Sexy and Pregnant
It had been 4 months since I last had sex and I needed it bad, I had even started flirting with ugly people, I was a sexual bomb and no female was safe near me. Lucy was 5 months pregnant and we had stopped having sex.... Well I did'nt think she was interested...I was wrong and I found out just how sexy a pregnant woman can be.

I came home from work, Lucy was in the shower, I entered the bathroom and stared at her soapy beautiful body. I leaned in to give her a peck on the cheak, the peck turned into a passionate kiss. She pulled me fully clothed into the shower. I was dressed in a white shirt and tie with smart trousers.
My shirt went see thru and Lucy pushed her naked body against mine.

Lucy tweaked my nipples and then pulled my tie to bring my lips to hers.
She took my tie off and slowly undone my soaked shirt.
I love the feeling off her long wet hair touching my body, I spread her hair over my belly as she went down to pull out my cock. She slid down my pants pulling all down in one go, I stepped out of my clothes.
Lucy was on her knees sucking my cock as the shower rained down on us.

It felt so good after all this time to have to have my cock being sucked and tongue fucked.
I nearly collapsed as I came in her mouth, my cum filling her mouth.
She stood up oozzing with cum and kissed me.

Then the bitch turned the hot tap off and we were showered in cold water!
She held me under the cold water and we kissed some more, I touched her pussy it was warm wet...she needed me.

We went to bedroom and got into the bed, we cuddled and I held our baby bump, Lucy got on top of me and lowered her pussy on my cock. She built up rythm and it felt good.
We swapped places and I was above fucking her and she was telling me to fuck her hard.
I leaned forward and kissed her massive boobs, she told me to suck her milk, I was like, really? I had no choice I could not upset her, so I sucked her nipple and I sucked hard, her hand was on the back of my head pushing me close. Her milk came out and I was sucking it in, it tasted odd but I loved it cos it was Lucy's. Then I had pleasue of sucking the other boob (well I can,t show boob favourism) I had discovered a new fetish in me and Lucy was loving it.

I got back to pounding her pussy, she had let her bush grow, it felt and looked good.
I pulled out and came on her bump, I rubbed it in and we kissed some more.
We lay there both satified (i think) Lucy looked at me, she said ''i need a shower''.

I don't know where this sexiness came from but I loved it x

Sorry this was typed in secret on a shit phone x
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