Seduced by Jordan Part 4 of 5
The hotel was bustling now as I quickly made my way through the lobby towards the front exit. I avoided making eye contact with anyone for fear that I might run into someone that I knew. I cursed myself for not taking better precautions for this possibility. The resort hotel was near my home and I had developed many acquaintances in the area over the years. It would certainly be awkward explaining my presence there on a Saturday night.

Thankful that I had made it safely to my car without incident, I just sat there for a while reflecting on what had just happened. I had just met a beautiful woman less than half my age that reduced me to unthinkable depths of submissiveness. Her image was indelibly inked in my mind. I knew at that moment that this was only the beginning. How could I resist her? My cock stiffened as I sat there in my car. I could not help myself. I masturbated to a full orgasm.

While driving home, it suddenly hit me. "How could I be so stupid?" I thought in a near state of panic. Even though I had concealed my login and password information while accessing my accounts on her Ipad, it never occurred to me at the time that she could have had a keystroke logger application installed on the device. If so, she would be able to access those same accounts and transfer funds without restriction.

Upon arriving at my home, I wasted no time in booting up my laptop and began changing my passwords for all of my sensitive online accounts. The process took over an hour, but when finished, I breathed a sigh of relief. For now, the cost of my indiscretions for the evening amounted to only $700 and some loss of humility. Surely, I thought, I could now go on with my life and chalk the encounter up to experience. After all - it was all about fantasy and not reality? Or was it?

After a better part of a week had passed, I still could not get Jordan off of my mind. The vision of her standing nude before me as that red dress fell to a pile on the floor was haunting. I found myself checking and rechecking the escort site to see if her ad would reappear. Nothing.

It was at my weekly Friday meeting with the company that I had sold out to when my cell phone buzzed indicating an incoming text message. I glanced down at the display and my heart immediately started to race. It was Her.

"Call me - Jordan"

That was it. The business meeting went on for another hour or so but it seemed like an eternity. I couldn't wait to get to my car and dial her number. I recall her answering on the third or fourth ring which gave me the time that I needed to clear my throat from the nervousness that I felt knowing that I would be soon hearing her voice again.

She was calling from her permanent residence which I learned was Seattle. She told me that she only made occasional trips down to the Palm Springs area but was considering an extended stay now to take advantage of the mild winter weather. It was sometime in mid-January and she indicated that she would like to stay in the area for maybe five or six months. Her plan was to come down next week to look for a seasonal rental. She said that she would like to see me again and if I felt the same way, then I should book a flight for her.

Any resistance that I managed to build up since our last encounter quickly dissipated. I could not wait to jump back on her hook. I agreed to pay for her flight as well as guarantee her hotel reservation with my credit card. We arranged to meet at the same place five days from then, on Wednesday at 4:00 PM. My pulse raced as I felt the wet spot forming from the erection that had formed just from hearing her voice. If I was that weakened from a five minute phone call, how much would I surrender for another hour or two with her?

The next five days seemed to drag on for what seemed like an eternity. I lived and breathed for the moment that I would see her again. Not knowing how much time I would have with her on that day, I staged a phony overnight business trip to Los Angeles to cover my tracks. When the day of her scheduled arrival finally came, I waited anxiously for her text message that would summon me to her hotel room. Finally around three o'clock it came. Room 1034 - same as before.

I arrived precisely at four o'clock. The instant that she opened the door to the suite and I set my eyes upon her, I somehow knew that my life would never be the same. I was nearly overcome by a range of emotions that included excitement, fear and raw lust. But mostly, it was a feeling of just unbridled acceptance to whatever fate that she may have in store for me. At that moment, I thought, everything that I am, was, or owned, would soon be a distant memory. It would be all about her - nothing else.

She wore black. The color was befitting and symbolic for what was to come, not only for that evening but for many evenings to come. She was so young, but in possession of an old soul that empowered her with the ability to control the moment. She had a wickedness about her that was veiled by a layer of sweetness that would disarm anyone of the will to resist. That was Jordan.

Room 1034 was an upgraded suite with a panoramic view overlooking the mountains to the west. The glow of the January sunset over the mountains was a fitting backdrop to the setting that she had created within the room. A pair of scented candles flickered on the small dining table flanking a bottle of red wine and two glasses. I remember hearing the sensuous and seductive music of Enigma playing softly in the background. I could not have created a more erotic scenario even in a dream. But this was not a dream. It was happening for real, and I could not wait for it to unfold.

