She's Back
After finishing high school and four years in the Marines I returned to my hometown in upstate New York. I decided that I needed to go to college if I was going to be able to find a decent job. I was interested in law enforcement so I applied at the local Community College. My application was excepted but I would have to wait until the next semester to start in January.

I had a couple of months to wait so I took a parttime job at the Fitness Center. I was experienced in using Cybrex equipment so they
hired me as a instructor and personal trainer. My hours were great Monday through Friday but I only worked from 6 am until 9 am which was great for me because when I go to school I can work my schedule around it.

Early in the morning things are pretty slow at the fitness center after the early morning group finishes about seven a.m. so I usually get a chance to have a cup of coffee and check out the news. Suddenly my phone rang and the girl at the front desk told me she was sending down a lady for orientation on the cybrex machines, she said her name was Sandy. I got out my clipboard and put the machine stat sheet on it and laid it down, now I was ready for meeting Sandy.

I got on my feet and suddenly before my eyes appeared Sandy, who I know as Mrs. T. I was dumbfounded, I stammered, Mrs. T. she was as surprised as I was. Bernie, she said what a surprise. I must tell you now that when I was in the tenth grade Mrs. T. and I had a secret affair for about six months. I was big for my age and a friend of her son Ricky. She must of been horny one night and I happened to be available so she made a move on me and I couldn't resist her and we ended up secret lovers. She taught me everything I know about sex. In other words she fucked my brains out until she moved out of town because her husband got a promotion.

Are you working here, she said. Yes I replied. I heard you were in the Marines. I told her I got out about a month ago. I asked her what she was doing here. She said she had been back about six months, her husband got another promotion and was sent back here to work.

She said don't I get a hug or something, laughing. We embraced and she kissed me and said you look terrific. I pushed away and said you look as good as I remember. She was wearing a pair of spandex shorts and a pullover shirt with spaghetti straps. She looked terrific, her breasts filled it out nicely mmmmm she looked hot hot hot. She said are you going to show me how to use the machines? I smiled and said, I sure am. I'm a pro now. She laughed again and said "This is a role reversal you know." I said I will be entirely professional about it." Is it going to be a private lesson? she said. I said yes, nobodys here but us. With that she put her arms around me and kissed me slidding her tongue in my mouth and started grinding her pussy against my now rising hardon. I had all I could do to back away from her. Not here I said, I need this job. Let me show you the machines. Ok she said but you have to promise me you will come out to my new house and see me. I will sometime, I promise. Well, we got through the orientation, not without its moments. Mrs. T. has long reddish brown hair, I guess they call it auburn. She has 36c size tits that almost fell out of her shirt on a couple occassions while doing the machines. When we finished she said she was here with her girl friend so she had to go. She gave me her phone number and told me to call her real soon. I said I would so she blew me a kiss because people were starting to come in and left. O my God I said to myself, that woman is soooo hot. Just thinking about her started to get my cock hard again.

My shif ended so as I was going out the door when I heard someone call my name. I turned around and Mrs. T was standing by the door. I stopped and she came over to me and said. My friend had some erands to run so I told her that I would get a ride home. Will you give me a ride home? I looked at her (she knew that I couldn't refuse her). Sure I said my truck is over here. She smiled and followed me to the truck. We got in and she said, I'll be good while you are driving. Ok I said where do you live? That's why I waited for you, she said, I forget to give you my address, so I took a chance that you might be going my way.
Go up on the lake road, we bought a home right on the lake. Nice, I said Stan must be doing all right for himself. He's the new superintent at the prison. That's great, I said. What is he going to say when he sees me driving you home? He won't say anything because he has gone to the mountains hunting with his brother and a bunch of prison guards. They have a cabin up near Lake Placid. He won't be back until next Monday. Besides, I don't think he'd care anyway. I think he has a girlfriend. Are you kidding me I said, he's fucking around when he's got you at home. What is he queer? She laughed and moved over next to me, she kissed me on the cheek, nibbled on my ear and said you are so nice. I could feel my cock getting hard and she noticed and slid her hand in my lap and started rubbing my cock. MMMM she said, It looks like Mr. Softy is getting excited. Oh boy, I said to myself what am I doing.

