Sex & Pizza
Hello, Im ShopGirl sorry it's been a while but life has been pretty busy, I am pretty naughty and I work in a sexy lingerie shop that is more famous for selling adult toys than panties.
I had been flirting with a guy, his name is Joe, I had had sex with him twice before this occasion, once in his car and once in my bed. He was hot, fit muscular body, nice light brown hair, waxed chest with nipples you can't help to pinch, ol and I was guessing probably married as I had not been to his home plus the whole car sex thing. I love car sex but I love sex in a bed a whole lot more.
I had a song stuck in my head, Lady GaGa 'do what you want with my body' and that is excactly what I told Joe he could do that night. He was coming round to mine, plan was to order pizza, watch a movie and have sex. Joe wanted to see my toys, I have a lot of toys - perks of the job.
I dressed in leggings and a T shirt (no bra but I did wear French knickers) door bell rang, I buzzed him in as I live in a flat.
Joe didn't have the pizza and explained he had ordered delivery.
We kissed and oh my his hands were off, straight down into my knickers, I tried to get him to stop but he reminded me I had given him permission to do what ever he wanted.
The door bell went, pizza boy! I buzzed him up, Joe dared me (well ordered me) to open the door naked with just a small towel on which I must let slip,
I was naked in seconds, I grabbed a small towel, I looked at Joe, surely he was joking surely he didn't want another man to see me naked?
A knock on the door, I went to the door, slowly opened it giving Joe the chance to stop me, I made eye contact with the Pizza boy, he looked nice 19 ish long hair, he looked pleasantly surprised, I apologised as I reached to grab the pizzas, then my towel fell leaving me naked with my hands full, I smiled and went to kick the door shut, but pizza boy stuttered they were pay on delivery, Joe was a git! I put the pizzas on the side & grabbed my purse still naked, and paid the smiley boy, he cheekily said "no tip?" I reached out put my hand on back of his neck and pulled our bodies close and kissed him nearly sucking his tongue out of his mouth, then while he was in shock let go and shut the door. Boy it felt good, I went over to kill the waiting Joe slapping him in playful jest. A receipt was posted through the letter box with a mobile number written across. Hmm I might use that number at a later date.
Joe was under me on the bed as I pinned him down, my small breasts dangled in front of him, my strength could not match his and Joe rolled over so he was over me. Next he tied my hands & feet to the restraints already in place on each corner or the bed. My pussy was wet and exposed, he stripped naked, his cock let loose to stiffen to a 8 inch weapon. Joe pulled out my toy box, I didn't need toys I needed fucking, Joe was making me wait. He found my nipple cuffs, clamped my nipples and pulled little tugs on the chain. Then Joe lit some candles, then he left the room.
Joe came back with the Pizza I looked at him in angry amazement, he looked at my pussy, I looked at his face and told him not to be a sick fuck, he rubbed the pizza in my pussy and proceeded to eat it, I was pretty disgusted, then he put a bit of pussy pizza in my mouth, I had no choice but mmm it was good, next he had the crust, oh no, he inserted it in my pussy the rough crust! And again he feasted on his new flavored pizza.
Joe pulled out another toy, this time a vibrater a really good 10inch thick bad boy, I sighed thinking bring it on, but the tip was teasing my bum not my pussy, I threatened him if that goes in I will strap on his arse for revenge! But it just made him do it more, I reminded him there is lube as he forced it in using only my sweat as lube, oh I will punish him. First he start fucking my bum with it leaving me gasping to breathe with thrill and pain then he turned on the vibrater and left it in me, I was on edge going mental.
Next he was on top of me his cock sliding into me his balls on the vibrater, it was intense, the vibrater was slipping its way out as he pounded me my arse was feeling so good with the tip slowly making its way out, then as it was nearly out at its most sensetive part Joe pushed all the way back in, still fucking my pussy. My nipples too being tugged it was orgasm after orgasm I was fucked my bed was getting soaked and he just kept going. The rest was a bit of a blur, I opened my eyes as the vibrater finally released my bum and Joe was shooting his cum on my face and boobs.
I licked my lips he used his cock to spread it over my face, my hair I was a slutty mess.
I lay there still tied craving pizza, Joe got dressed and grabbed his coat, surely he wasn't going to leave me like this, he held my phone and sent a text, then he came over and kissed me, Joe whispered to me "you shouldn't tease the pizza boy" with that he left leaving the door propped open. I dared shout cos the neighbors would come out, I lay there fuming.

The next voice I heard was the pizza boy!
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