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It began 'usually' enough,...... He went out to dinner at a restaurant he enjoyed that had a 'Pub Bar'. After a wonderful juicy steak and fresh vegetables, he made his way to the bar, took a seat in one their cozy booths. Almost at once a young woman appeared to take his order. He requested a double-scotch, Balvenie Double-wood. She vanished into the shadows.

Opening a current issue of a truck magazine he enjoyed, he began to peruse the advertisements for aftermarket equipment for his Toyota.
He valued the vehicle. Not because of it's 'accoutrements' but because it was paid for. This was a true luxury in his eyes.

As he leisurely turned the pages, the waitress once again magically appeared with his drink. (How the hell did she do that?). Taking a sip of the amber liquid, he felt it warm his innards, passing into his stomach.

Enjoying his 'dessert', his gaze drifted around the pub. He loved the ambiance. Dark real woods, real leather, heavy brass, brightly polished. Almost military in it's precision, the brass gleamed in the subtle lighting. As his gaze followed the turn of the brass foot rail, it stopped at a very well turned ankle and calf. The calf terminated in a firm thigh, draped in a very soft-appearing fabric. Her waist was trim, and led his eyes to a very ample chest. The dress flattered every inch of her, clung nicely without making her look like a hooker....

He realized he was staring, when his eyes met hers. Green. Sparkling. Expertly made up. God, she was gorgeous. He couldn't take his eyes from hers. She kept his gaze......... and smiled. He felt his pulse quicken. And then his heart nearly stopped.

A fellow around the same age as he sat next to her, putting his arm around her waist. Still looking at him, she pouted....and turned back to her cocktail on the bar.

This guy was clearly overserved. He was slurring his words a bit, and talking a little too loudly.
And, it was clearly embarrassing the lovely lady.

"Excuse me," I said, approaching the two of them at the bar. "I couldn't help but're getting a little's disturbing my dessert". Green Eyes turned and looked at her 'companion'...
....waiting for his response......

Overserved turned on his seat, and looked at me through bleary eyes.....false bravado rising within him.
"Don't", I said. "Just keep it down to a civil level, please". He stood, sort of, and faced me.....
"C'mon man, I just wa......." that was as far as I got before Overserved started his swing. He telegraphed his move before his fist was in motion. His right fist swung up and toward my head, and I raised my left arm to block the 'punch', at the same time striking him with a half-fist, half-knuckle pulled punch just below his adams apple. His eyes got real big and round, and he sat down, hard....his hands now at his throat. The blow was not hard enough to crush the tracheal rings, but hard enough to cause him to forget everything around him..... he couldn't breathe very well all of a sudden.

I turned to Green Eyes..."I'm sorry to disturb your evening.....but he gave me no choice"..
"Not a problem..... no worries about him. He was buying me a couple of drinks, and presumed a little more than he should", she said.

By now Overserved had vanished into the men's room.
"May I invite you to my booth?" I asked her.
"Yes, you may", she said, and got up from the stool, walking to where I had been sitting, and sat down.
I sat next to her, marveling at how good she smelled. Like she'd just stepped out of a shower, and flowers. She smiled at me, as I made myself comfortable. Beautiful, sweet smile.

"Christi", she said, and held her hand out to me.
"Robert", I said, taking her offered hand. Electricity. Warmth. Connection.
"May I ?", she said, reaching for my glass.
"Be my guest", I said. She picked up the bucket, took a sip...."Mmm, very nice", she said.
I motioned to the waitress standing at the bar, who had been witness to the entire mini-drama. She roused herself and walked to the table.
"Two more, please", I said. Waitress nodded and slid away toward the bar.

I was looking at this visage of femininity next to me......
"Silk", she said.
"What?!", I replied.
"My dress. You were staring at it, at me, weren't you?"
"Yeah, yes.... I was. It's very nice on you...wonderful...", I managed.
"I really enjoy the material", she said.
"Me too", I said.
"Hmmm, really..", she said, raising an eyebrow as the drinks arrived.