We arrived at the house. It was beautiful, there was woods all around and it was right on the lake. I parked the truck and followed her to the house. We were no sooner in the house when she was in my arms kissing me sucking on my tongue her hand slid down inside my sweat pants and grabbed my big hardon, oooh she said somebody has grown up. I pulled her shirt off and her big tits were in my hands. Come on she said I'll show you the bedroom. By the time we got to the bedroom we were both naked. I kissed her all over, I laid her on the bed and started kissing her, I sucked on her big tits. Her nipples were hard and sticking straight up. I sucked them in my mouth and nibbled on her hard nipples she moaned and I kissed my way down her belly she spread her legs wide and presented her sopping pussy to my face. I licked her juices she moaning as I nibbled on her swollen clip, Oooooo she moaned, she grabbed a handful of my hair and started fucking my hot tongue. Ooooo baby make me cum oooohhhh I ran two fingers into her pussy while I sucked on her clit. Ohoooooo Baby fuck me fuck me. I slid back up her body and sucked on her tits some more my two fingers still fucking her sopping wet pussy I was just ready to fuck her when the telephone rang next to the bed. I almost jumped out of my skin. She laughed, and said I better answer that it will be Stan. I rolled off her and she reached over across me for the phone grabbing my cock and stroking it as she said hello.

When did you get there, she said. Then she said is everything Ok? Thats nice, she said. What am I doing? Right now, she said. I am eating a banana as she bent down and licked the head on my dick. I quickly put the pillow over my head to muffle my laughter. You will never guess who I ran into at the gym, she said. Remember Ricky's friend Bernie. Yes, the marine, he's home now. He said he is going to school. Yes he asked about you. Ok you have to go. Call me tomorrow if you get a chance. I miss you, goodbye.

I took the pillow off my head laughing as she almost swallowed my big cock. Oh my God I said as I grabbed her head and started fucking her mouth. She deep throated me and started to gag. Oooooo Baby I said, I haven't been laid lately, if you keep that up you are going to get a mouthful of hot cum, MMMMMM she said I hope so. The next thing I know she stops and throws her legs over my head, lowering her sopping pussy to my face. I started licking her clit as her juices cover my face. She sucked my cock deep in her throat as we were now in a 69 position. She ground her pussy in my face as she fucked my hot rod with her mouth. Suddenly by cock exploded filling her mouth with my hot cummmmmm oooooooh. She sucked and sucked swallowing every drop of my hot cum. She rolled off of me and sat on my chest. She leaned down and kissed me sliding her tongue in my mouth. I could taste my own cum as our tongues entwined.

You taste wonderful she said. I love your cock. I loved your cock before but the full grown version is everything a girl could dream about. What did the marines feed you, you are hung like a pony. She reached back and grabbed my big cock slowly stroking it as it rose back to life. It was rock hard as she straddle it. She spread the lips on her cunt and slowly lowered her pussy on my shaft OOOOOhhhhh she moaned as she guided my big throbing cock inch into her tight pussy. I pushed and suddenly my big cock filled her sopping wet cunt until I was buried deep in her. She started to rise almost to the tip of my cock only to lower herself back down on me. Ohhh God she said, let me get use to it, OOOOhhhhh its so big. I let her slide up and down on me until I knew she was comfortable. I put my arms around her squeezing her big tits, I rocked her back and started to slowly pound my big cock into hot sopping pussy. I fucked her and fucked her she screamed as I buried my hot rod in and almost out of her beautiful cunt. Her cunt muscles gripped my cock as we fucked and fucked she cried don't stop cum with me and suddenly we climaxed together, Ooooooh Baby she said as she fell into my arms. I can't move, she kissed me and we both fell asleep. Can you stay all night she said. The end for now.

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