Sexy little Lesley
Since I met the blonde girl who became my wife I have loved her. I promised to be faithful to her and I would never want to have hurt her in any way nor to damage somebody else's marriage. I was not faithful in the business with Lesley. But so far as I know no one did get hurt.

Year 2000. We had been married about three years when through her work my wife became extremely friendly with another nurse, also late twenties, also married without kids. Before long we were meeting up as two couples together. We enjoyed time in each other's homes or going out for a drink, a meal, a cinema visit or a game of badminton at the nearest sports centre. Her husband was a handsome guy called Steve.

The first time I ever saw Lesley she was wearing her nursing uniform and it came straight into my head that I wanted to fuck her. And the first time I saw Lesley and Steve together I wished I could help him fuck, working her simultaneously at both ends and then changing places.

She was like a pixie, petite with a sweet figure and dark hair which was always stylishly cut. She had a cute face, sometimes solemn and thoughtful, often smiling and mischievous. She liked clothes and in the months of knowing her I saw her in so many different outfits. She always smelt good with some variety of subtly seductive scent. But nothing about her fully explains the intensity of my desire for her. That's just how it was. Thinking about her gave new relish to the word 'fuck'. I wanted to FUCK her.

Life with my wife was happy and the sex was good. Given a choice between the leggy blonde and the little brunette, as they both skipped around in their short tennis-skirts, many men would have picked the blonde. But I couldn't help wanting the one I hadn't had yet. I am sure I concealed it successfully from all the other three through all the months we spent time together. I didn't want to mess life up.

After badminton one evening, taking a shower with Steve in the men's changing-room, I again observed the size of his cock. Mine is generous enough but his was definitely larger. I thought there would be no harm in saying 'That's a good piece of equipment'. He smiled and said, 'Well, it does the job'. We changed the subject and never returned to it. He always seemed a decent moral guy and that was as sexy as my conversations with him ever got. My wife valued the friendship and I didn't dare ask her if she ever fancied a naked foursome.

One day we were having a cup of tea at their house about four in the afternoon. We knew Steve had been applying for jobs in other places and now they told us that he had been successful and they would be moving as soon as they could sell the house. In my head I was partly sorry and partly relieved that I wouldn't live in frustrated proximity to Lesley much longer.

I excused myself to go up and use their bathroom. As I walked along the upstairs corridor I passed the open door to their bedroom and on total impulse I stepped in and opened the top drawer of a chest. Lucky first time! Lesley's pantie drawer!

I picked out a single pair, took them into the bathroom and rubbed them on my thing till it was stiff as steel. Little lacy panties with decoration of pink hearts. A freshly-laundered perfume that was utterly magical. I didn't jerk off on them and I didn't pocket them and take them home, just quietly replaced them where I found them before returning downstairs.

About three weeks later my wife was off work for the week and decided on impulse to go and stay with friends for a couple of nights. After she'd gone Lesley was unexpectedly on the phone and said that Steve had had to go away and deal with something about the new job. She was stuck without the car and had to get to a concert that evening where her choir was singing. I explained that my wife was also away but I was free and could take her.

So I drove her five miles on a fine summer evening, two of us alone together for the first time ever, her black skirt teasingly short on her thighs and the scent of her filling the car. At the concert I sat in the audience and watched her. Singing with this choir was one of her favourite activities. That evening she sang a beautiful solo and got huge applause. I clapped with the rest and just wondered if tonight I could possibly get her. More in wild hope than real expectation I had put a condom in my pocket.

I drove her home and stopped the car outside the house. It was now late and nearly dark. She said, 'Do you want to come in for a coffee?' I hesitated and then answered, 'I don't think I should. If I was alone with you in the house I would want to make love to you'. Electric silence. Then she said, 'Are you in love with me or do you just fancy doing me?'

'I love my wife but I lust after you. I do want to do you - incredibly much'. She gave me a wicked look and said, 'I'd like that. But only once and totally secret between us'. She pulled me towards her there in the front of the car and kissed me full on the lips, her tongue deliciously working its way into my mouth. She drew back again and said, 'I'm not sure about in the house. In the house I would feel guilty. Just pull the car into the driveway and then you can have me in the garden'.

Small back garden, surrounded by trees, not overlooked by the window of any other house nearby, deep twilight. She said 'I'll race you to undress' and we both rapidly pulled off everything, except that she kept the blue shirt of her choir uniform, open down the front. Her bra and panties were black. They came off and I explored what had been inside them. We lay on the grass with lots of whispers between us along with the stroking and the fondling and the licking and the sucking. I said, 'Sorry mine's not quite as big as you're used to'. She said, 'Don't worry, it's a nice one'.

I worked her into a passion before I stuck my cock into her wet hole. It went in easily of course. I had her on her back and again with her on top. I couldn't believe I was finally FUCKING LESLEY!!! Making the sweet singer squeal and gasp. Relishing those little wriggly hips from the badminton court. She was loving it, completely chuffed with temporary loss of restraint. Finally I took her in the doggie position, hard and fast. I released my spunk with a fierce surge of pleasure on the cheeks of her little pixie bottom and then turned her round and dabbed globs of it on her nose and her nipples.

We saw them again several times both before and after they moved away but no sign ever passed between Lesley and me about what had happened. It is unlikely that her husband secretly fucked my wife but not impossible. I bet he sometimes wanted to.
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