Sex with my boss...first fantasy story
I have never written a sex fantasy. This is my first, so be kind and please rate. :) Thank you! Xoxo

I had been at my job almost a year and half, and I had this fantasy of my fucking my boss. I was 25 years old and he was 18 years older than me. To describe myself, I'm petite, slim and toned, full busted, and have a plump perky ass. Ive been told I am very beautiful.. Long blonde hair, full lips, perfect white teeth, light green eyes mixed with yellow and blue. People say I resemble that of a Russian or Slovakian girl. He on the other hand, is fairly short, very muscular, but not enough to make him look stubby. He dresses well and smells good all the time; his eyes are an amazing crystal blue, and he has a perfect mouth/smile. He has light brown hair that is slightly greying, but none the less, is sexier than ever.

I'd been attracted to him ever since the day of my interview. He was nice, funny and his eyes seemed so kind and genuine. I started the job as his assistant 2 weeks later. Prior to starting, he asked me to come up to view the offices after hours so he could show me around. Though I was tempted, I declined the offer.

Soon after I started, we began staying after hours talking and laughing. Sometimes we'd lose track of time and end up talking for at least an hour. He'd tell me personal things and told me I could tell him anything. We
grew very close - he gave me my own office, new cell phone, and a raise.

Nothing that intimate was going on, but I could feel the sexual tension building as months went on. I'd catch him staring at my tits bouncing as I walked pass him down the hall. He would always sit back in his chair - legs open to give me a nice view of what I wish I could have, his cock. It looked so meaty through his pants; he never had full on hard ons, but he definitely wasn't limp. It made me crazy. I wanted him so badly, and I knew he wanted me to.

Soon we started looking forward to our after hour talks that he would usually meet him in my office right after the last employees left, but one day he sent me a text a couple hours before everyone usually leaves and said "I want you to come in my office after everyone leaves, shut the door behind you." My heart raced. I couldn't even imagine what he wanted? Did he want me? Or was he going to tell me we were getting a little inappropriate at work...?

Right after the last person left, I slowly walked into his office looking ever so innocent. He smiled and said "come here.", I obeyed.

He looked at me and said "how's my hard worker?, Does she need a massage?", he laughed. I felt my face get hot. I smiled and told him that I'd really like that in a sort of jokingly way. He told me to come sit down in his chair; then got behind me and moved my hair out of the way. He gently started rubbing my shoulder blades up on to my spine; his gentle yet strong hands felt so good. I involuntarily let out a quiet moan. He breathed in deep and let out a sigh, then bent down, moved my hair out of the way again, and kissed my neck softly 1 time. I immediately sighed with pleasure, and he started to kiss me over and over on different spots all over my neck. My pussy was throbbing. He lifted me up from the chair and turned me around to kiss my lips. He kissed me so hard, yet so sensually. He whispered in my ear "you are so beautiful, I want every part of you." He nibbled on my bottom lip, and at one point only kissed and sucked my bottom lip. My pussy was so wet. I could not resist kissing him back. When our tongues touched, it literally sent a spark down to my clit. No one had ever touched me this way and I was loving every second of it.

He started to unbutton my shirt, and a took a long stare at my breasts. He began to massage and kiss them. He let out a soft moan, bit his lip and kissed each one of them. Exposing my left breast, he began to suck and lick my nipple. I told him how good it felt and how good he was making me feel. I reached down to massage his already rock hard cock, and started to unzip his pants. I got on my knees from there and started to lick the head of his cock. His dick was so wet already from all the precum that had been oozing out. I ran the length of my tongue down the back of his shaft and began to suck his dick, jacking him off at the same time. I stroked his cock and sucked his balls. He was groaning with intense pleasure. I could feel him getting close to coming.Suddenly, he stopped me and said "I want you so bad, baby, but I don't want our first fuck to be like this. Please come to my house so I can fuck you right." I agreed. We cleaned up and got our stuff to leave. I left first and waited for him so no one would suspect anything. I followed him to his loft a short drive away. From the parking garage all the way to his door we walked briskly - in silence. Immediately, after he shut the door he picked me up and took me straight to his bed. He began to take my clothes off and said "lay down and spread your legs for daddy", I couldn't believe this was happening - my fantasy - he was controlling me in such an intimate way, and I loved the way it made me feel.

