Selling The House Part 1
It's been almost a year now since I started working for Al selling real estate part time. I can tell you that it has been a wonderful way for me to supplement my income, not to mention my over active sex life! I haven't written about work for ages, so I thought I'd share with you a wonderfully fun night out I had with Al and a client a few weeks back.

I was in my car on the way back to the office. It was Wednesday and I had finished for the day, or so I thought. My mobile phone rang in the car, and so I activated the hands free, not wanting to get a ticket!

"Hello, Brittany speaking" I said in my professional voice.

"Cut the act hotpants. It's me, Al. Get that fuckable little butt of yours over to my place will ya? I've got a special client I need your help with. I'll double your commission for this one Brittany. He's after that new penthouse we just listed in town!"

"OOh, I was planning to go home and relax Al! Why is it you always tempt me at the END of the day??"

"Because that's when you do your best work sugar tits. Now move it and get here will ya!!"

"Ok I said, but that commission better be a fat one - like your ass!" I quipped, before hanging up the phone without letting him reply.

I knew he loved the foxy way I teased him, and I also really enjoyed the sexy but light-hearted banter we shared. he was a great employer, and although some women would say he uses me, I say we use each other. I made more money working three days a week this past year than I have made in the last 5 years working full time. Besides, I am getting more sex and feeling great so I couldn't give a stuff what anyone else thinks!

I zoomed my beamer into the driveway of Als modern home overlooking the beach. I loved his house, but knew that I could never afford to live here. Al had been running his own real estate business for many years, and he was entitled to enjoy the spoils his working weekends and nights had afforded him. His new Prado was in the driveway, the opulent black leather seats clearly visible as he had left the front windows down. I stopped to check how I looked in the rear window. I was wearing a white silk blouse with a white bra underneath. I know, I know. You're not supposed to wear white under white, but hey - I LOVE the fact that my boobs and bra can be seen through the sheer silk blouses. On the bottom I wore my black velvet longish skirt and a pair of classic pumps. The heels were not too high, four inches. I had my hair up in a bun and some gold jewelry round my neck.

I knocked on the door and heard a loud,

"Come in Brittany, we're out on the patio"

shouted from the rear of the house. I pushed the door open and proceeded through the wonderful open plan kitchen and living room out to the patio. It overlooked the pool and the beautiful gardens. I said hello to James, Al's gardener who was pruning some roses by the glass doors. He was a handsome man of about 40, and I knew he enjoyed checking me out, so I wiggled my bum just a little more than usual as I headed out to join Al and the mystery client. As I approached, Al stood up and kissed me on the cheek.

"Hi Brittany, thanks for coming" he said.

"Brittany, I'd like you to meet Bryan Bancroft. Bryan is in the market for a city apartment."

"Hello Brittany, nice to meet you. Al has told me a lot about you."

"Ooh, nice to meet you to Mr.Bancroft, and I hope Al has not told you EVERYTHING" I flirted as we shook hands!

We sat and shared a couple of drinks as we chatted and generally got to know each other before we got down to business. Al went in to the kitchen and then a moment later called me in.

"Excuse me" I said to Bryan as I stood and seductively swivelled out of my chair and walked to the kitchen.

I knew Bryan was watching me as my seamed stockings and heels caught his attention. I know most women wear pantyhose these days, but not me. I cannot resist the way stockings and garter belt feel against my thighs. I also know that the hint of a stocking top revealed from under a skirt can drive men wild.

In the kitchen, Al explained the situation with Bryan.

"Brittany, this guys loaded. He's in the hunt for something like the penthouse as I said before. Think you can convince him?"

"HHmmmmm, well, I will try Al, but I can't promise anything." I winked and then said,

"How about we take him out to dinner, then to the apartment, and then on to the Mens Gallery which is just round the corner from the apartment? It might just sway him if he sees what a great time he can have within walking distance of that hot love shack of a penthouse!"

"Ok Brittany, sounds great to me! Let's see what he thinks. I'll let you do the talking ok?"

"Yep - no problem Al"

I said, and then kissed him on the cheek. We loved the way we teamed together and it was a rush for us both to try to snare the clients with a sale, the bigger the better! The penthouse itself was totally opulent and over the top. The asking price was three million, and the commission for Al's agency was a whopping $200,000. I knew that with the agreement Al and I had, that if I could make the sale, I stood to earn myself almost $50,000 that night!.

We took exactly 60 seconds to convince Bryan Bancroft to join us for dinner then a show after seeing the apartment. It was all part of the service. We headed to the Oyster Bar, my favourite seafood restaurant, and shared a wonderful meal. The humour was prevalent and we all had a great time chatting about life, work and our families. I learned that Bryan was divorced from his first wife, but still had one son living with him and he was sixteen. His ex-wife lived on the gold coast now, and he still saw her quite often when flying north for business. He worked as an imported of expensive furniture for rich clients, and was based in a plush office in Camberwell near the city.

After dinner Al picked up the tab, and we climbed back in to the Prado and headed for the apartment. It was in the new tower just across the river from the casino, and faced the bay with stunning views across the port and bayside suburbs to the water. Inside it was unbelievable. I remember when I first saw it I was stunned and totally jealous that anyone could live in such a fantastic apartment. It had everything. Expensive furnishings, a pool, a spa, two wonderful bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a study and a sensation media room which featured a massive plasma screen and surround sound. It was a dream. Without boring you too much, it was clear that Bryan liked it from the start. In fact, after only about twenty minutes, he snuck up to me and whispered in my ear,

"Brittany, this place is fabulous. I'll buy it on one condition."

Surprised and excited, I asked,

"And what might that be Mr.Bancroft" playing the respectful professional with him a little longer!!

"That you agree to come and help me decorate the place when I move in."

"You really want me to come and help you? I am flattered and would be honoured."

"Good, then that's settled, congratulations. Oh, there's one other thing. Don't tell Al ok? I want him to squirm a little. Now let's get to the men's gallery - watching your hot body wiggle all night has driven me crazy and if I don't see a fine woman naked soon I'm going to burst!"

To Be Continued....
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