From that point on we talked about nothing in particular, enjoying the lovely single-malt, and each other's company......
Soon it became evident the restaurant was closing, and we stood....
I left enough cash on the table to cover the tab, and a nice tip for the excellent service, and we made our way to the front door.
The evening was cool, and a breeze wafted over us. it was suddenly.... Awkward. I looked at her, as she looked at me.

She moved close, facing me, tilting her head up a bit, her glossy lips slightly open. Drawing me like a magnet. I suddenly was thirsty again...for her lips, her lips met hers, our tongues caressing one another ... Awkward no more, we wrapped our arms around each other, deepening the kiss. Her warmth seeped through the silk dress....he became even more aroused.......

She felt it, hard against her...she wanted to feel his cock in her hand..but resisted the urge to act on her impulse..

They broke the kiss...., stepping back a bit..... letting the small exploding stars calm down...... Of course they were in his imagination, probably due to the fact that he forgot to breathe....

"Robert", she said, "Please.....come home with me?" She couldn't believe she was inviting a (nearly) total stranger to her house... He could be.......anything, anybody..... was she out of her mind?

"Yes, Christi", he nearly blurted.....too anxious, it'll scare her away..she doesn't even know me....shit, slow down, he told himself.

"Follow me?", she said. He nodded in affirmation. Reluctantly they went to their respective vehicles. She drove off with him close behind.
Soon they had pulled up to a nice bungalow home, with lots of flowers
all around. They parked, she in the driveway, he at the curb. They met at her front door. Again she moved to him, and he to her.... deep into another kiss, she opened the front door without looking, and they both nearly tumbled through the door frame.

Regaining composure, they walked into the living room,...she continued to the kitchen. "Another Scotch?", she inquired...
"I've only got McCallan,"..... she apologized..
"Nothing wrong with McCallan......wonderful", I replied.

She came out of the kitchen, handed me the drink. "I'm going to get more comfortable", she said..
"Wait", I said. "I like,.....I mean, the dress is fine......You, ah...", I stammered...
"You like the dress? Or is it the material?", she said.
"I..... I find the silk most appealing. It adds to a sensual experience", I tried to explain.
"It's okay", she said. "I'll find something we'll both like". She disappeared into another part of the house.

I had just gotten my heart-rate back to somewhat normal when Christi came back into the room. She was now wearing a very loose fitting long blue dressing-gown. It was beautiful, it was silk. It was exquisite, and made her eyes even more lovely.
She came close and sat down next to me on her very big couch.
"God I hope you aren't some kind of eightball, 'cause I am really attracted to you", she whispered in my ear.
I leaned into her, close to her ear, and whispered, " ..and I hope you are not a guy in drag...... 'cause you are just too beautiful".

Her laughter was almost musical, and contagious....... I laughed along with her.

"Touch me", she said. "Please.....touch me", she whispered..
I touched her. Reaching out I cupped her left breast in my right hand. It was wonderful. Heavy in my hand, covered in the exquisite silk, I caressed her..... Her nipple grew against my touch, and I rubbed it gently with my thumb.
"MMmmmm, yeah....yes....feels so good...", she said, leaning close and beckoning me with those luscious lips.. I pulled her to me with my free hand. We kissed hungrily, and I continued to caress her.... I was nearly fully erect within the confines of my pants.....
This time she didn't stop herself. Both her hands went to my pants, and she deftly undid the belt, waist, and zipper. I felt her soft hand close around my cock and squeeze.
"Come for me", she she began to stroke my cock, slowly.
Nearly breathless from the feel of her, and the kiss, and now her hand on me..."What..wait...but....we..don't you......" I tried to speak...

"We've got lots of time....we can come many times tonight. I want to see you come, see your come run over my hand", she whispered..

