She talked too much
This is a fantasy and is not intended to condone raping anyone in real life.

Melissa was in her second year at a university in the south of England. She was talkative, in fact she couldn't stop talking and drove other people to distraction. She talked endlessly about how her dad was in the British army and how she'd lived in the Middle East for part of her childhood. She talked tediously about the course she was doing in Middle Eastern Studies. She talked about what she did yesterday or last week or last month. Anything anyone else said was merely an opportunity for her to draw breath and talk with fresh vigour.

She was a pretty girl with short curly fair hair but boys who thought about dating her were usually quickly turned off by her constant rabbiting. (Though she did sometimes mention a wonderful guy she'd met on holiday and that she had slept with him). Girls who were willing to be friendly with her tried to tease her into reforming but it never worked.

One day she was eating midday meal in the student restaurant, sitting at a table with a few other girls who quietly ate their food while she talked in detail about the difficulties of learning Arabic. One by one they got up and left and she finished her meal alone.

Eventually she walked off to return her tray. Two men at a nearby table observed her leave. Tight blouse showed the perkiness of her breasts. And her skirt was short. Very short. Sweet legs. Yes, she would be fanciable if she wasn't so vexatious.

About two o'clock the next morning she was sleeping soundly in her College room (probably dreaming about talking). The door silently opened and two men walked in. They had managed to steal a masterkey from the caretaker's cupboard. The room was dark with just a gleam of light from an outside lamp. They could see the shape of her in bed under a cover.

They had brought a torch for extra illumination. They shone it around and located a bra and a pair of panties lying on a chair. Then they pulled back her sheet and looked at her flimsy white nightie which conveniently had buttons right down the front. As they started unfastening buttons she stirred and woke and her wide eyes displayed her shock. They managed to push the panties into her mouth and secured them by tying the bra around.

They had brought a couple of straps and they spread her on her back and fastened her wrists to the rails of the bedhead. They could feel her consternation but she soon gave up struggling. One of them whispered in her ear, 'You talk too much'. These were the only words spoken during the entire visitation.

They fondled her tits and made them bounce. They stroked her thighs and pulled them wide apart. They shone torchlight on her cunthole. They worked it carefully with their fingers and with their tongues till it was just beautifully juicy. They produced impressive cocks and took turns to penetrate her. They didn't rush.

Then they unfastened the straps and pulled her off the bed, bent her over her desk in the corner of the room with her face pushed down onto an Arabic book. They both screwed her again. Finally they put her down on the floor in a kneeling position and removed the bra and panties. She whimpered but couldn't seem to say a word. They took turns to ejaculate into her mouth and then they silently left her.

She never spoke to anyone about what had happened. But those who knew her saw a definite change. She was much quieter and more thoughtful.
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