Sex Club
The club was packed with couples. The site of so many naked and near naked women aroused him. The only thing that kept his stiff cock from springing out of his tight slacks was the fact he was alone. He looked at his watch, found a spot at the bar where he could see the door, and ordered a drink. Beth didn't seem like the type of person who liked to make an entrance but then again she had chosen this place for their first meeting.

"So you like to fuck or you just like to watch?" a woman asked sliding onto the barstool beside him. "Because we're up for a threesome if you are?"

Steve looked her over from head to toe. She was a definite temptation. Dark auburn hair. Large breasts. Her huge tits showing through her transparent blouse. "We?" he asked a smile tugging at the corner of his mouth. She looked at her companion and winked. The tall blond nodded in agreement and approached the bar. Her face was unremarkable, and her chest a little flat, but her long sexy legs made up for it. Watching her walk was like touching silk, feeling the softness slide between your fingers. "A threesome?" Steve repeated looking at the pair of lesbians wondering what wickedness they had in mind.

"Am I that late?" Beth asked placing a possessive hand on his shoulder. "I thought we were supposed to fuck each other at least once before we traded partners?"

"You heard the lady." Steve said wrapping his arm around the newcomer a little thankful and a little disappointed when the odd couple left them to their own devices. "Want a drink?" Steve asked as the bartender approached.

"Gin and tonic." She said smiling at him as their eyes met. "I thought it was supposed to be smoky in here," she said laughing nervously, "The perfect place to study you across the room before I had to find the right words to say to you."

"Any luck finding them?" he asked his blue eyes suddenly penetrating, perplexing.

"Will you fuck me?" she asked brazenly but her words had an almost shy undertone to them. Just like her to be confusing when she meant to be clear.

"Gladly," he agreed finishing his drink letting her leave hers untouched as they made their way to the back of the club.

"Did you have time to check the place out?" she asked holding his hand, stroking the roughness of his palms, as her soft voice caressed him.

"Only the bar." He admitted with a laugh as they reached a row of glass cubicles.

The scene captivated Beth. Several couples, a few threesomes, and an occasional single were divided into tiny rooms. From her position, their sexual activities looked more like an art form than a personal experience. A man masturbating in one cubicle while watching a woman masturbate in the next. One lesbian with her head buried in another lesbian's cunt while getting ass fucked. Two women on their knees greedily snapping at a huge cock being slapped in their faces. Another woman with a man buried deep in her dripping cunt sucking on another cock dipping in and out of her mouth. Couples who could not touch each other enough. Couples panting like dogs in the August heat. The smell of sweat mixed with cum. And Steve.

She stopped in the middle of the passageway. Despite her high heels, she still had to stand on her tiptoes to kiss him the way she wanted to. She held him tightly, moved her mouth down to his neck, and groaned in his ear, "Please do that to me?"

"What?" Steve asked looking around him again wondering which act had caught the vixen's attention.

She groaned again and tugged on his huge hard on. "That," she whispered in his ear, "All that."

"All that," he repeated looking down at her eagerly. "Where do you want to start?" he asked pushing open one of the cubicle doors.

Beth didn't hesitate any longer. She slid the top of her slinky pink dress down, unhooked her bra, and let her nipples rub against his legs as she dropped to her knees. She unzipped his pants, wrapped her pretty little mouth around his throbbing cock, and sucked it deeply. Her head bobbed up and down as she licked the length of his cock, taking time now and then to kiss his balls, to massage them with her tongue, and to maneuver his clothes off.

"Keep that up, honey, and you're not going to get fucked." He rasped.

She stopped suddenly and looked up at him with such a wicked pout, imploring him to at least ram his dripping cock into her; he couldn't keep from pulling her to her feet. Deftly, he shoved her dress to the floor moaning in approval when he saw she wore no panties. But for the time being she had to settle for his hard mouth on hers, his fierce tongue probing inside, as his large fingers stroked her damp hair. She cried out against his mouth when he found her clit, rubbing it hard, until she was as close to an orgasm as he had been.

