Seduced by Jordan - Part 3 of 4
I followed her into the room and quietly closed the door behind me.

"Please have a seat over there" she said pointing to the overstuffed chair in the corner of the room.

I sat down as ordered and she just stood there in front of me looking down with that knowing confident look one has when they are in total control.

"Don't you have something for me?" she asked.
Without hesitation, I reached into my shirt pocket and retrieved the five one hundred dollar bills and placed them on the stand next to the chair. She picked up the small stack of bills with her perfectly manicured fingers and walked across the room to toss them in the dresser drawer. Just that one fleeting view of her shapely perfect ass as she turned away from me would have been enough to justify the price that I had just paid.

She closed the dresser drawer and walked back to face me in the chair. By now, I had a full erection that was bulging in my pants - a condition that she was fully aware of.

"Go ahead and unzip your pants" she commanded. "I want to see what we are working with."

Obediently, I complied and revealed my stiff cock which I held between my thumb and forefingers as if I was displaying it for her approval. She then bent down on one knee to touch the head of my throbbing member and coated her delicate fingers with my precum. Smiling that wicked smile, she then rubbed the precum across my lips as she rested her other knee on the carpeted floor in front of me.

"I want you to stroke your cock for me now" she whispered. "But - no cumming without my permission. Is that clear?"

I nodded.

"If you cum without my permission, you will immediately leave and never see me again" she said as she slowly lowered the zipper of her red dress revealing more of her young and beautiful breasts.

By now I was completely engulfed by the rapture of the moment and unable to resist anything asked of me by this beautiful young temptress. I stroked my cock to the edge of cumming and then dutifully stopped. I repeated this over and over while she just stared at me from her kneeling position. I was totally unaware of time or space. There was only Her.

"Please let me cum," I begged.

She seemed to ponder my request and then spoke. "You may cum now."

Within seconds I felt my orgasm building and just when I was at the point of no return and erupting, she firmly grasped my hand and pulled it away from me. I tried to finish with my other hand, a move she anticipated as she expertly restrained my attempt. Meanwhile, I sat there with ropes of cum shooting out with all pleasure denied and ruined.

She maintained her grasp on both of my wrists with surprising strength until the orgasmic rush had passed.

"I want you to remember this moment and how much you wanted me and how good it would have felt had I allowed you to release with pleasure. I want you to leave here with all your thoughts consumed by me and only me. You will think of nothing else but our next meeting."

She stood up and took two steps backward. Then she began unzipping the red dress down past her breasts, past her navel and then past her hips. Finishing the process, she then opened the front revealing her beautiful body. All I could do was gaze in weak wonderment.

"If you really want more of me, you will have to earn it," she said as she let the dress fall to the floor. Still wearing her stiletto heels, she stepped out of the dress and walked over to the desk giving me full view of every angle of her gorgeous body. She returned to where I still sat in the chair and handed me a simple business card that noted only her name, email address and phone number.

"Call me when you're ready to go to the next step. Now go clean up and leave."
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