Selling The House Pt 2
The Men's gallery - my favourite strip club in town. Most women I know don't like the thought of going to men's strip clubs, but I adore it! Being the only woman there often makes me feel special and I totally get off on the fact I can flirt and tease in safety, as the club is very well run and has fantastic bouncers that know me well. The other thing that I enjoy is that as a woman I am able to touch the girls and not be belted by the bouncers - in fact, they actually seem to enjoy it when I make a move on one of the dancers on stage. We entered and settled in a leather booth overlooking the main platform in the bigger of the two rooms. From there we had a clear view of all the girls, the bar and the platforms. Al led us to a booth and I positioned myself between he and Bryan. A waiter came over and Al ordered us all a drink. The men had Corona's and I had a pina colada thanks to Al. He knows it is my favourite drink, and I think he was hoping I might get a little tipsy and hopefully help the negotiations along a little!

We chatted and sipped our drinks for a half hour or so, enjoying the lovely girls dancing on the stage. When Al got up to go to the men's room, Bryan told me he was delighted with the apartment and reiterated that he was going to buy it, thereby earning me my commission. We hadn't told Al yet, and Bryan asked me if I was willing to have a bit of fun with him. I loved Al for what he had given me in life, and had also thoroughly enjoyed the time Al had licked and fucked me, but I also enjoyed teasing him and getting my own back a little, so I said,

"Yes, that'd be great fun! What did you have in mind?"

He whispered his plan in my ear, and I giggled and agreed. It was a fun plan, and included some hot action too, so I was all for it.

The atmosphere in the club had me itching in my hungry pussy, and I knew now that I was going to have that itch scratched! The other reason I went for it was that Bryan told me that if I enjoyed myself and had some fun, he would give me a special bonus as a reward. I asked him what he meant, but he just winked and told me not to worry, to trust him and to enjoy myself.

As Al returned to our booth, I got up and excused myself. I went to the ladies room and freshened up a little. I sprayed a little perfume around my neck and ears, and then pulled up my velvet skirt and squirted a small amount of perfume around my pussy. As I was wearing my seamed stockings and garter belt, I had no underwear on and my bald pussy was exposed to the open air under my skirt. I checked my blouse and bra, and decided to undo one more button, just increasing the hint of cleavage that was already exposed. I foofed my hair up a little, giving it that slightly wild look, and reapplied my bright red lipstick. Satisfied with my look, I smiled in the mirror and headed back to the guys, with Bryan and my plan firmly implanted in my brain - this was going to be fun, and Al was going to love it!

As I made my way between Bryan and Al back to my seat, I noticed that another drink was waiting for me on the table. I took it and had a long swig of the lovely tangy liquid inside. I just adore pina coladas, so tropical and tasty, yet so strong! I was already a little tipsy, but in a nice way, and the alcohol was making me very horny as usual! On the stage, a gorgeous asian woman was now dancing. She was wearing one of those short kimono style dresses and high heels. Her hair was up in a bun and she was absolutely gorgeous. Her chest was rather small, but her legs were incredible, and those eyes made me melt as I watched her parade around smiling and teasing the crowd. Bryan leaned over to me and passed me $100.

"Go and ask her to come over here please Brittany."

"My pleasure!" I quickly replied, keen to get to know this bombshell better. I walked to the edge of the stage and felt every eye in the place on me. After all, I was one of only a handful of women in the audience, and the first to approach the stage holding out some money for the girls on stage.

I smiled at the asian honey and she came over and knelt down. As she did so, I managed to notice a tiny jewelled g-string under her lovely button up kimono. Her eyes were sparkling as she whispered,

"Hi baby, what can I do for you?"

I opened my eyes wide in response and said,

"Hopefully plenty, but would this get me a private dance in my booth over there with the two guys to start with?"

I reached in slowly and placed the $100 bill in the elastic of her g-string. "See you when I finish this dance sugar" she purred in response. Then, somewhat surprisingly, she reached down, took my chin in her hand and kissed me on the lips, her tongue snaking it's soft and wet way into my mouth. We tongue kissed softly but sensually and a wild applause erupted in the crowd. Flushed and totally awestruck, I made my way back to our booth, the heat in my loins beaten only by the sexually arousing blushing in my cheeks as the eyes of about 100 men watched me walk back to Bryan and Al. I had given them a hint of my bisexuality, and I loved it!

"Wow" said Al, "Where did that come from?"

"I don't know Al, honestly, it was out of the blue!"

I looked over at Bryan and winked, knowing full well that our pan was well in to it's first stage. We all three sat and enjoyed the rest of her show. She was a great mover, very flexible and hot as hell! When she finished, she retired to the dressing room and Al remarked what a hot little number she was. Bryan agreed, and then suddenly turned the conversation to the apartment. I knew this was part of his plan to make Al squirm a little, and so I was ok with it. I reached under the table and pinched Bryan on the leg, just to let him know I knew what he was up to with Al.

"So Al, I liked the apartment, but what makes it any better than the other 50 or so in town? And why should I buy from you and Brittany instead of the Turnbulls?"

(The Turnbulls were the other agency trying to sell the penthouse, and Al didn't really get along with Chris, the Director.)

Al was rather horny by this stage, as I could see that sexy glazed look in his eyes. I knew the asian girl had turned him on, and he was finding it hard to get back to business in his current state. The fact that he'd also had a few wines with dinner and three beers here at the club wasn't helping him focus on clinching the sale.

"Umm, well it's a lovely apartment, it has great views, the price is a bargain and you'll make great capital gains over the next five years..."

"Really?" asked Bryan, pretending to doubt Al's advice.

"I'm not so sure. It was a nice place, but I'm not sure it's right for me. Perhaps we could take another look after we leave here?"

Al was taken aback by this, thinking that Bryan was not really that interested, and so he spurted out,

"Sure Bry, whatever you think. You're the client. We'll head back over whenever you're ready."

"Ok, thanks Al, you're a sport" said Bryan, his leg nudging mine under the table. Bryan then excused himself and went to the bathroom.

The moment he left, Al, now totally nervous that Bryan was having second thoughts and needed some convincing, whispered in my ear,

"Brittany, baby, what on earth can we do to clinch this deal? I thought he was keen. What do you think honey? Has he gone cold? Can you help change his mind somehow?"

"OOOOh mean you need me to play sexy for you again and help you sell the apartment? My goodness, I thought I'd done my job for tonight."

I teased him and smiled straight into his eyes, just the way he loves me to when I am making him horny!

"Well yes Brittany. I think you know you can sway a man better than anyone, and you KNOW what I mean!" he said smiling with the sexy way his eyes light up.

"HHMmmmmm, and what's in it for me apart from my commission AL?" I teased.

"Damn woman you're a bitch. I'll buy you a new wardrobe of lingerie ok???" I knew I had him now!

"HHmmmm, no, I always buy my own lingerie baby, make it a few new pairs of shoes and you're on ok??"

"Deal you long legged teasing but gorgeous bitch!" he quipped, and kissed me on the cheek.

"Go get him" he said and I smiled back, knowing full well that Bryan was already sold!!

To Be Continued...
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