"Fuck me, now, please?" she begged clinging to him trying to wrap her body tighter against his, wanting more of the pleasure he was giving her. He continued to stroke her clit until her words were little more than moans, until his hand was covered in her juices. "Please, oh baby, please?" She moaned pulling her mouth away from his. Her tongue, fresh from its lost battle with his, was intent on conquering his nipples, but she didn't have a chance.

"Say it again," Steve moaned letting her lay down, sliding between her open legs when she did.

"Fuck me, please," she said eagerly, wrapping her legs around him anxiously.

Steve let his huge instrument slide up and down her went pussy lips, making her cry out in frustration and need, before thrusting it deep inside of her. She almost cum then. Had he stayed still she would have. But as he moved down against her, her body acted on its on, arching upwards to meet his thrusts. Her tight hole grew tighter as she clamped down on his erection trapping more and more of it inside of her until the slightest of movements was infuriatingly fulfilling.

It felt too good to cum. It felt too good to let it end. Clinging to each other, bodies joined, together at last.

It was the kiss that did it soft, tender, wordless. But their tongues touched. These implements of war attacking each other with renewed vigor. Their bodies crashing into each other. Fucking savagely, trying to assuage an irrepressible fire, until it was too late. Beth gave in first, settling into the cushioned floor, thrilled by wave after wave of joyous release. Steve's body crashed on top of hers, pumping into her willing cunt, as he emptied a huge load deep inside her.

At her urging, he rolled over to his side to let her breath. She rested in his arms not caring they had attracted a large audience of their own. "Thank you," she murmured against his chest stroking him tenderly.

"The night isn't done yet, is it?" he asked lust lighting his eyes.

Beth laughed, leaned forward to kiss his nose, and said, "Not by a long shot."

"Good," he teased stroking her hair that had come loose during their appetizer.

"Remember," she added stroking his soft, velvet head longingly, "You promised me all night and a good morning fuck?"

"How could I forget that?" he asked grinning as another man opened the door.

"I need to cum so bad," he said thrusting his cock towards Beth "And you give such good head," he pleaded looking at Steve. "Let him watch you make me cum?"

"Do it." Steve agreed watching her climb to her knees.

Beth took his cock in her mouth, finding it smaller and easier to manipulate than Steve's was. Still, she worked it up and down with her tongue making it nice and wet. But instead of playing with his balls, she pinched her own nipples moaning and cooing like a woman about to have an orgasm. She looked like she still needed to be fucked. Her juices were running down her ass and several men were looking at her prone body. One caught Steve's eye, and when he nodded his approval, rushed into the room. Just as the first stranger burst in her mouth, the second rammed his cock into Beth's unsuspecting pussy.

"Oh, baby!" she cried out dropping to all fours. She rocked back against him, only slightly disappointed by his normal size cock. But it didn't take him long to cum, and with all the other eager faces in the nearby rooms, she was happy to slide her dress back on.

Steve had already dressed, and despite her disheveled appearance, seemed proud to walk arm and arm with her back to the bar. A fresh gin and tonic was waiting and this time she drank with no hesitation. "The last guy disappointed you?" Steve said eager to talk about their experiences.

"I wanted you in my ass." She admitted hesitantly, grinning when he almost choked on his drink, and swaying her hips enticingly when he stood up.

"I could fuck you right here." He breathed heavily in her ear. "You want me in your ass, just lean up against the bar and be quiet."

That surprised her. But she was horny as hell. And in this place it didn't seem to matter. So she leaned up against the bar. And a moment later Steve was in her round little ass. It took all her effort not to groan in sheer pleasure as he fucked her hard, cumming fast and furious, after the marathon session they had just shared.

He sat down beside her as if nothing had happened. But she continued to stand, managing to sip her drink, still able to feel his hard shaft inside her, wondering if there was anyone else in the bar who could make her feel as good.

"Not enough for you?" he asked sliding his hand up her skirt and stroking her wet pussy.

"I can't help it!" she responded unable to repress her grin as she shrugged. "I'm just a horny little slut. You know that!"

