Sex slave part 2
Breakfast came early in Kieths manor house. Anna felt like she had only shut her eyes then she had the maid Mary there to wake her. "Oh God what time IS it?" Anna asked in a stressy tone. "Tis actually late milady but you have jet lag no doubt. Master Keith said to let you lay in a bit due to your erm evenin' excersize." Anna could feel her cheeks flame. "Mary may I ask you something?" To that the brunette with the big bottom nodded.
"Well Mary as you can imagine this whole..." Anna found herself lost for words, but continued without the right one.. "it is just when I met Keith in the USA and he was so sweet I thought he was asking me to be his girl friend and just joked about the sex slave and I know you all know of it I heard you speaking together when I was changing prior to dinner." Mary rudely interupted Anna,"OH MISS!! shhh !!!" Mary looked as if the walls had grown ears. She was horrified and refused to talk in more than a breathy whisper. "Do tell me the master did not hear us speaking?" "NO no, Mary I was alone here." Mary Gushed "Oh Thank Mary,Joseph and MacBride!!!"
Anna nearly collapsed with laughter at her odd speech and terms.And the maid continued
"I need to tell you Miss, Master Keith he NEVER ever jokes. Anything he told you he was surely as clean and to the point as a lambs tail he was! To be sure now if I do not bring your person down stairs straight away he will punish me severe and I have been in that hot seat one or two times more than I ever wish to go back."
"Now miss Anna are there more questions while we have minutes while I dress you?"
"Yes Mary but I do want a shower first." Anna said.
The maid was mortified "Shower are you trying to get me into the hot seat miss? He said dress her and bring her to me! Master did not say wait on her to shower and bring her!"
Anna grimaced while Mary caught her look and put her hands on her full hips and bellowed " I don't care if your making that ne'er do well face you do not have your own freedom here! You are not Miss USA now no your not, I have to get you to the Master" !
Anna began to step into her panties. Mary softened"Ask now anything Miss but do be quick."
Anna said to Mary she had no time to think but said" Alright Mary sorry but do promise me when he goes out that you will get to all the questions I have then?" Mary nodded.
They went down stairs and Anna was famished she was expecting to be shown into the dining room but apparently breakfast was not held on her account. She was shown to the Masters library. Keith stood up and gave Mary a look and before he could say a word she was off defending herself.
"I am sorry Master Keith she wanted a shower and I told her you wanted to see her directly but she was not moving too fast". Keith just held up one hand and Mary stopped her all too fast speech.
I spoke before he could." It's true I did want a shower she was trying to get me here as soon as she got me up and that was hard to do. Then I stood up and was so sore from our night." Anna knew to look down blushing as not to get Mary in any trouble. Anna was catching all of the looks between them both very fast. She caught Mary's relieved look. Then heard Keith laugh low and somewhat sadistic.
He said "Yes we had a very nice time with introductions on my soil, a far cry from dinner and a hug on yours." He apparently thought all American women loose and ill moraled and she had thought all British where well mannered...far cry indeed.
(Keith promised much more of an introduction and that is to come.But dear readers I have been offline far too long so posting this 2nd part now and will get onto pt. 3 a longer instalment and we ALL like longer don't we?)
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