Sharing the tongue
It has been such seemingly long time since our last get together. A draught that I did not enjoy and now I crave your arrival.

Carefully, I procede with my dinner plans. Some white wine, shrimp salad, lobster tails, fresh picked corn, rice, some steamed veggies and roasted little neck clams were all prepared and waiting to be savored.
In the background a little Kenny G playing softly.

Finally, the knock at the door I have been waiting for. I slowly open the door and my arm wraps immediately around my love. I pull you tight against me. Our lips meet and our tongues pursue exploring each others mouth. As our tongues slide and dart each other, my erection boldly forces itself against her pelvic bone. Gently we grind at each other while moaning and groaning. My hand slips down and my fingers find your crevice and your ass. I pull you in tighter slipping one finger slightly against your rosebud.

Finally, we pause and close the front door. We look into each others sparkling eyes and just smile. We each say "It's been too long being away from each other".

I suggest,"Let's have some wine, I have dinner ready if you like to sit down now. Can you help me light the candles while I serve you".

"Wow, you got this done so quickly. It's so perfect. I got over here as soon as I could after a quick shower." she remarks. "I didn't take the time even to put undies on."

"You could of taken a shower over here," I said after slipping a quick kiss to her neck, a nibble and tongue sweep of her ear and then lips.

"I think we will be doing that anyway, sweetheart.
Ahh... the wine is delightful. We may finish off this bottle tonight and maybe more." the lady says with a smile licking her lips.

We continue through the meal. Everything was to perfection. We wander over toward the sofa. We stop midway and embrace. Kissing with our tongues swapping juices I begin to suck on her neck. My hands cupping your breast and I feel her rock hard nipples project. She gently grabs and squeezes my hard on.

I fall to my knees as I lay kissing your torso. Lifting the blouse my tongue dances in and around your belly button. Slowly, I tug and pull to lower the skirt. I see a patch of beautiful hair and continue. Slowly I get to the mound and kiss and breath into the hair waking her clit. Smelling her seductive aroma, I see the clit already wide awake, as it streches out of its hood. I pull down the skirt and see the proof there were no panties. A very quick shower for sure.

In fact a slight stream of nectar was dripping down both sides of her legs. Excitingly I continued to pull off the skirt and tossed it to the side. I shove my face into the bush with my nose bridge up against your clit and bone and start riding and rubbing my forehead. My nose getting a bit wet with the juices so I direct my mouth to lock onto your clit. My tongue gently sweeps and scoups the love crevice as your thighs. You squeeze my head with your hands centering and holding me in the "Y" for this action.

We make it over to the sofa while I'm still on the floor with my mouth trying to stay locked on you. I rest my head on the sofa pillow as you climb onto the sofa cushions and mount your knees and legs on each side of my head. Now, as you thrust down into my face, my tongue pierces your vagina and opens the flood gates. Rocking and just plain fucking my mouth you explode. Your climax dumps the sweet salty nectar down my throat. I gulp it down trying not to spill a drop.

You catch your breath. "Oh baby, I want you to empty into me. Getting up on the couch I sit on the edge and lean back. Then proceding as instructed. While leaning back you get on top of me. Sitting above me, you reach back and grab my dick and partially insert it. The head of my dick pulsing is ready to explode. You clamp down on the helmet and squeeze hard as possible. I groan at my cum release, you thrust into me and continue to ram me to the hilt. I feel your muscles milking my ropes of cum from me. As you milk me, feeling my warmth, you fence with my tongue and squeeze my nipples and just keep my cum flowing in torrents filling you.

We pause and you strighten up. "Hold my hands" you request,"as you lean back while still connected and begin rocking up and down a few times. I finally ask," you really like this, sit-ups?"

"Yes"! "I can pump your cum deeper inside and that makes me more hornier. Okay, now let me get up."

Standing up in front of me, we look into each others eyes. We are so happy being together.

"That was a great dessert" I state. Touching your legs to mine and wiggeling around a bit, a large flow of cum begins to flow out your vagina. "oh my" you exclaim. Want some more desert?"

"Indeed, I do", I savor the moment. "Sit on my face on the floor so I can get it all." I wisper.

So I get down on the rug and you get over my head looking down at my legs. You lower yourself to my mouth and I begin to suck your drippings. You taste so so good. I begin to get hard again. You begin to hump my mouth. More cum is flowing. You begin to moan and laying down on me you begin to suck me. We get into the same movement. Oh 69 is such a great number. I'm feeling your body and mine are in sync and in motion. I feel your fresh cum flow and then cumming release. This triggers my cumming at the same time. We both "O" together. And then you go right into another orgasm. This time adding a slight release of golden nectar as your cumming consumes and relaxes the body. Shaking and squeezing, your welcomed release quenches my thirst for your salty sweet brine and capturing a part of you that I can keep within.

You swing around and we both share the fruits of our tongues. We rest in each others arms while we catch our breath.

What a great feeling of togetherness again.

Shower...will get to it!
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