"Christi", I said, as her hand moved on my hardness....." wrap me in silk."
Her eyes seemed to brighten, and she took a handful of her gown and wrapped my cock in it, stroking me with a silken gentleness....
"You really do like my silks, don't you?" , she asked...
"Yes...... Yes...... a real fetish for it", I said...closing my eyes, feeling the incredible sensation of her silky grasp...
"How much of a fetish, baby?", she asked, never slowing her steady stroking of my so very hard cock....
I opened my eyes, looking into hers..."A big fetish, Christi"....
She was watching my cock now, as she moved it in and out of the buttery-smooth silk...."You like to wear it?" She asked...
"No.....", I replied...
Again she looked into my eyes.....she could feel me getting close...My breathing becoming rapid now....
"What then,..........Tell me", she said..
"I........., I like to watch it being.......... ruined", I said, looking into her eyes again...
"Ruined?, Really? Tell me how Robert", she said, stroking me faster now, she could tell this was driving me nuts...,
"Ruining silks is a terrible thing", she said, smiling, watching the head of my member moving in, and out of the handful of her gown...
"Do like to tear it, rip it apart? Or cut it with scissors....? Or like to burn it?", she asked..
She sensed my reactions......"Ah-h-h, so it's fire, then....."
"No...not, fire", I whispered...."heat...extreme heat....oh, god..Christi"...I was going to come, I couldn't stop now...
"Hmmmmm, yes honey....yes....come for me...let me see you come", she I released in her grasp...she kept stroking me, paying attention to the head now, as my semen escaped me, filling the silk, and her seemed like it lasted for minutes on end, when in reality it was merely seconds. But what heavenly seconds they were.

She kept gently stroking me until there was no more left in me, and she cleaned the sticky liquid off of both of us with the silk she wore.
That too, was erotic....the disregard she had for obviously expensive gown......
"So.... it's extreme heat that turns your crank, is it?" she asked, finding her glass and taking a pull from it....
"Actually, I said, 'it's ironing the silk. I become really turned on watching a woman ironing". I myself had found my own glass and took a healthy sip. The liquid warmed my guts, and blended nicely with the recent orgasmic sensations that lingered..

"I'm going to change. I seem to have made a mess of my gown", she said, smiling as she walked out of the room once again. "Get out of those clothes", I heard her say from somewhere in another room..

Shedding my pants,socks,shoes,and shirt, I relaxed into her plush couch. And then once again, Christi emerged into the room. This time wearing more of a long slip...almost a nightgown, but a little closer fitting. Pink it was. With lace at the neck and the hem, a nice diamond inset of it just below her breasts...... Gods, those breasts..

"You tell me what your fetish must have one", I inquired.
"Yes... I do", she said. "But it's not destroying my lingerie"....
I thought to myself, "damn, once again this fetish of mine is going to get in the way of a possibly wonderful experience".....

"I'm a submissive", she said. "I enjoy being.....'told'.....what to do".
"I become excited within the conflicts that sometime arise when I'm in a situation", she added.
"Now, that could be....interesting", I replied.
"Yes......couldn't it?", she said, reaching out her hands, beckoning me to rise. I did so, and she moved up against me.....lifting her lips to mine again...offering them to me. I accepted. I became lost in the feel of her soft lips, and her tongue moving against mine....searching, caressing...I pulled her closer...caressing her butt, gently was firm, but ample, sexual....the silk she wore glided between my hand and her skin.. amazingly I began to feel myself coming back to life already....
"Ooooh...good", she said, pulling from the kiss. "I want to play some more". Now she took me by the hand and led me into the back of her home. We walked into what was probably a spare bedroom. There, set up in the room was what appeared to be a laundry room of sorts.
"This is where I do all my folding, and my ironing", she said.
She squeezed my hand. I stood there for a minute, taking it in....
Again, the squeeze. AH, my cue! Of course...

"I'd like you to iron for me. I want to watch you", I said.
"Well.....okay', she pouted a little..'if I must". She walked behind the board, and stood there. I looked around the room....and walked to a folding table. On it lay several pieces of clothing, among them some of her lingerie. I picked up a white, floor length, nightgown. It was apparently a washable silk, because it was pretty well wrinkled, as if it had just been washed, and set out to dry...

