She Lied
His question, any plans for new year's eve, caught her off guard. She lied to him, saying she was going to be at her boyfriends house, was easier and better then the truth.

Wishing each other a happy new year, she watched him leave, pushing his cart of groceries, her eyes drifting down to his ass.

She tried to ignore the heat in her body, turning, started scanning her next customer's groceries, she felt her panties dampen.


Putting on a false smile as she entered the banquet room, Shannon was surprised how crowded the room was. She remembered, this was a joining of book club members from all the neighboring towns. She was relieved the idea of dressing as your favorite character from literature was voted down. She would have felt silly, dressed as Mary Poppins.

A glass of water downed punch in her hand, she scanned the room, all the guys looked a bit nerdy, very serious minded. She craved a little fun, maybe some adventure too.

She turned, thinking it was a friend from her book club taping on her shoulder. Shocked, open mouth, she stared, his smile making her clench and twitch where he could not see. "Boyfriend couldn't be here? Neither could mine." For a moment, her mind pleaded, oh no, don't be gay. His laugh was warm, assuring her he was only kidding.

Kissing her hand, his lips sparking a wire on her hand that flooded her body with heat. "Happy new year, Shannon." He remembered her name, her hand not held by his went to her chest, where her name tag would be at work. "My name is Bill."

Laughing was so easy with him, she had tears in her eyes when he tasted his punch, his lips grimacing in disgust. "Wow, a little punch with water?" He took a flask out of his pocket, offered to Shannon, "ladies first?" Smiling, she held out her cup, a few drops or rich brown liquid, then a few in his. Their punch was much more tastier.

The room swelled with people later, conversation became difficult, they needed to shout more as the evening wore on. Laughing at a joke he told her, tears running down her cheeks, he took her hand, leading her out of the room. "Where are we going?"

"Care for some air?" Others had the same idea, a pack of people milled outside the entrance. "Let's find somewhere we can be alone." Was it the booze? They only had two cups of his tasty punch. Her being completely comfortable with him? Yes, but she attributed her wanting to be alone to the pounding of her heart when he took her hand.

Spotting a cleaning cart outside a room, Bill led her down the hall. The door was open, peeking in, he saw a woman cleaning the bathroom. Bill put a finger to his lips, then they tip toed in, quickly hiding in a closet. "We're alone," he whispered, "I don't think she'll come in here." Standing very close, hand still linked, they kissed.

It wasn't long before the woman left, closing the door to the room behind her. Long enough though, Bill had no shirt on, his pants opened, zipper down. Shannon only had her bra and panties on. Her panties soaked, clinging to her swollen lips. Backing out of the closet seconds after the woman departed, she was carried in Bill's arms, her legs dangling above the floor. His hands cupped under her ass, their mouths glued together.

Falling onto the bed, she reached behind, unclasping her bra, his kissing making her head spin, her toes curl.

After months of stroking himself, seeing this brown eyed beauty in his mind's eye, she was in bed with him. Shannon too, discretely watching him, checking his ass as he walked away, her fingers bring on powerful orgasms.

Her fingers slid under his pants, squeezing, finally, his sexy ass. Her pussy was dripping as he sucked her nipple, stiffing in his mouth. Nibbling it made her moan freely, no longer needing to stifle when they were in the closet. His pants came down when he swallowed her other nipple. Her hand stroking his huge cock, pulsating in her palm.

Spreading her legs as soon as her saturated panties slipped off her feet. His mouth devoured her, licking, sucking her lips. Fingers holding them open, tasting her nectar off the folds. Twitching, shaking, her body bearing down, biting her lower lip, her body arched as her orgasm tore her apart.

Sucking his balls, her tongue rolling one, then the other around. Licking his shaft, loving how unbelievable hard he is. As soon as she sucked the head in her mouth, his cock slid in between her lips. Its length flatting her tongue, his moan made her smile. She sucked hard, her dreamy nights now fulfilled.

Needing no guiding, so many times did he do this by himself. Her teeth grazed his shoulder when his cock entered her silky folds. She moaned at his welcome violation, biting his flesh from his thrust.

Her silky tightness had him biting his lip, holding back his cock's want to cum from her contractions, her cum bathing him. Digging her nails into his ass, his thrust slow and deep. Her core melting around him, waves of intense pleasure her fingers could never produce.

Guiding him in, never did she ride a guy, his size making her gasp as she lowered herself on its girth. His hot rod of iron, slippery from her pussy, took away her essence, her nice person, she wanted to be fucked!

Sucking her nipples, his hands squeezing her ass, spreading her cheeks. A finger toying with her tight hole. "Put it in," gasping, her pussy fucking his cock, cumming, waves of nectar washing down his thick stem. Contracting so hard, she fought to keep from passing out when his fingertip opened her hole. She squirted, never before did she.

Driving in hard, fast, and oh so fucking deep! His cock ramming, pounding her pussy, splashing from her releases.

On the floor, her ass being burned from the carpet, her cum drenching it. He's bulging inside her, making her cum again. She lost count at 27. There is a loud chorus counting down, "10, 9, 8," expanding in her, stretching her pussy. "5, 4, 3, 2, 1!" HAPPY NEW YEAR! It was lost to her ears. His moan, her's, blocked out any sound as his cock shook from its release. Cum drenched her walls, long ropes splashed deep into her core. He shook a full minute after midnight, filling her with creamy seed.

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