"So am I." Admitted the girl on the adjacent stool. "I came alone but I don't have the nerve to pick up anyone."

"You can join us," Steve said kindly. "Though my friend is hornier than I am right now."

"I've never done a woman." She said hesitantly.

"Neither have I." Beth agreed looking at the girl wondering if she was even old enough to be in a bar. "And you seem so young?"

"I'm legal." She said pouting and for a moment Beth actually considered kissing her. When Beth laughed at her proclamation, the girl did it for her. The only problem with her kiss was her cherry lip gloss Beth didn't like cherry but otherwise it was fine. Tentatively, she reached out and felt her breasts. They were small but firm. "I want to see your nipples." The girl said panting with desire.

"Not at the bar," the bartender said interrupting their interlude but his expression mirrored Steve's. There was nothing more either man wanted than to see these two strangers eat each other out.

The girl looked disappointed. Beth looked relieved. Steve took them both by the arm and led them back to the glass rooms. For a moment, it seemed like the magic was gone. But Steve was too turned on by their attraction to let it end because of modesty. He reached for Beth, kissed her hard, until she was panting for breath. Her dress fell to the floor in one swift motion leaving her naked and wanting.

When she reached for him, he stepped aside letting her grope the girl instead. She was so warm and so soft Beth didn't let go. And this time the girl had no problem kissing her. She lingered on her lips, liking the way her cherry lip gloss mingled with Beth's vanilla, before bypassing her neck and going straight to her large round nipples. She suckled them with care, envying the huge mounds, as she stroked her. But she wasn't content with breasts for long.

When the girl dropped to her knees, eagerly pushing her tongue inside Beth's cunt, her first taste was cum. She had licked her own cum off many a lover's finger but found she liked Beth's taste better. She ate her eagerly, stroking her clit vigorously to get the juices flowing again, swallowing hard as her mouth filled with the delectable taste.

Steve stroked his cock, finding he had a huge hard on, wanting to fuck Beth again, but wanting to watch her return the enthusiastic girl's favor and eat her out too. "Get on your knees." He said pushing her toward the floor. Beth complied, eager for his cock. "You too." He said to the other girl smiling when she lay down in front of Beth..

Just like the lesbians when they came in. Only Steve watched Beth sample the girl's pussy. Watched her taste it hesitantly. Watched as she discovered she liked the taste. Watched her devour the girl's clit to get more. And then he slid his cock in her pussy. He fucked her hard, pushing her face into the girl's cunt; knowing her nose was coated in her juices, hearing the girl cry out with little orgasm after orgasm, hearing Beth slurp it up, and wishing for once their was a mirror on the wall so he could see what they were doing instead of seeing the men in the next room masturbate as they watched the threesome.

The girl finally stopped cumming and rolled over. Beth's head banged the floor, making Steve stop to be certain she was okay. She was. She turned too him, climbed up on her knees, and sucked his cock with the same enthusiasm she had just shown the girl's pussy. A few minutes later he felt a second tongue, this time on his ass. The girl caressed his balls. Beth teased her by licking her fingers. Watching the two of them tease each other, watching them fight over his throbbing cock, made him want to cum. And when he did, it was on two eager faces. With both hands, he gathered up his cum, and let them suck it off his hand one finger at a time until he was hard again.

"No more for me," the girl said softly though she left the room naked.

"More for me," Sheila said planting a tender kiss on his head.

"You always want more, don't you?" Steve asked lying on the floor giving his knees a rest.

"Always," Beth agreed climbing on top of him. "Even if I can't breath."

"Take it slow, then." Steve agreed content just to have his cock inside of her slippery cunt, in no hurry to cum, despite the urgency his body still felt.

Beth's slow, comfortable screw was everything but slow but it left him feeling content. When she stood up and dressed, he followed suit.

"Ready to go to our room?" he asked when she ran a self-conscious hand through her hair.

"Yes," she agreed readily. "Although I'm not certain I'll be content with just one good morning fuck?"

"Then just ask me for a second one." Steve said walking out of the club with her already, anticipating the cab ride back to the hotel.

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