Sex with my father in law
Sex with my father in law

I am married lady of 45 years living with my husband,I am housewife and my hubby is a businessman,traveling a lot for business trips and children are in hostel, my mother in law was died last year, my father in law is age near 60 years but looks like 40. He is tall and well built man and does regularly exercise. My husband is average looking man. I am 5' 7" with good looking and athletic body with 34 /28 /36 size and 34 C cup size.

It was a Sunday night, my Husband and I was sleeping after doing a great sex, we both are nude, our door was open, suddenly I feel some body was kissing my pussy, I think my husband again ready for 2nd time, so I relaxed my self and start to enjoy the sucking, and my hand go down to the head for boost the sucking mouth, but I shocked that on head there was no hair and it was clean shaved head, I just realize that my husband is not sucking my pussy it is some other man, but I am enjoying so I relaxed my body, now I want to see his face, so I say who are you then, he told me that I am your father in law, I was shocked to see my father in law nude, laying on me and sucking my pussy, I say please leave me and then suddenly he stood naked in front of me.

I looked down and my mouth open, I was speechless, now! Let me go bit further and say few things about my husband he is very smart and tall handsome but his cock is very small to only 6 " but I have no problem with him, he satisfies me every time with his sucking skills, I have seen some biggest cock in porn movies, I have always love thickness of cock.

I stood in front of my father-in-law mouth gaping open and staring down at his crotch, and the biggest cock I had ever seen in real life, and he wasn't even completely hard yet, his cock was maybe half erect, but it was looking as thrice long as my husband size.

My father-in-law did not speak and remained silent.We just stood there until finally he moved forward and took my hand, in his and guided to his cock, as he did this, he looked me and said go ahead my daughter touch it. I know you want to. And just enjoy doing it. But I was so confused what to do.

My husband was sleeping drunk, one side and there was his big cock and other side I knew this was wrong, it was so wrong... on so many levels, but both my body and my mind did not let me quit! My hand went forward and he released my hand.

I reached out and ran my fingers over the length of his cock! His cock stiffened more under my touch, and it gave me a feeling of both lust and power.

Feeling my touch excite him so and his mouth covered mine. I did not resist or pull away, his tongue entered my mouth, we kissed, I kissed him back and now I was mentally prepare for great sex, as he began kissing my neck and his hand touched my breasts, his lips wrapped around one of my hard nipples, and his tongue flicked out rapidly linking it.

As he did, I was wet so wet, he started licking and kissing his way down between my breasts, down over my tummy and his face over my crotch, and I spread my legs.... open giving him full access to my pussy....

As his tongue flicked out, and slid through my wet lips, I grounded, and my hands went to the top of his head, and practically pushed his face in to my pussy. I am not going to lie, and tell you that I can take or leave oral sex, I absolutely love having my pussy licked, and any man who can do a good job down there between my legs, can get me to do anything to make him happy.

I could feel my orgasm building, and the urge to cum was growing stronger and stronger. His lips locked down my clit, and his tongue flicked faster and faster, and then all of sudden, I feel my body seem to explode in pleasure,with the source being my enlarged and pulsing clit! My climax was intense and I wrapped my legs tightly around his head, holding his face, and my juice just flooded out of me, as I screamed out in pleasure. My father in law knew what he was doing and in spite of my best efforts to keep his face locked firmly into my crotch, he managed to get free. And he moved his body up to the top of me.

Now it was my turn I spread my legs open, and felt the huge head of his big cock pressing into my tight, wet pussy. I lifted my legs slightly, and he thrust forward, his cock entered me, I was in so much pain crying badly and saying please Dad please slow down....please leave me...... but he would not listen. He started fucking faster and harder. I was feeling like in heaven, both he and I were way past that point of restriction. He began thrusting
his cock in and out of me, fucking me deep and hard, and my body responded with mind-blowing orgasm!

After a few minutes I was cumming for the third time, and then he lifted my legs higher and then put them over his shoulders. He pounded his big thick cock into me, and his balls made loud smacking sounds, as they slapped against my ass. I knew he was close.

As I felt his hands slide under me and cup my ass cheeks, suddenly I felt his body stiffen on top of me, and he trust deep inside me. I could feel his cock expand inside me, I swear, and I could feel jerk after jerk even harder holding me tight......

As the first spurts of his hot cum shot from his cock, and deep into my womb! The hot flash gave tingling feeling And excited me to hold me tight and kissed him. He told me to get down and lick his cock clean.

I slide down his body and then took his big thick semi hard cock in my mouth. It tasted really good sticky salty flood gulp in to my stomach. I could feel the taste of mixed fluid with my own juice, and his natural flavor which I sucked him clean.

Then it became regular routine to have sex when my husband is away.

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