Saturday morning, I noticed a listing that I had never seen before. The ad read something like this...
"Young attractive, dominant brunette seeking older professional gentleman to explore a mutually beneficial relationship. Screening required."

I continued browsing other listings on the website but kept returning to that short, to the point, ad about a "mutually beneficial relationship". I made a note of the phone number and logged out.

Later that day, unable to shake the thought of that "dominant brunette seeking a professional gentleman", I logged back in to browse the escort listings again. As I scrolled up and down the listings, it was clear that the ad had been removed. I immediately felt a sense of panic and loss before remembering that I had written down the phone number earlier on a sticky note.

After an hour or so of anxious pondering, I decided to follow up on the mysterious ad that had appeared only briefly that morning. Rather than making a voice call, I sent a text instead.

"Saw your ad... r u available today?"

It was around ten minutes later that I heard my cell phone vibrate with the sound of an incoming text.

"I am available but only for 15 minutes over coffee."

"I take it that is your screening process."

"Yes and my fee for this is $200."

"That's an expensive cup of coffee"

"Yes it is - take it or leave it"

"I'll take it"

After a few more texts and an exchange of visual descriptions of each other, we agreed to meet at the Starbucks concession at her upscale hotel at 4:15 PM. She described herself as twenty five years old, 5 foot 4, 110 pounds with long dark hair pulled back in a ponytail. She would be wearing large hoop earrings, jeans and black boots. I wondered about the precise time of 4:15 vs. 4:00 or 4:30 and concluded that this must be some sort of an interview process, of which, I was not the only candidate.

Time passed slowly that afternoon as the meeting time with this mysterious woman approached. I arrived early and waited in my car until four o'clock before entering the hotel. I was familiar with the hotel layout but I circled around the area of the Starbucks concession hoping to catch a glimpse of her before diving in. It was almost 4:15, and I could see no one close to matching the description given to me in the text messages.

I went to the counter and bought a cup of coffee and took a seat at the table next to the fountain as she had instructed.I sipped on the hot coffee as I anxiously waited. 4:15, 4:20, 4:25... still no sign of the mysterious dominant brunette. Feeling foolish that I had been taken for a ride, I decided to leave.

As I got up from the table, I intantly heard the clicking of heels on the tile floor. I glanced over my right shoulder and there she was. There was no mistake - it was the "dominant brunette".

She smiled and motioned for me to sit down as she took her place on the opposite side of the table. She was sipping on bottled water and still had not said a word until finally I spoke.

"I thought..." and then she interrupted me.

"I know" she said. "You thought I stood you up. I just needed to check you out first" She said with a slight giggle.

To say that she was stunning was a gross understatement. My first reaction was puzzlement as to why someone so gorgeous and sexy would even need to advertise. Then I remembered that so far, it was just a brief meeting and a $200 cup of coffee that she was providing. I slid the envelope containing the two hundred dollar bills across the table and we began to talk.

She was blunt and to the point in what seemed more like an interrogation than a casual meeting. I was up front with her regarding my marital status, a fact that she appeared to be indifferent about. She was more curious about my financial situation.

I explained to her that I had recently sold my business and that I was now providing consulting advice to the buyers, which only took a minimal amount of my time. She seemed pleased with this. Then she began probing deeper into my financial condition which caused me to put up my guard a bit. Without further hesitation, she dropped a bomb on me.

"In order for us to continue with any future meetings, sessions or encounters, you must prove to me that you have a liquid net worth of at least one million dollars."

The silence was deafening. I was stunned as I began to shift nervously in my chair.

"Is that a problem?" she finally asked.

My nervousness turned into arousal and I suddenly felt weak. I sat silently and tried to look away as I felt her dark brown eyes riveted intensely upon me awaiting a response.

Finally I surrendered with a weak, "no, it's not a problem."

"Good", she said smiling as she reached down into her large handbag pulling out an i-pad.

"How would you like to prove your net worth to me?" she asked.

"What do you mean?" I replied.

"Surely you have online access to your accounts." Gesturing to the i-pad on the table. She continued "you can use this to log in and just show me the balances. Again, if that's a problem, just say so."

By now I was completely overcome by what was unfolding. Was this really happening? I had fantasized about moments like this many times but never really thought they would come true. I knew she was serious and the look in her eyes told me that I needed to react or she would just walk away. I felt an erection building as I considered the risk of losing this beautiful creature forever. I made my decision.

We spent the next fifteen minutes or so logging into my various financial accounts showing her my balances. In spite of my weakened vulnerable state, I managed to conceal my password entries and references to my real name. She made mental calculations of the balances as we progressed and finally she seemed satisfied and retrieved the i-pad from my hands.

"OK, looks like you're not a pauper," She quipped as she flashed that same sensuous smile. "How does the rest of your day look?"

I realized later that the rest of my day would be a prelude to the rest of my life. I told her that I had nothing special planned and that I was wide open to anything. She took the cue and suggested that we go up to her suite where we would be more comfortable. Her fee for the hour would be $500. I told her that I only had about $200 in cash on me at the moment, a statement that was quickly rebutted with the location of the ATM in the hotel lobby.

"I'll meet you in my suite in 15 minutes," she said with a tone of complete confidence. As she rose from her position at the table, she slid the half empty bottle of water in my direction in an obvious gesture for me to dispose of it.

"See you then," she cooed as she moved to my side of the table to whisper in my ear. "Room 1034 - don't be late."

I watched her as she strode away. She was nothing short of magnificent with her dark pony tail swaying to the rhythm of her deliberate yet delicate pace. I could see heads turning, both male and female, to steal a glimpse of her as she left the coffee bar area, then turning towards the bank of elevators.

I had no need for the ATM as I still had nearly $800 left even after that $200 cup of coffee. I sat for a moment pondering what had just happened. I looked at my watch and noted it was nearly six o'clock. How had time passed so quickly? I thought. It was then that I realized that I had never asked her for her name, nor had she asked me mine. It didn't matter much anyway, I mused. Neither of us would use our real names anyway; at least for now.

Ten minutes passed, during which, I considered backing out. Then I recalled the intoxicating scent of her perfume while she whispered in my ear. There was no use. I had to see this through.

My heart was racing as I approached room 1034. I tapped lightly on the door as I waited what seemed like an eternity. As if my initial impression of her wasn't enough, I was completely blown away by the transformation of this goddess that opened the door.

Gone were the jeans, pony-tail and the hoop earrings. Her ears were now adorned with sparkling diamond studs and her silky dark brown hair was tossed around in front of her left shoulder. She wore a form fitting knit red mini-dress that accentuated every curve of her tight and toned youthful body. The hemline barely covered her hips while the neckline framed the beautiful cleavage of firm natural breast that I imagined were worth dying for.
I just stood there, staring at her, dumbfounded, unable to speak. Finally she broke the silence.


"Pardon me?" I said.

"Jordan - my name is Jordan," she said laughingly.

"I'm Jay," I muttered sheepishly. Well so much for using fake names. It never even occurred to me to use an alias in that disarming moment standing before her.

"Nice to meet you Jay - won't you please come in," she said in a sultry teasing voice that made my knees weak.

## To Be Continued
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