I did as I was told, and spread my legs as far apart as I could. My pussy was already so wet. He gazed at it and licked his lips. He then came to me and began to caress my body, kissing me, teasing me, licking me. He told me how beautiful my pussy was, all the while he was rubbing it and spreading it between his fingers, giving it gentle kisses. "do you like it when I touch you like that?" He asked me. I just shook my head yes, and let out soft "mhm." but thought to myself - come on! lick my clit aleady, tongue fuck me, do something! - I was so anxious for him. I began to move my pussy towards his face, thrusting my hips. He told me to be still and to try as hard as I could not to move while he licked my clit. He held my legs securely, giving me no choice but to do what he said. He told me he had been wanting to know what I tasted like for long. He ate my pussy so good. He spread my inner lips and held them apart with his fingers, and gave my clit a few long flat strokes with his tongue. He then forced his tongue deep inside my pussy. He'd occasionally stop and focus on my clit, sucking and licking it. I began to moan loudly with pleasure, yelling "baby, please, oh fuck!","eat my pussy just like that!","I'm gonna fucking cum, please don't stop"; and of course I did cum. Harder than ever. As I'm moaning in ecstasy, he kissed my outer lips with wet kisses using his flat tongue that felt as if he was painting a picture. He did this until I recovered from my orgasm. He held me ever so tightly, and kissed my stomach. Again, telling me how beautiful I was. I wanted more.

It was my turn now, or so I thought. I wanted to suck his cock so badly, but he stopped me and said, "please just let me do everything I want to you this time. I wanna give it all to you until you feel like you can't take it anymore"

He then forcefully bent me over on all fours, and told me not to move or make any noise. He licked my ass and spanked me a little. I began to stick my pussy out farther so he could get a view of what he'd been wanting for so long. He'd spread my pussy lips apart and let them go back together slowly. The feel of my wet pussy lips closing back together so quickly sent me through the roof and caused me to squirm with pleasure. He held my hips tightly and reprimanded me. "I told you not to move baby, are you gonna do as I say, or are you gonna make me keep teasing you?" I was dying for him to give it all to me. I was so horny that it almost hurt. I needed to cum again, but he wouldn't let me.

He seemed to really enjoy to watching me trying to withstand how good it felt. He knew how good he was making me feel, and I honestly couldn't take it anymore. It was then I realized what he wanted; he wanted me to beg him to fuck me.

I pleaded "baby, fuck me, please.", "I can't take it anymore, shove your fuckinh cock in me!" He chuckled and said "Aw, baby I thought you'd never ask. You're such a good girl."

Still on all fours, he got on his knees behind me, and began to rub his cock up and down against my wet pussy, getting his cock ready with all the juices from my pretty pink pussy. "You like that baby?", "is this what you want?", he said. I was almost in tears from how badly I wanted it. I begged, "please, baby", softly. He entered me slowly. Inserting all 8.5 inches in me. He let out a huge gasp, "ah! fuck baby, your pussy is so tight." he fucked me hard, soft, slow, and fast, giving me what I'd been waiting so patiently for. His cock was so hard, and it felt so good. After about 6 minutes, I knew I was about to go again. I told him "I'm gonna fucking cum, baby." "just like that, your cock feels so good inside my wet pussy.", "cum in my pussy babe, I wanna feel you shoot your warm load in me, please." He pounded harder and began to let out loud grunts "Ahg, fuck! Here it comes, baby!" He shot his cum inside me - pushing me over the edge to complete euphoria. My pussy was contracting so hard making him grunt loudly because his cock was so sensitive from his intense orgasm. We fell into each other and began to kiss. Tears rolled down my face: it was all too much. He kissed my neck and told me it was okay. I felt so embarrassed, but he told me it was normal. He had just given me the best orgasm I'd ever had. I loved the touch of an older, experienced man.

The end.

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