Sexy Kitty
Sexy Kitty Wife or Lover

For the next 6 hours, you will become a sexy kitty.


-Hooded spandex animal print body suit with wrap around crotch zipper. Alternate Latex, vinyl or leather and colors.

-Matching 6" minimum high heels (from open toe sandals to thigh high boots). If thigh high boots are chosen, the body suit could be a one-piece thong swimsuit or teddy. Thigh high leggings with high heeled shoes is another option.

-Cat mask to cover eyes or hood that pulls down to nose leaving mouth and nose open.

-Matching gloves or even mittens, depending on how much restriction is desired by your master for your hands (paws).

-Leather choker with ring and detachable leash.

-Optional - Knee pads


1.Shop at the mall or specialty boutiques for the items listed above.

2.Shower/bathe and shave your legs and "pussy". If you desire, you may shave your pussy completely or leave a small patch above your clit. Everything below the top of the clitoris should be hairless and smooth. Trim short any hair that still remains.

3.Put your hair in high pigtails or pony tail, braided or flowing, to fit through the hole(s) in the hood. Short haired kitties could use colorful ribbons. Other kitties may enjoy this too.

4.Slip into the cat suit or body suit.

5.Put on the matching high heeled shoes/leggings/boots

6.Pull up the hood, slip your pigtails/ponytail in and/or put on the partial-face mask.

7. Wear choker, or you may want to put them in your mouth begging master to put them on for you.

8.Once the mask is pulled on, you are now Naughty Pussy or Sexy Kitty. Your vocabulary is now restricted to cat language.

9.Spend some time in front of a full length mirror learning to walk and crawl like a cat. Envision your husband or lover watching your every feline movement. Examine how to move your hands sexily over your body.


1.Sexy kitty can ONLY say one word, "Meow", which she says frequently to communicate her wants. Kitties have lots of wants. Like all kitties, she can hiss, growl, and purr. Good kitties will rehearse appropriate voices as she knows how important it is to get master's attention. When practicing to move in front of the mirror, Kitty will also practice using inflection to create different meows:

a.One meow means, "I like, I want, I feel good" . The length of meow denotes intensity of happiness. Kitty develops inflection with "meow" to express different levels of pleasure. Kitty is self-absorbed in feeling pleasure but know that, by using her sexy feline body and voice to give pleasure, she will be rewarded with more intense pleasure for herself.

b."Meow, Meow" means , "YES" to questions asked by master or, YES in response to master's statements.

c."Meow, Meow, Meow" means, Stop, No, I don't like this. Master then has the choice to stop the activity or continue and wait for Kitty to LEARN to enjoy it. Good kitties will accept some obedience training.

d.Kitty can scratch master's arm if activity becomes painful or threatening. Kitty intensely enjoys her sexual feline nature but is also fiercely independent. She moves to fight or flight if she feels threatened.

2. Kitty Is always horny.

3.Kitty likes to lick, nip and kiss anything placed in front of her. She is NOT able to suck.

4.Kitty's hands (paws) are in constant motion, always touching her own body or something else. Kitty's hands (paws) and body parts crave touch. The more she touches the hornier she gets.

5. Kitty spends the large majority of her time on her hands and knees, or lounging. She likes to be moving, swishing her tail, stretching and moving her torso.

6. A timer with alarm is set for every 40 minutes. Every 40 minutes Kitty becomes so horny that a lubricated glass dildo or master's cock must be inserted in her pussy and pumped 60 times, or until orgasm is reached, whichever comes first. Master counts out loud to avoid cheating. Master controls speed. Orgasm is expressed by cat screeches or growls followed by post-orgasmic purring. If orgasm is not reached, Kitty will simply have to suffer for next 40 minutes. If master doesn't orgasm, he will need to wait until next time as well. As a rule, withhold orgasm as long as possible to intensify sexuality.

7.Kitty becomes horny again in 5 minutes or less and starts moving around, rubbing, touching, licking, and nipping. Her playfulness could force master to orgasm without insertion or sucking, but kitty can tease master as well.

8.Since Kitty is a transformed human:

a.She may stand and walk as a biped but only if master has her leash attached to her collar, and only when master is holding the leash. Kitty mustalso be wearing 6"or higher high heels which are the ONLY way Kitty can walk as a biped. Remember, Kitty is still feline so swishing her tail and rubbing up against master's body or anything else she desires is ongoing.

b.She may eat and use a wine glass only with the direct help by master feeding her. Master may choose to have Kitty eat and/or drink out of a bowl. Kitty will accept or reject this method by her actions.


-As training continues, Kitty may be required to wear an anal plug with an attached tail.

-Kitty may even need orgasm control training:

o her insert ben-wah balls for the period in between mandatory insertions.

o Have her insert a remote vibrating egg so master can train kitty to stay horny. Kitty should let master know to stop before orgasm so she can experience more orgasms during her 40 minute insertions.

Kitty will probably need more outfits to keep master happy. Each outfit will bring Kitty into a different character of Kittydom. Having her sit on your lap and "communicate" through kitty-talk while you explore new cat lingerie and/or or fetish websites may be helpful to build your complete kitty.

FINALLY: During the last session, before the 6 hours are up, both master and kitty need at least one (more) orgasm. You should both be exhausted by the end of the 6 hours. Master, make sure you take good care of your wife/lover when you both climb into the shower or share a luxurious bath. You can both talk in human voices, if she want to. It may take some time to get her out of character after six hours. Discuss your favorite parts. Communicate about how you can improve the experience next time.

MASTER: Take good care of your new pretty kitty. She has created a new identity just for you. Lavish her with praise and gifts. Honor her willingness. She deserves it.

KITTY: Exploring your feline muse will bring you into a new state of sexual awareness and power. No wonder ancient Egyptians held cats in such high esteem.

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