Sexy Mother Flashes Adult Son During Breakfast
Prelude: Sexy mature mother invites adult son to live with her while he is going through a divorce. The next Sunday morning they have breakfast together in the kitchen. The son sits at the table and intently watches his beautiful slender mother preparing fresh fruit slices for cereal. She reaches high into a cabinet to retrieve some glass bowls and her extremely short black silk robe rides up revealing her naked ass cheeks. Son says to himself, "If she wasn't my mother, I'd swear that she is trying to seduce me. I'm going to play along and see where this goes. She has got an awesome body and I would like to give her a good fucking."

The story starts now:

[The mother is facing her son while cutting a banana in slices. Her robe slowly opens revealing her large firm breasts with their hard nipples that look like two big pencil erasers.]

"Oops, my robe came open. Sorry about that honey."

[The mother smiles at her son while she slowly pulls it back together.]

No apology necessary. Anyway, Mom thanks again for letting me live with you while I'm going through my divorce.

"You are welcome. Oh, it just came open again. Maybe I should change into something else."

[This time, the mother's robe falls completely off her shoulders and slides down to her arms. She is now almost naked except for her sexy black panties.]

I don't think that's necessary. Mom, have you been working out? You look great.

[The mother pauses for a few moments then casually pulls the robe together again.]

"Thank you honey. I try to eat healthy food and swim laps in the pool almost every day."

For being a fifty year old woman, you sure have an awesome body. Perhaps I shouldn't say this, but if you were not my mother then I would love to have sex with you.

"It's okay. I find it fascinating and kinky that you are thinking about fucking me. Oops, it happened

What don't you just take it off?

"Do you really think that I should? I'm your mother, so wouldn't that be inappropriate behavior?"

Maybe if I objected, but I'm encouraging you. Take it off.


[Mother takes off her robe]

Awesome. Mom, you look fantastic wearing nothing except for your black panties.

"Thank you honey. Now, let's get back to our discussion about how you would like to fuck me."

[To be continued...]
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