"I believe this will do quite nicely", I said, handing her the nightgown.
"'s in need of a pressing. It's one I cherish, so I don't trust it to any drycleaners. I hand wash and dry it, and iron it myself", she volunteered.

Christi lay the almost heavy silk out on her board....smoothing it with her hands. She then took a spray bottle and very lightly sprayed a mist of some kind of fragranced water over the gown. She then lay a cloth over the gown, and turned to her iron.
It seemed she was moving with almost exaggerated slowness, as she turned the heavy iron so that she could see the temperature dial that was located on the body of the iron. I noticed the dial was not round, but rather shaped like a sort of blunt arrow. This was an old iron.
"How long have you had that?" I asked.
"It's my Mom's. I just couldn't bear to part with it. It must be sixty years old. I've had it repaired at least ten times", she said.
"I'll probably hang on to it, even after it quits for good"
"That's why you use the spray bottle?", I queried.
"'s a I have to provide the moisture another way"..

"Okay then", I 'commanded'...."Iron your nightgown for me"...
Her eyes sort of half-closed, and her mouth parted just the tiniest bit..
"Yes Robert", she said, in a tone I had not heard from her yet. A mixture of fear and lust...She turned the dial on the iron just barely...I could hear it click as soon as she did....

My heart rate jumped....She just stood there, looking at me...smiling as the iron clicked...heating the old soleplate....her left hand brushing the crotch of her slip....

She tilted her head, just a little, as if to say.....well?
I was speechless, though. Lost in just taking in the sight of this beautiful woman, dressed in a lovely silk slip, standing behind her ironing board, her long gown laid-out on the board.....
It stirred whatever lives inside me that fuels my fetish..... I could feel myself getting face flushing.

Christi picked up the iron, and, with exaggerated slowness, she lowered the iron onto the gown....beginning to move it the length of it.
She watched my cock grow as she moved the iron over the silk...a bit of steam rising from the moistened gown and cover-cloth.

"Mmmmm, this is nice, she said. This always soothes me anyway....and now..... ". A smile was on her face, her lips slightly open. I could see the tip of her tongue as it moistened her lower lip..

I moved close to the board. "Turn up the iron" I told her.
"Oh....Robert, she said. Must I?"
"Yes, I said, one notch".
"Robert, listen", she said."This is a very special nightgown. Not just one of my many silk ones, but one that carries a special memory for me".
"Go on", I said, as she picked up some of the gown draped on my side of the board, and wrapped my hard cock in it. She began to move it on me, with the gentlest of touches, very, very slowly.
"It's what I wore the first time I had sex. And it was wonderful. He was so gentle, and attentive to my every want. Very patient with me. I remember every wonderful moment".

"I want you to remember me, now", I said. "I want this to be the memory that overshadows that one".

"That will have to be a singular experience, Robert", she said, watching herself as she ironed, and moved her hand on me.

"Turn up the iron", I said. "Another notch".

"God, Robert... This is wrong. I can't harm this gown".

"Turn it up it," I commanded.

"Yes, Robert", she said. That look of near rapture and sadness coming over her face again.
Her thumb moved the dial again.....
"Remove the cover cloth", I said.
"Robert.... Look, darling......" she started
"Remove the cloth, Christi".

Christi pulled the cloth off of the silk, exposing it to the bare soleplate of the iron.....and now it was up nearly two settings too high.....
"Iron it for me Christi", I said, as she began to touch me again..

"Baby I think the iron is a little too hot...", she said, holding the iron up and over the gown....

"Show me how hot it is"...I said. "Iron for me"..

She lowered the iron to the gown, and began to iron, as before.
We could smell the hot material, but it was not scorching....but right on the cusp...
"Please, Robert, don't make me do know I can't say no.....please", she said, a mixture of emotions at work within her.