We sipped on our wine for a few minutes and exchanged some small talk about her trip down from Seattle. Then we both sat there silent for a moment while she riveted her eyes upon mine.

Finally rose from her chair and took a place standing directly in front of me where I sat in the chair. Gently, she pulled my head against her chest so that my face nestled deep in her cleavage. Her scent was intoxicating as I felt myself becoming dizzy and disoriented. With her close to me, I instinctively wrapped my arms around her waist with my hands resting in the small of her back. She offered no resistance, for which I was thankful. I was in a state of pure bliss when she finally spoke.

"I'm going to go change and I would like you to do something for me," she whispered. She put her hands on my shoulders, gently forcing me away from her. "In that box..." she said pointing to a small box on the table, "there is a device that you need to install for me."

I started to speak, but was immediately hushed as she put her index finger against my lips.

"Just take the box in the other room and follow the instructions and you will figure it out. Then remove all your clothes and come back here and sit on the floor in front of that chair while you are waiting for me. Do you understand?"

I nodded and then dutifully proceeded to the next room, box in hand.Inside the box was a wire contraption that I quickly recognized as a male chastity device. When installed, its one and only purpose is to restrict the ability of a man to achieve an orgasm by imprisoning his cock and balls within the tight restraints thus preventing an erection, no matter how high the levels of sexual arousal. I had never worn one before, but I knew its effect must be the ultimate in frustration. It took me a while to get it installed as I fought a building involuntary erection during the process. Finally it was in place, and locked. I noticed that there was no key in the box. I removed the rest of my clothing and went back in the other room, and took my seat on the floor in front of the chair. It was the same chair that I sat in during our first meeting when my orgasm was so cruelly ruined by Jordan.

Jordan returned and sat in the chair directly opposite me. She wore a black patent leather corset with matching gloves that went up to her elbows. Her legs were adorned with black mesh nylons and matching stiletto heels with straps that seductively wrapped around her shapely calves. In her hands she held a leather riding crop. Draped around her neck was a chain that held the key that could unlock the devil's device that was restraining my already throbbing cock.

"Don't' worry, I'm not going to whip you with this." she said laughingly. "That is, unless you think you deserve to be whipped. Do you deserve to be whipped?" she said as she brushed the crop lightly across my face.

"No," I replied.

"Good, I don't want to hurt you. I want you to be happy and you want me to be happy, don't you Jay," she asked.

I nodded as I bowed my head taking in the site of her delicate and perfectly manicured feet. Then she stood and began slowly walking in a circle around me, all the while teasing me with the riding crop until she finally stopped, facing me with her hips and thighs just inches from my face.

"It was very nice of you to pay for my plane ticket and this beautiful hotel suite," she said. "I know it makes you happy to take care of me and this is just the beginning, isn't it?"

I nodded, now so overwhelmed by desire for her that I would agree to anything.

She then moved closer with her body now touching my face and released the snaps of the corset between her legs, revealing a glimpse of her bare pussy. My cock was bulging and straining within the confines of the cage. At that moment, I would have died just for one taste.

"You need this so bad, don't you? She asked.

"Oh god yes," I replied. "I would do anything for you."

"I know you would baby, and I want to do nice things for you. But first I have to make sure of your devotion to me."

"What do you want me to do?" I answered in desperation.

"I think we should start by providing me with my own American Express card. You know, the same account that you used to pay for my flight and this beautiful hotel room. After all, I like nice things and nice things cost money. You want me to have nice things, don't you?"

"Yes, I want you to have the best."

After this exchange, Jordan walked across the room and returned to the chair holding her I-Pad. She logged on to the American Express website and I walked her through the login credentials to access my American Express business account. She then went through the necessary steps to authorize her as a user and requested an additional card in her name. The card would be sent to a P.O. Box that she had already set up.

When it was done, she set the I-pad aside and removed the chain from around her neck. Reaching down, she then unlocked and removed the chastity device. My cock immediately sprung to a full erection. It was moist from the pre-cum that had built up. Jordan then stood again with her pussy in front of my face.

"I know you want," she said as she pulled the shiny fabric aside revealing her moist pussy now in full view. "Make yourself cum now. Taste it. You deserve it."

##To Be Continued##
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