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I walked in through the front door, coming home from a long hard day at work. As I walked in, and began tking my jacket off, I could hear the sound of moans coming from the bedroom upstairs. "Valerie must be watching a porn, getting ready for me" I think, smiling.

I quickly went into the downstairs bathroom, looking into the mirror and smiling. I quickly undressed, and reached into the cabinet and grabbed the collar and chain and whip for my sexy slave. My cock throbbed, as I climbed the stairs, the moans getting louder.

As I walked into the bedroom, I stopped, shocked, as I saw Valerie taking a huge cock deep into her pussy, her eyes closed in ecstasy. Our neighbor, Bill, was pounding his young, hard, thick cock into my fiancee's tight pussy.

"What the fuck?!?" I said shocked, as Valerie opened her eyes and smiled at me. Bill merely nodded his head and continued to fuck my finacee's sweet pussy. As I stepped closer to the bed, rough hands grabbed me from the side, as Bill's friend, Chuck, grabbed me and held me still so another of his friends could put the collar onto my neck.

I looked around, helpless, as I was led like a dog to the corner, where the leash was given to the Valerie. She smiled, as she told Bill she would finish fucking him in a second.

Valerie crawled off of the bed, pulling me by the leash to her. She smiled, telling me that she has wanted to experience group sex for some time, but was afraid I wouldn't enjoy it. "Although you obviously do," she said, smiling, and patting my throbbing, hard cock.

I moaned at the touch, as she smiled and crawled back onto the bed, on hands and knees, looking at me, as Bill got behind her, his cock going deep into her wet pussy in one quick stroke. I stared in awe as my fiancee was fucking our neighbor in front of me, her tits bouncing with each hard stroke.

I groaned when Bill began smacking her ass, calling her "Slut" "Bitch" and "Whore" with each hard stroke. I thought she would get mad at him, but if anything, it seemed to turn her on more. With each insult, she would blush beet red and scream at him to fuck her.

I attempted to stand up, about to put my throbbing cock in her face when I was roughly shoved back into my seat. Chuck and his friend, whose name wound up being Carl, grabbed things from out of my closet and began tying me to the back of the chair.

When they were finished, I was restrained against the chair with a group of my own business ties, tied together tightly, and securing me. Valerie looked, smiling evily, and began to pull roughly on the leash with each brutally hard stroke.

I watched, as jealousy was deep in my stomach, as Bill fucked her with no mercy, until suddenly, he grabbed her hips, holding her against him. I could tell from the expression on his face that he was cumming, deep inside my fiancee's wet pussy. I could aslo tell my fiancee loved it, as Valerie moaned, and looked back at him pouting "Are you really finished?" she asked in a pitiful voice.

Bill pulled his still semi hard cock out, and Chuck stepped back to take his place. I stared in awe as Valerie cleaned her pussy juices from Bills sloppy cock with her eager mouth. Something she would never do for me.

I gasped, as Chuck's cock was even bigger than mine. I wondered how she was going to take it all, but in the back of my mind, I was excited to see it happen. My cock throbbing, being tortured in that i couldn't even touch it.

I saw as Carl walked to the side of the bed, and began to kiss Valerie's back, right on her tattoo, which drives her wild. Chuck began to ease his huge rod in, inch by slow inch, as Valerie continued to moan.

Carl reached down, and began to roughly handle Valerie's B cup tits. Roughly pinching her nipples, pulling them, slapping her tits as Chuck began to get into a groove, fucking faster now, as Valerie's pussy must have stretched to accomodate him.

Valerie squealed with delight each time her tits were manhandled. I could see her shaking her hips, grinding her ass against Chuck each time he rammed deep into her pussy. It looked like her eyes were going to bug out with each stroke, he was filling her up more than my cock ever could.

I saw Valerie shaking, in the midst of orgasm as she came all over Chucks cock, with Carl still abusing her tits. As she came, Valerie pulled on the leash, pulling me forward, as I could barely breathe now, she pulled still tighter. Chuck began to fuck furiously now, pounding away at her pussy in a frenzy, and in no time, he grabbed her hips and released his load of cum deep in her pussy just as Bill had.

Valerie looked at me and smiled, lust in her eyes, as she asked Carl if he was going to abuse her pussy like he had abused her tits. Carl groaned, and took his pants off, revealing a dick that was close to the size of mine.

Carl sneered at me, "I am going to fuck your woman like she has never benn fucked before," he said, as he rammed his cock deep in her pussy.

Valerie moaned, arching her back, as Carl continued to furiously fuck her, pulling her hard roughly, smacking her ass harder than it had been previously been spanked. I watched as he kept fucking her, going longer than I had thought possible.

Valerie moaned, cumming numerous tiimes, before Carl finally jerked his throbbing cock out of her pussy, and walked to the foot of the bed. He looked at he as Valerie scrambled over to him. He smiled, as he shot a huge load of cum all over her pretty face, getting some in her hair.

Carl laughed, then grabbed Valerie by the hair and forced her head down, making her clean his cock off. After a minute or two, he smiled and slapped her tits, HARD, then the guys got dressed and left.

Valerie looked at me, smiling, and cut the ties with a pair of scissors, finally releasing me from my prison. She patted my obscenly hard cock, and laid on her back, using the leash to guide my face to her freshly fucked pussy.

I didn't need written instructions. I began to lap at her pussy, cleaning her with my tongue, After cleaning her well fucked pussy, I was directed to her face. I immediatley licked her pretty face clean, and was finally permitted to fuck her sweet pussy. I could tell she would never be as tight as she was, after Chucks enormous cock, but still was cumming in less than 5 minutes. We curled together, completely spent, and slept naked, with the collar still around my neck. I now know my place with my lovely girlfriend.

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