I could see the sexual excitement of being told what to do....and doing something as horrible as ruining a valued silk treasure, she was right on the fence..... it was driving her crazy, and it was driving me crazier.

We said nothing as she ironed her nightgown, moving the iron just fast enough over the delicate silk to keep it from scorching....once in a while she'd let go of me, as she turned the gown on the board, and then resume her touch..... I was in HEAVEN.....

"Christi", I said.
"Yes" she whispered.
"You know what I want"
"Yes, I do".
"Tell me".
"You want me to ruin my gown"
"And what if I told you to turn the iron up all the way?"
"Oh....oh, god. I don't want to do that"
"What if I ordered you to do it?"
"Then, then....... I would comply, master."

There it was. Her fantasy realized. And mine as well..... I savored this moment. Froze it in time and committed every nuance to memory....

"Turn up the iron, Christi. Turn it all the way up...I , I command you."

"Yes master", she said. She was clearly excited now too. Her nipples were rock hard under the slip, and I could see spots of moisture at the crotch of her slip, which was pressed against her as she leaned on the ironing board.
She thumbed the dial, slowly, as if she knew I was watching every movement she made, and that seeing her moving that dial into such dangerous territory would fuel the fire...
She began to iron her gown again....this time, very slowly.....

She pulled me close to the ironing board, my cock in her hand full of silk,......."I want you to come on my gown too....", she said...

Now the old iron was heating fast. We could smell the beginnings of scorching silk....."Oh, shit, Robert...It's going to burn, I can't, I just can't burn it!"
"Yes you can, Christi.....I command it of you", I said, the words not sounding right coming out of my mouth..
"Master.....yes, yes master...."she moaned.

I reached across the board and found her crotch with my hand, and she spread her legs a bit for me, allowing me to press some of the already damp silk of her slip against her clit.....hard as a steel ballbearing....she jumped a little as I slowly massaged it.....

She could barely keep all this going at once.....stroking my cock, moving the very hot and getting hotter iron over her gown, and my fingers deftly bringing her close to climax....

She pulled me even closer now, my silk encased cock right over the gown on the board, my fingers between the slickness of her pussy-lips..She began a soft mewing....looking me in the eyes, her pupils grew large....Smoke was rising between us....We both looked down to see the iron was burning a nearly black trail along the dress of the gown... she moved it close to my cock...."Come for me", she said..."Please, now...come"....
She moved her hand on me more urgently, as I pressed and massaged her clit....finally sliding my two fingers inside her hot vagina...

"Aaahhh....', she hissed as her orgasm built.... The iron sat on one spot of her gown between us, her hand pressing it into the silk....smoke rising from the burning gown.......
She looked down at my cock, as she could feel my orgasm coming..the hard muscle beginning to pulse as the come raced up the shaft....
"Yyeesss! " she cooed...."Yesss", "yes" yes.....

She began to climax....staring at my cock in her hand, and her other holding the hot iron onto the burning silk......I felt her pussy clench my fingers, and she loosed a torrent of wetness that soaked through the slip, running over my hand. That did it...
I went over the knees nearly buckling as the climax took me.. my cock spurted semen over the silk she held me in, and onto the burning silk beneath, a slight hiss as the come hit the burned gown...
She moved the iron a bit as she convulsed a little with her own climax, it had been so hot the silk had come apart, and now was in dark brown smoking tatters beneath it...

As our mutual orgasms subsided, she started ironing the gown again.....
The iron was incredibly hot. Everywhere she touched it to the silk, it burned it...
I stood there, fascinated, as she methodically ironed the entire gown...from the delicate silk lace at the bodice, over the breast, onto the dress...then turning it.....and ironing the sides...Smoke rising from the destruction as she did so....
Until the entire gown was burned. It was intact, but not one square inch was not burned by the iron, the darkest spot on the front with the large stain of my climax soaked into it.

She put the iron on it's heel, and turned it off.

"I need a quick shower, to join me?" she asked, dropping the slip to the floor... I did want to join her, .... in the worst way now...

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