She said she was ready for anything, So...
After spending what seemed like an a lifetime apart, my ex-girlfriend and I decided to give it another whirl. Where she had been in a long term relationship that had lead to an unhappy marriage, I had bounced around, hooked up with some pretty wild and uninhibited women. Over those years I had found out there was a lot of sexual activities that I not only enjoyed participating in, but that I was pretty damn good at!
There was my kinky little S&M hookup, an athletic little blonde that to get off had to have her lean hard body punished severly and at times I questioned just how far to take it, never did find out her limit. A couple of relationships later found a little bondage queen to show me "the ropes", throw in a little rocker girl with a bad addiction for exhibitionism and public sex, the list goes on and on but you get the idea.
I have created a hidden playroom that is set up the basement and over the years I had built up quite a collection of toys and furnishings including a dual rotating "X" table with tie outs, a suspended woven swing, and one of my favs, a Sybian Saddle mounted on a elevated platform just to name a few.
Anyway, back to the my story, Roli and I had met for coffee but the talk quickly escalated to a sexual nature. By the glassy look in her eyes I could she was facinated with these experiences and she remarked that she might be intersted in exploring a few, if not all of them. I had a strong feeling she might be swayed over my dark side and would look forward to the chance to take her there.
Her first experience (of many to come) started out on a rainy Saturday afternoon. She called asking what I was doing and if I'd like some company, She lives about 40-miles away and I told her I'd see her in about an hour.
Roli surprised me when she arrived in 45-minutes with a bottle of wine in hand.
Sitting with a glass of wine at the kitchen table, we talked about life and it's crazy turns, once again the conversation turned sexual in nature.
Working halfway through our second glasses of wine, I told her about the playroom and asked if she wanted to see it. She smiled, her blue eyes lighting up as she nodded yes.
Roli took a deep breath as she desended the stairs leading to the dimly lit playroom, looking around wide-eyed she was in silent awe. She walked around looking and touching the various toys finally stopping at the hanging swing. She swung it back and forth, licking her lips, turning to me she asked to sit in it. I said "go ahead" and was caught a little off-guard and she began to strip her clothes off.
"How do I get in it" she asked, I walked over spread out the webbing so reveal the holes for her legs to slip into, sat for a moment gently swinging back and forth, "so what's next? she asked, I pointed to the straps over her head and told her to put her hands into the loops. Again she swung back and forth, smiling as did, I walked over to her and reached up latching the clasps around her wrists.
"My Turn" I told her as I leaned forward to kiss her on the lips, it started softly and then grew in intensity, my tongue searching out hers. She kissed me back and after a few moments, I pulled back, leaning lower I brought my face level to her breasts, looked up at her whispered "I've really missed playing with these" and then took her left nipple into my mouth nibbling on it and then sucking it into my mouth feeling it swell to my touch. Reaching down I took the right one in my hand and squeezed the flesh firmly, a low moan escaping her lips.
I let go of both nipple and breast, spun the chair until Roli's back was to me. Lifting the hair off the back of her neck, I attacked the sensitive skin with my mouth and tongue. I knew what effect this used to have on her and was happy to see it still did!
Roli was now squirming in the chair, held in place by the wrist bonds, I continued to kiss on her neck, alternating from side to side. I let my free hand work it's way around her body and search out her recently shaven pubic mound.
My fingers searched out her clitoris, spreading her lips, I found the button, rotating my fingertip around the bundle of nerves.
With the swing suspending her legs off the ground, any movement magnified the pressure on both her neck and her clit. She began to thrust her hips forward and my fingler slipped into her wet slippery canal.
I pushed deeper into her and sucked on the nape of her neck harder as she squimed more and more. Her breathing quickened and her breathing became ragged. I pulled my mouth off her neck, looked deeply into the beautiful eyes and then kissed her. Deep, hard demanding sucking on her tongue, her hips pushing her downward onto my finger. She moaned loudly and my hand was soaked with her wetness as she came. I leaned down taking her nipple into my mouth and sucked, causing her to shudder before going limp.
I let her hang there for a couple of minutes before releasing her wrist bonds. I helper her out of the chair and directed her over to the sofa. "Just remember" I told her, you were the one who siad "you were ready for anything! Now onto your hands and knees!" stay tuned for part 2!
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