Sex party
Last night was one helluva night! I'm sore in places that make me smile and damn if that smile is not fading.

It all started about a week ago when Ross called up with a proposition, "How about a 6-way with you, Jason, Kevin, Angel and us?" I almost orgasmed at the thought of it!

Setting the stage, Ross and Rachel and Kevin and Angel are all sexy friends of ours. Jason and I have played with all of them, but they have not played with each other. Ross and Rachel are young 20 something's with very high sexy drives. Kevin and Angel are closer to our age but with just as high sex drives. And of course there is us, with sex drives to match.

Six sexy people under one roof with high sex drives and hours to play.....hmmmm...whatever will we do. LOL! (Since there were six of us and a lot happened in different areas of the house, I'll only be able to relay what I was apart of. Sorry!)

Dinner and drinks were the start of the evening. Sexual tensions were running VERY high and I knew this was going to be fun.

After dessert, we made our way to the living room with drinks in hand. With so much flirting, touching, kissing and innuendos, I knew the evening was going to start getting hot quickly. And damned if it didn't.

Kevin having known Rachel for about a year couldn't wait to taste her, so he started making out heavily. Ross had Angels top off and was lavishing her gorgeous tits.

Wanting to join the action, I crawled my way between Rachel's thighs, lifted her dress and dove straight for her pussy. Rachel cums very easily and I love making her twitch with my tongue. In what seemed like seconds, Rachel was yelling aloud with a body shaking orgasm.

With a sly smile on my face, I crawled my way over to Angels thighs. Mmmm I love the taste of pussy. Angel the silly girl had shorts on that we had to peel off. But once around her ankles, I dove straight for her pussy. With her head thrown back, Ross attached himself to one of her luscious tits. She was gasping for air in no time. Meanwhile, Jason was sitting back taking it all in with a grin on his face.

When Rachel ran for the bathroom, I crawled my way to Kevin who stood and put his nice cock in my mouth. Next thing I feel is Ross on his back between my legs licking my soaking pussy.

So here I am, sucking Kevin's cock, Ross is licking my pussy, I turn around and Angel is sucking Ross's cock. Fuck what a sight!!! Then I glance to my left and Rachel is sitting backwards on Jason's lap bouncing on his cock. This sexy scene went on for a few minutes.

Taking a breather, Kevin and Angel head out of the room for some alone time while Ross flips me onto the couch and impales me with his hard cock.

Ross has a nicely sized uncut cock of about 10 inches. So when you're getting fucked, you really feel it!

Flipping me on all fours, Ross whispers in my ear, "You sure you don't want two cocks in you at the same time?" My pussy clenched at the thought. Looking at Jason and I said, "MMMm hell yea". Jason looked at my quizzically and I said, "I want both of you in the bedroom, now!"

Getting onto the king size bed, I pull out a fun anal toy and some lube. I have Jason work my ass with the toy getting me nicely stretched and wet.

Jason worked his ever hardening cock into my ass as Ross proceeded to fuck my mouth. I just love having two cocks in me. Maybe it's the thought of being used like that or maybe it's giving the pleasure to two at the same time that's such a turn on.

Anyway, after a few good hard strokes, I have Jason lie on his back as I straddle him face up. Ross moves into position and buries his cock in me. "Oh My God! YES!!" My pussy and ass were so full that a spasm ran through my body with the sheer intensity of the moment.

Here were two hard-bodied men fucking my pussy and my ass at the same time. Spasm after spasm ran through my body. I was aching with the need to cum but my pussy was such a tight fit that Ross kept popping out. Switching positions, Jason goes to the bathroom to clean up and says, "Why don't you let Ross fuck you in the ass?" Now this thought hadn't crossed my mind because as I said before, Ross is pretty big. I wasn't sure if I could take all of him in my ass, but what the fuck, I was game to try.

Getting on all fours, Ross grabs my hips, guides the head of his swollen cock to my gaping asshole and slowly pushes his way in. Relaxing my muscles, my ass accepts every inch of his cock. I groan aloud with the fullness of him as he pushes himself deep.

Jason steps out of the bathroom, I look at him with a lustful look and say, "He's in my ass." Jason has always wanted to see another guy plow my ass.

With a grin on his face, he positions himself under me and enters my pussy. These two sexy men starting pumping into me in synch which makes my muscles spasm again and again.

I look over to my right and I see Angel watching all of this from the door. She hasn't been brave enough to try double penetration but from the look of lust on her face, it won't be long before she's begging for it.

After many sexy minutes, Ross steps out of the bedroom to join the party in the living room. I'm in desperate need of release and Jason is there to give it to me. I have him pump my ass with his engorged cock as I finger my clit to a massive orgasm. orgasm down!

After getting my body to stop twitching, I join the others in the living room. We are all taking a breather and grabbing more drinks. But my pussy is still aching for more. I didn't want to stop at that moment. Breather or not, I wanted more now!

Ross was coming out of the bathroom, when I grabbed him and lustfully kissed him. "I need more of you now!" We headed back to the bedroom where Ross flipped me on all fours and buried his cock in my still soaking pussy. Pushing my head down as he pounds me, Ross is racked with an orgasm spasm.

Ross has the unique ability to orgasm without ejaculating. This is very intense for me and forced me to clench my pussy tighter which only makes Ross moan more.

"Damn woman you are determined to make me cum" Ross breaths into my ear. "Who wants it, you or Angel?" Now of course I love to feel a guy cum in me, but being the unselfish friend I am, I run into the living room, grab Angel's hand and say, "Your presence is requested in the bedroom".

Pulling Angel onto the bed, Ross positions her so that her face is buried in my pussy as he pounds her from behind. Angel has this soft tongue and touch on my pussy that drives me insane.

Angel works her magic so well that I'm twitching in no time. Ross however is pounding her pussy so hard that Angel can't stay on my clit, so she lays her head on my pussy, wraps her arms around my thighs and holds on for dear life.

In no time Ross is racked by another body shaking orgasm but no release yet. Heading out to the living room for a break, Angel looks at me and moans, "Now I have you all to myself."

Angel gently spreads my slick labia and she lovingly runs her tongue up my slit. I gasp at the gentleness of her tongue. After all, my pussy has been used and abused most of the night.

Her soft touch sends shivers down my spine and makes my body twitch with delight. It's not the hard intense twitches but the kind that are generated from a soft but knowledgeable tongue.

Taking me to the edge of release and then pulling back, this dirty vixen was teasing me. Moaning with need of release, Angel grins up at me and asks me if I like it. "Oh my God yes!" is all I manage to gasp out.

With that Angel dives at my pussy once again and a wave of intense heat rushes from my groin throughout my whole body. My hips come up off the bed, my head is thrown back and I yell out in a gasps. My body continues to twitch and spasm for what seems like hours.

Ross returns to the bedroom to see what we were up too and seeing this sexy sight he decides he needs to cum now! Since Angel was on all fours, he jumps onto the bed and buries himself deep in her soaked pussy. Angel gasps out loud at his aggressive move and holds onto the covers for dear life.

Meanwhile, I kneel up by Ross and start caressing his ass as he pushes his cock deeply into her. With one hand on Angel's hip and one hand around me, Ross kisses me deeply as he fills Angel's pussy with a load of hot cum. Gasping for breath, we all collapse on the bed with smiles on our face.

The evening continued for about another hour with more drinks, sexy talk and sexy fun. We all knew that we were going to walk funny in the morning. Most of all me! The others relayed their fun and while I'm sad I didn't get to see it all, I am certainly not complaining.

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