She Was Fucking Perfect
I was 51, I remember ‘cause we had just moved into the house we're still living in now. I was in the grocery store of all places, and I went through a checkout line where I was the only one there. It was first thing in the morning and there was hardly anyone in the store. This guy was ringing me up, and I just happened to notice that the other checker behind him, a Hispanic woman I had seen several times before, didn't have any customers and she was looking my way. In fact, after a second or two I realized she was looking into my eyes unwaveringly. She was staring steadily into my eyes and she wasn't smiling, she looked intense. No shit, every time I looked her way this woman was looking at me.

It really got my attention, and I couldn't figure out why she was looking at me like that for so long. I wasn't thinking, I guess I just followed my instincts, and I paid the guy and said I forgot to get something, so I went back into the store and picked up a bottle of ketchup lol. When I went back to check out, I got in this other woman's line. There was one lady ahead of me with just a few things so I waited until they were done. When I moved up to the checker, she gently said good morning and I said hello back. She picked up the ketchup bottle by the neck and smiled as she took her time putting it into a small bag.

I probably said how are you or something (I wanted to say why the fuck have you been staring at me? lol). She said I'm very good, thank you, and handed me the bag, looking directly into my face again. No smile, just her steady gaze. When I took the bag from her our hands briefly touched, and her hand was warm and smooth. I'm such a sex-obsessed bastard I admit that just barely touching her hand like that gave me a rush of pleasure, and all I could think about was the intense look in her eyes when she was staring at me. I started to walk away, and without even thinking I stopped, looked into her eyes and we stared together for a tenth of a second, and I made a fool of myself and said something like "I know you probably work a long day, but what time do you get off?" She wasn't smiling, but her eyes were burning holes in me and with a heavy Spanish accent she quietly said she could leave whenever she needed to if she had something she needed to do. Okay, THAT'S when I felt myself staring to get turned on.

I don't know how old this woman was, but she was past her mid thirties, at least well into her forties, maybe older even, and she probably had four or five kids and a hard working husband who was never there, if he hadn't totally left her already. That's racist, I know, but hell it was probably true, that or something like that.

She said How about you? And I told her I had the whole day free. We both could feel the high level of tension between us and she real quietly, nervously asked if I would like to come over for some coffee.

Fuck fuck fuck, I knew this dark-skinned Mexican bitch was hitting on me o..m..f..g, and I couldn't believe it was actually happening. She said, "I'll meet you in the parking lot on the side of the building," and she turned and walked away. I watched her just for a second and she was headed toward the manager's office.

Yep, it happened. I followed her in my car for four or five miles to her house, where she pulled in the driveway and I parked on the street. She was unlocking the front door as I walked up the yard, then I followed her into her house. She turned toward me and I said I had noticed her looking at me in the store, and she said yeah she'd seen me before lots of times and she had admired me. That's what she fucking said, that she had "admired me."

Then we were kissing, standing there making out real gentle and smooth. Then I felt her tongue sliding by my lips and we started fully, erotically frenching. My cock was so goddam hard I knew she wanted to fuck or she wouldn't be kissing me like this. Then her hand slid down my belly and onto my jeans and she started stroking her hand up and down my cock through my pants, pressing my hard-on as her hand moved up and down my cock. The whole time we were kissing and frenching really hot. Man she was perfect, she smelled so clean and sweet, her black hair smelled sweet, her skin was dark and smooth, and her mouth was aggressive and submissive in just the right ways. Then she wrapped her arms around my neck and I started feeling both her tits through her shirt while we kissed and licked and tongue-fucked with open mouths.

Pretty soon we were in her bedroom, and god everything about her was sexy, she was moving real sexy for me looking at her, and being sexy because she was feeling so damn hot. She grabbed the cover on the bed and threw it off on the floor, leaving just the lavender colored sheets on the bed. She stripped her jeans off omg and grabbed my belt buckle and got my pants open. Pretty quickly we were pulling off her shirt and her pink bra, and we were still kissing, standing beside the bed naked together, and holy shit she was beautiful, a fine fine curvy body, fully-fleshed and shapely in all the right ways, with her pointed brown tits, a good deep belly, and a hot round ass, my god.

I pulled her down onto the bed and she just kind of collapsed or melted on top of me. My god my god holy christ this was a hot mature sex-loving Hispanic woman, and my whole body and my dirty mind were full of fucking lust for her.

No real foreplay except kissing and getting our hands everywhere on each other, feeling each other and pinching each other's nipples as she opened her soft thighs and I climbed between her legs. Godddddddd my hard cock slid up inside her with hardly any effort because she was so fucking wet. Shit, her pussy was deep and her wet crotch smelled deliciously like great sex. And we fucked. We fucked missionary, we fucked laying on our sides facing each other humping our butts together, we fucked while I was sucking her tits and she was fingering her clit. We rolled around the sheets screwing each other all different ways, different speeds, fucking easy and fucking goddam hard.

The look on her face was all about intense sex and all the pleasure she was feeling. Our breathing was heavy, and sometimes she moaned for a while, especially whenever I was grunting heavy and jamming my thick hard cock balls deep inside her, crashing our bodies together.

We were still fucking, she was raising and humping her full ass off the bed, fucking my hard cock when I got my mouth on her ear and groaned, "When do you have to be back, at work I mean?"

She hooked her arms under mine, reaching up and clasping her hands on top of my shoulders, and she used her entire gorgeous naked body fucking me, and gasping, "I took the whole day off."

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