Seducing Katie part 2
Rick left that afternoon right after they had made love. He was so taken aback by what had happened between he and Katie that he didn't know what to make of it or where to place it in his head. He had not meant for that to happen thats for sure. It had started out as some big brother advice and ended in a monumental mistake! He had told Katie he would call her and he intended to as soon as he had it straight in his head!

Katie was really sweet and positively beautiful but much to young for him, she had just finished highschool and he was going into his last year in college..........the difference between them was huge he thought.

That nite he called Katie and tried to explain how he felt. He told her how wonderful it had been and he meant it sincerely but he told her that it had just kind of gotten out of hand, he said he was sorry if he had hurt her.

Katie listened to Ricks voice on the phone. She was really sad when she hung up and cried for a long while. She new how she felt about Rick and was saddened that he didnt feel the same way in return. She vowed that he would sooner or later see his mistake.

Katie began to use the techniques Rick had taught her on other guys. It started to work and Katie had no trouble getting dates. She went out with almost anyone who asked her and ususally managed to get into bed with them on the first or second date.

Katie knew her behavior was somewhat out of control. She had begun to accept passes from guys almost anywhere she met them and was fast becoming known as an easy lay. She felt herself spinning out of control but she couldn't stop it. She would be glad to be going away to college in a few weeks.

She hadn't seen Rick all summer, he seemed to come over whenever she was working, but he heard about her. Even her brother Jake was a little worried about her, seeing her leaving with a different guy almost every night. Rick had never actually told Jake what had happened between he and Katie so long ago.

Rick was at the local watering hole having a beer with a few guys when he saw Katie come in with her latest date. He was a tall , well built guy, who looked quite a bit older than Katie. They sat at the back of the bar at a little table. Rick sipped his beer and just watched from a distance.

The guy sat next to Katie and was really smooth in his approach. He kissed down her neck and played with her hair. He had his arm around her and was rubbing his hand up an ddown her very bare legs. Rick could feel his temper rising. Katie was responding to the guy with lots of smiles and laughter , putting her hands all over the guys chest. He could almosts see her following his directions from that fateful afternoon.

When they began kissing and overtly fondling each other Rick had had enough. He put his beer down and walked toward the table.

"Hello Katie, how are you?" he asked.
Katie looked up surprised to see him standing in front of her. She introduced Rick to the guy who seemed totally annoyed to be interupted and just mumbled a response. He asked if he could talk to Katie for just a minute and the guy just nodded and took a sip of his beer.

Rick put a hand on Katies arm and very briskly escorted her out the door.
"What the hell are you doing? " katie yelled as he pushed her up against his truck. Rick looked at Katie, so beautiful and so young. He tried to speak calmly but that didn't last a minute before he was seething.
"How long have you known that guy?" he asked through gritted teeth.
Katie refused to answer at first but when Rick kept at her she finally said it was their first date.
"Then why the hell were you all over the guy?" he asked
Katie didn't answer and he opened the door to is truck and told her to get in.
"Where are we going?
"I'm taking you home before I go back in and kill the guy!" Rick replied.
They drove in silence to her house and then Rick turned off the truck.

Katie let out a long sigh as Rick talked about what she had been doing for the last couple of months. Why so many different guys and why she felt the need to let them have whatever they wanted. As he talked he began to look at her with more seriousness. he listened as she talked telling him how she felt. He suddenly had the strongest desire to kiss her.

Long , slow and very sensuous. He could feel himself wanting her.She rested her head on his shoulder and they continued to talk well into the night.

He took her by the hand and led her up to the photo room and sat her down where it had all begun so long ago.
"Katie I want you not just for tonight but for however long it lasts. I don't know what will happen when we both go back to college in a couple of weeks but I know now what I should have known weeks ago."

Their lips came together and their tongues danced. She felt his hands covering her body as they roamed freely. He could feel her hands too, toucing and wanting. He slowly undressed her, looking down at her body in the dim light from the moon. God she was beautiful.

She stopped thinking. Found herself swamped and spinning with sensations, emotions and yearning.She clutched at his hair, gasping for air,shaking with shock as his skilfull mouth streaked down her throat and sent wild chills over her skin.His fingers plunged into her sending her flying. His breath ragged , he focused on her face, his fingers dug into her hips as he lifted and opened them . He plunged into her over and over.She closed around him, moved under him and breathed his name as she sighed. He burried his face in her hair as her body quaked under him.

They woke hours later, still on the couch in the photo room. Rick looked down at her soft brown head sleeping so soundly on his chest. He didn't know what he had started and he didn't know where this was headed but it felt just felt right.
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