Sex on Stage with a Black Man
I am shopping downtown when I see the sign outside the adult theater.

The man in the ticket booth says, "Come on in. Amateur hour is starting in ten minutes!"

Moments later I am inside sitting in the front row of the theater.

The lights dim slightly and the announcer walks out on the stage.

He says into the microphone, "Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to present to you the tallest, strongest man in the world, Jerome the Giant!"

The curtains open and a spotlight shines on the tallest, and most handsome black man I have ever seen in person! He must be at least seven feet tall, and is three hundred pounds of pure muscle! He is wearing just a pair of black satin shorts, and does a few "body builder" poses for the audience. We all applaud briefly, then two naked white girls appear on stage. They walk over in front of Jerome, then get down on their knees.

They reach up and grab Jerome's shorts then pull them down to his ankles. The audience gasps as his huge cock springs outward!

Jesus Christ, that is the biggest cock I have ever seen in my life! It must be twelve inches long, and it is not even hard yet!

Jerome steps out of his shorts, then the two girls put all four of their hands on his cock and start jacking it back and forth. Within a few seconds, it is fully inflated and sticking straight out from his body.

The announcer says to the audience, "We need a beautiful female volunteer to come on stage and see if they can fit this monster cock into their tight little pussy! If you can get it half way in, I will give you one hundred dollars! If you can take the whole thing, I will double that amount and give you two hundred dollars cash!"

He continues, "If there are any beautiful, slender women in the audience that would like to be his next victim, then please stand up!"

I stand up and look around the audience. There are about seven or eight other women, but the announcer points at me and says, "Come on down!"

I make my way over to the stage, and the two naked girls escort me to the middle of it. They unbutton my dress, then stand on either side of me while they slowly pull it down over my shoulders to reveal my naked body.

The audience gasps at my beauty, and I can hear several guys whistling at me. The announcer looks over at me and says, "Ladies and gentlemen. I have seen hundreds of naked women over the years, but this young lady has one of the best bodies to ever grace this stage!"

The two girls gently grasp my wrists and hold my arms over my head while a heavy chain is being lowered from the ceiling. When the chain is down far enough, the two girls fasten some padded, leather straps around my wrists, then the chain starts going back up.

After my feet are about two feet off the stage floor, the two girls stand on either side of me and bend over to grasp my ankles. They gently pull my legs apart so my pussy is completely exposed with my clit poking out.

The girls turn me sideways to the audience, then Jerome steps in front of me, grasps his cock and moves it up and down my pussy lips a few times. I look down at his monster, and have serious doubts whether my tight, little pussy will stretch enough to let in a cock the size of a baseball bat.

Jerome positions his cock at my pussy entrance, then places his big hands on my hips and slowly pulls me towards him. I can feel his cock pushing my pussy lips apart, then the head of it pops inside me. I am getting hornier by the second and anxious for him to get it further inside me. I continue to look down between my legs and watch as more and more of his cock disappears. When he gets it about half way in, he looks over at the announcer and nods his head.

The announcer says to the audience, "Ladies and gentlemen, this beautiful young lady has just made herself one hundred dollars!"

Then, he looks over at me and says into the microphone, "You can quit now and take the hundred dollars, or let Jerome see if he can get his monster in you all the way!"

I tell him that I am going for the two hundred dollar prize, then the audience stands on their feet and applauds.

After it becomes quiet again, Jerome backs his cock out a little bit then slowly pulls me towards him again. It slides inside me more easily this time, and when he has about two inches left, he stops and shakes his head at the announcer.

The announcer brings the microphone up to his mouth to say I have lost, so I tell Jerome to try one more time!

He backs his cock almost all the way out, then pushes it back in again. I watch between my legs as eight inches go in, then ten inches, then twelve inches.

I did it!

Jerome nods his head at the announcer and he tells the audience I just won the two hundred dollar prize!

Jerome starts withdrawing his monster from my pussy, so I yell at the announcer, "Give me another hundred and I will let Jerome fuck me and ejaculate on my face!"

The announcer quickly says, "Young lady, you got yourself three hundred dollars!"

The chain holding me off the floor starts lowering, so I wrap my legs around Jerome's waist, and he grabs my ass cheeks. When the two girls release the leather straps from my wrists, I put my arms around Jerome's neck, and he starts bouncing me up and down on his cock.

He walks around the stage for a minute while he is fucking the hell out of me, then he goes over to the edge of the stage and steps down into the audience!

He walks slowly up the aisle to the entrance doors, then releases one of my ass cheeks, and pushes the door open. There are about ten or twenty people at the concession stand, and they immediately look over in our direction. I smile and wave to them, then Jerome pushes open the opposite aisle door and walks back in the dark theater.

He slowly walks down the aisle while I continue to pull on the back of his neck to lift me up, then drop back down on his hard cock.

When we get to the stage, he steps up and walks to the middle of it. He turns us sideways to the audience, reaches behind him and pushes my legs down so they are dangling in the air below me.

Then, he leans back a little bit, reaches behind his neck, grabs my wrists and moves my arms so they are along my sides. When he lets go of my wrists, the audiences gets on their feet and the theater erupts with a thunderous applause.

The announcer quickly says, "Ladies and gentlemen, the only thing holding this beautiful young woman off the floor is the Giant's huge cock!"

Jerome keeps me impaled on his cock for the few seconds, then bends his knees until I can touch the floor.

He pulls his cock out of me and starts feverishly jacking it, so I get on my knees in front of him. Seconds later a huge gush of sperm sprays me in the face!

It is like a fucking garden hose!

It splashes all over my lips, nose, eyes, and even splatters all over my hair! He must have had a quart of sperm inside him! Once again the audience is on their feet clapping their hands together and whistling at the performance they just saw.

I run backstage and the two girls take me to a dressing room to help me to get cleaned up. A couple of minutes later, the announcer walks in and gives me five hundred dollars!

He says that was the best show he has ever seen, and the theater will be packed during amateur hour from now on because of me. He thanks me again, shakes my hand, and says, "If you ever want to be on my stage again, just come in anytime night or day! You are good for business!"
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