Me and my boyfriend Bob moved in together a few months ago and we are enjoying our lives as newly weds with a lot of sex. Bob took a one year break from school after his graduation, but I was still in school un graduated. Bob had been in the school's football team and was now playing in the local team, a handsome good hearted guy and I'm a cheerleader and in ballet having been asked to participate in various beauty contests lately, since I've been modeling part time with my school.

We recently bought on sale at a his company's special ATT deal Iphones from Apple the same each and were playing sending each other messages when not together - texting, photos or videos. I sent him pictures and videos of our dog and me at school etc and received his pictures from work.

Then one afternoon I was feeling horny and lonely missing Bob - I decided to surprise him a little as I came from shower after sunbathing and show him my improving but tiny tan lines. I took a few pictures with the timer and self photos and sent to Bob. Coming home that night Bob was very happy about me sexting my tan lines and told me - as we were having sex he couldn't help but to think of me all day and that he masturbated in the toilet to my pictures for his relief. It turned me on tremendously to think about him masturbating at work because of my tan line photos. Bob mentioned that how wet and horny I was and connected it with my sexting . He asked "do you get turned on by sending these photos"? "Yes" I replied.

The company had a celebration where one of Bob's good looking colleagues - started talking to me when we both were quite drunk and he confessed that Bob's workmates had noticed Bob disappear after the Iphone deal in to the toilet for up to 10 min at the time. I smiled but didn't say anything but listened interested as he kept on "we think he's masturbating in there" he said. I asked curious "why do you think so" "Well if you promise not to tell I'll tell you" he replied. "Ok" - "We stole your pictures from Bob's Iphone and we love it - you look awesome". I felt shocked - a physiological effect produced by the passage of an electric current went through my body - but at the same time strangely turned on by the thought that some strange men had my naked pictures meant for my boyfriend only. I felt like if there were more men in our sex life than just Bob. He asked if it was alright with me? I said I would have to think about it. He then asked me not to mention this with anyone because he would get in to trouble. I promised. As we danced on the dance floor I felt his hands in the crowd explore my body - appropriate only if we were close pair - as his penis grew hard touching my abs every now and then. I was sure we were unnoticed at the floor as Bob danced with his girlfriend - so I enjoyed it till I was wet and horny. His hands feeling my buttocks - ass crack and thighs with his hard on pressed against me.

In a few days I received a sexting photo of a male reproductive organ that I didn't recognize. It wasn't Bob's. The male copulatory organ of Bob's colleague is typically a cylindrical organ, delightfully long and thin, that is suspended from trimmed pubic arch, and has a unusual terminal glans enclosing the ends of the corpora cavernosa, covered by mucous membrane, and sheathed by an almost see through thin foreskin continuous with the unusually thin skin covering the body of the erect organ photos taken from every angle. He wrote my name on his dick, took a picture and then said in texting "this has your name written all over it!"

I loved it. I got so exited by intense and unrestrained excitement that I masturbated then and there resulting in an enormous orgasm. I was still hot and willing when Bob arrived so we spent the whole evening in bed while I had his buddy's photo image behind my closed eyes.

As we were having sex - Bob talked about us joining a beach resort with his workmates the next weekend. It had a nice beach and bungalow with Jacuzzi we all would share. I was interested in Bob's suggestion and asked for further information and he said they just came up with the idea today afternoon. I asked which one of his colleagues had suggested it as Bob was inside me. Bob thought for a while and then said "it was Harry". I got the connection now between Harry and the sexting photos. I secretly enjoyed being soaking wet asking Bob further about him and this plan while receiving unusually massive hammering from Bob which suited my imaginary turned on mind while we talked about Harry (my secret fantasy) and the coming weekend.

Friday afternoon Bob arrived early as we packed for the trip when Bob brought me a tiny red bikini and asked me if I would dare to wear it on the weekend? I checked it out and it was spaghetti strings only with 3 small triangles in front. Nothing in the back or between my legs but tiny red spaghetti strings for the back. I showed it to him and asked if he was sure he wanted to share my body with 4 other men who would be sultry staring at my nakedness. Bob said they bought the same bikini but different colors for all the girlfriends "don't worry - you will have all the competition you can handle - they also have beautiful wives" I tried the bikini out behind locked bathroom doors and I felt more than exposed watching myself in the mirror. Bob would have changed his mind if he saw me now I thought - so let's teach him a lesson. He will only see me in this when it's too late for him to change his mind. I thought it would be exiting to see Harry's intriguing reaction to my string bikini.

As we unpacked - 4 of his workmates had arrived and were already in the Jacuzzi chatting and drinking beer. Bob went in ahead of me. I waited till I heard the noise and music to be right and walked slowly in high heels and the red string bikini towards the Jacuzzi. Bob didn't see me enter. His back was to the door of my entrance to the patio - but all the other 4 men stared at me - while I slowly placed my towel on a chair back turning myself a complete circle before taking my heels off. Every one silenced. Bob dropped his jaws and his face expressed pain and panic for a moment when he saw his wife almost naked in front of 4 strange men in their bathing suits staring at her nudity. I knew he there and then wanted nothing more than to cover my body from these hungry eyes of his fellow coworkers which he had to meet every day at work.

As I came in to the Jacuzzi it wasn't a large one so Bob and Harry sat close together and the 3 others when I tilted my naked ass on Harry's lap although Bob had pointed me to his with his eyes. I sat on Harry's lap and turned towards Bob next to him and asked "where are all the wives"? Bob got embarrassed admitting they all chickened out so I was the only woman. "How do you feel about that" I asked? "I'm jealous as hell" he answered - I wouldn't have brought you here if I knew in advance that you were the only woman and never in this outfit - you are completely naked - this bikini is too small. "How do you feel about that" I asked Bob? "I feel like my wife's body is on display for my coworkers" "Do you like that" I asked? "Hell no" he said.

I felt Harry's male organ grow slowly below his wide boxer like bathing suit as I sat my tan lined naked ass on it. It excited me. My vagina tingled and became moist. To relief Bob's desperation I asked him to kiss me - no one heard us over of the music. Bob wet kissed me deep as I moved my ass slowly in rhythmic to stimulate the male organ of copulation I sat on. I said to Bob "do you trust me" as I felt Harry's penis of my Iphone images get hard. "Yes" Bob answered I felt Harry's dick slide down side of his pants. As the tip of his glans was out I spoke softly into Bob's ear using my warm breath and lips to keep his attention as I guided this new male's organ of copulation between my bare legs till it hit the right spot. I didn't want it to stop - but without anyone else but me and Harry noticing. I said to Bob "you know - there's not much cover or protection in those tiny red spaghetti strings between my legs being surrounded by 5 horny men". Bob's attention was caught. "Are you jealous that I sit bare assed on Harry's lap" I asked? "Yesss" "But why did you then buy me this no covering no protection bikini" I asked as I pushed my vagina's opening towards Harry's now free glans penis. I could feel it now - in the right spot - where I wanted it. I slowly inserted him by thrushing backwards a little by little without anyone noticing until I felt like an stimulating electric shock wave through my almost naked body when the power of perceiving just by the touch of the delightful tip of his manly weapon inside of me while I passionately deep kissed Bob who was getting interested by my talk.

"Do you feel his dick with your naked ass" Bob asked? "Yessss" I whispered by my hot breath with moist lips in his ear. "Is it hard"? "YesssSS it's harder than yours has ever been" I answered biting his ear nipple . "How do you feel about that" I whispered seductively in Bob's ear? "Extremely jealous and aroused" he stammered.

Jocasta Jan 13. 2011
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