By: Rachel R.

Oh I thought this day would never end, a full day of teaching followed by an arduous night of parent teacher meetings. There were other factors that contributed to my long day as well; my lover has been out of town. I so miss her and her talented tongue that just draws pleasure from deep within me and today my libido was raging. I had released some sexual frustration during my morning shower, but that did nothing but fuel the fire in my loins.

My mind was torn between the real world of teaching and my fantasy world of decadent desire as I stood before my students presenting the concepts of diagraming a sentence. My mouth spoke the words of nouns, verbs and conjunctions while my mind spoke to the concepts of self-pleasure in the ladies room. I knew it would not be long before I left the class in the hands of my teacher's aide and I would seek the comfort of my favorite stall in the ladies room for an all too brief respite of pleasurable relief. This was to be the theme of the day for me and as a result my panties were damp for most of the day. I honestly fought the urges but I am weak.

After class was over the staff was busy preparing for the upcoming parent meetings. Busy assembling the points of achievements and the areas that require more work for each student in order to present to each parent in a tactful, diplomatic manner my mid was laser focused and my libido tranquil for now. The majority of parents believe their child to be a blossoming genius who can do no wrong; regretfully some kids are just pure hellions.

Some of the staff went out for dinner together to a local Mexican restaurant and we were having a good time. I was surveying the group which ranged from middle-age, married teachers to young, fresh out of college, teachers in their first teaching position. None of us were looking forward to the dreaded parent-teacher meeting which rarely accomplished anything. I sat next to a pretty, first year teacher who was dressed as if she was on the TV show Little House on the Prairie. As we chatted through the meal, I kept envisioning how she would look nude and keeping my libido on edge and she, well, let us just say discretion is not her strong suit and by the end of the meal, I knew quite a bit about her sex life. She just stoked the smoldering embers that I had within me.

With dinner over the parents were drifting in and out and by eight-thirty p.m. the long day was over. Gathering my stuff, I headed to the parking lot, anxious to get home and put this damn fire out once and for all. Arriving at my apartment building, I just grabbed my purse and heading up to the apartment. Leaning against the wall of the elevator and I began rubbing my breasts. The elevator door open, walking to my door, and inserting the key in the lock, I turned the key. Opening the door, I entered my apartment and immediately sensing something was different, not wrong mind you just different.

There were two rectangles of light on the far wall from the bright moonlight shining through the windows. Without turning on any lights, walking to the counter that separates the kitchen and the living room, I set my purse on the counter. There was an empty wine glass next to sink, and it was then when I knew something was in fact different. There was a light bouquet lingering in the air, a scent that I have smelled before, stronger, but I have smelled before but could not readily place where. Briskly walking to the bedroom where I undressed, took a shower and then I slipped on a pair of side tie, black, micro-mesh panties, and a translucent black jacket the ended at the waistband of the panties. I left it open and it barely draped over each of my erect nipples.

Walking back to the kitchen, opening the refrigerator, grabbing a cold water, and I turned to head back to the bedroom for a little personal time when I saw a shadowy figure sitting on the stool in the dark between the two rectangles of light. It was then I recognized the scent wafting on the cool air of the night. It was Vanilla perfume mingled with the slightest hint of sex, not just anyone, scent but the sensual scent of my lover. She sat there in the shadow, wearing a short red robe snugged at the waist, her small breast spilling out. She tousled her blonde hair, cocked her head to one side, a slight smile and she spoke softly.

"Hello stranger I am home."

"I see and welcome back my love, I have missed you."

Leaning in I gave her a soft kiss, our lips touching my mouth opening slightly and her dainty tongue darting into my mouth. It was good to feel her body on mine, I slipped my hand into her robe and cupped he firm mound of flesh. Her nipple was aroused and rising above her small, dark, bumpy areola. She eased her pretty butt from the seat on the stool, and put her delicate hands on my shoulders, pushing me to the wall in the moonlight-bathed rectangle.

Looking into her sparkling, diamond blue eyes, she stood in front of me, our breasts barely touching, she pushed my open robe to the side, exposing my pillow like round breasts, and she held each nipple between her thumb and forefinger. It was a gentle squeeze, quivering; I tugged on the tie of her robe parting the silky fabric and her perky, stiff nipples were unmasked. I ran my hand over her hard bumps mashing her small firm breasts and listening to her gasps. Craning her neck, she kissed me behind my ear and then her tongue darting playfully into my ear. I began wiggling, my body rubbing on hers.

She had me pinned against the wall, half in the moonlight, and half in the shadow. She had my wrists above my head, my tits jutting out and then she placed her warm, wet mouth over my nipple and began flicking it with her naughty tongue. First the left one then the right one, she had me groaning and I could feel the moisture between my legs. She released my wrist, and I held her head to my breast as she suckled on my nipples. I wanted her!

Her hands under my top, pushing it off my shoulders, leaning forward it went cascading to the floor. Now her hands were fondling my bountiful tits, squeezing them, pinching them, and stroking them and all the time pushing me closer and closer to an orgasm. Arching my hips, I was grinding my wet mound on her thigh. I felt her fingers tugging on the end of the black side tie string of my panties, and the satin string releasing the micromesh to drape and revealing the top of my slit and my manicured landing strip. Then she pulled on the other side tie and my panties clinging by a strand of my nectar from my puffy lips.

Naked now her hands on my body, I shivered as I enjoyed her fingers dancing on my body. Her red robe open, off one shoulder, she shrugged her shoulder, red silk traversing down her body and revealing a French cut white lace thong panty that hugs her sexy peach. Cupping her sex, feeling her honey that was seeping through soft material was a huge turn on for me. I could smell her dab of Vanilla perfume and her feminine scent on her panties. Her body shaking as I stooped peeling the wet panties from her pussy. Excited like a child unwrapping a gift, my fingers touching her perfect pussy lips. They were a dark pink, engorged, and glistening with her nectar, her pussy looked so delectable and ready to fuck.

Pushing her hips against the wall, I began to kiss her sweet pussy, licking her slit and sucking on her nectar. Spreading her lips, I can see her little man in her boat, and my tongue skates over her clitoral hood flicking the tip of her clit, she convulses, bumping her clit on my lips and I suck on her pink, hard nub. She squeals, pushing her wet cunt onto my face and grinds a little. I narrow my tongue and begin to tongue fuck her cunt. Moans interspersed with strings of profanity I eat her pussy like a starving woman. My lover pushes my face into her cunt, rocking her hips and cums on my face.

She is dripping with sweet salty cum, all warm and gooey, and I lap up as much as I can get. She tastes wonderful and it has been a while since I have made love to her that is just makes it so sensual. She jostles my head from her cunt and with shaky hands pulls me to my feet. Her hands on my body she lowers herself to face my fragrant pussy and then her hands gripping my hips she starts to nibble on my lips. She is sitting on the floor, between my legs and looking up at my cunt, and teasing me with her talented tongue. Flicking her tongue over my pussy crinkles she makes me shake with passion. I reward her with a fresh shot of my cream for her to roll on her tongue before swallowing the nectar of my flower.

We frolic in the wetness of each other, finger, sucking, kissing, and biting each other as we are seeking higher levels of pleasure. However, it is time to head to the bed where we can fuck the night away. I look at my lover and I rasp a throaty growl.

"Baby, you have a unique way of saying hello."

With that, we stepped out of the shadows, into the moonlight, hand in hand; we walked to the bedroom for a night of hot, fierce sex and intense lovemaking. It is good to love!

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