Sheer Confusion
Is it the way I'm staring at her? Is my hair to wildly wind blown? Are my shorts to short? The embarrassing smile on her face is definitely for my benefit.

O K, so she's one hell of an attractive young thing who throws a flirty kiss and a wink my way. I can't keep my eyes off her. She's got sexual magnetism flowing through her veins, drawing every ounce of passion to the surface of my skin.

Everyone in this little tucked away bar has focused eyes glaring, squinting, pupils, sly peeping, shifting side to side trying desperately to look cool without their tongues leaping out their mouths.

As her tip jar fills with plenty of five, ten and twenty dollar bills I can't help but think she puts on one mean wicked show that's worth every dime of those hard earned green backs.

She struts, rocking her hips forward and back rather than side to side. Then I catch a front view and understand why. She has the most outrageous skin tight pussy hugging shorts on that actually match mine. Suddenly I realize my cock is loosely hanging passed the folded seam. I awkwardly readjust my seated position.

Her head swings around giving me the opportunity to smile, wink and blow her a kiss off the palm of my hand. She mimics catching my kiss in one hand then throwing it upward and catching it on the tip of her tongue while wildly licking her lips. I jokingly laugh, mostly at myself. She returns the gesture while walking my way.

"That's worth a drink on the house, what's your fav?"

Thinking to myself, 'your mimicked answer is worth an all night kiss and much, much more!' "Make it a tequila sunrise."

"But it's only midnight! "

"Yeah, but I'll be here to catch the sunrise over the horizon. Care to join?"

"This bar stays open 24/7. My shift is over at 4:00am, just in time to catch that sunrise with you. Bet I know what else'll be rising!"

"You don't miss a trick do you?"

"Not one that impressive."

"You're mighty impressive yourself."

"Thanks. Can't wait to share what really impresses me the most. But then, I'll bet you already know that."

"I like to guess. Most times I'm wrong but the times I'm right more than make up for the wrongs."

"I like what I see hanging in your shorts. With me that's all you need to make things right."

"Why do I get the feeling that this mornings sunrise is going to be some kind of awesome?"

"Because it already is. My pussy's so wet just thinking about how right you are, if I take another step I'm going to cum right here, right now."

"If this bar wasn't such a barrier between us you could sit on my lap, spread your legs and we could start enjoying a pre sunrise, rise of our own."

"I've got a break coming up in twenty minutes. Meet me out on the beach in the little grass shack. The key is in the flower pot by the window."

As I get up to leave she leans over the bar with a wet juicy kiss that's so intoxicating I spontaneously reach around her waist, pull her over the bar, bend her backward holding her head in my hand then thrusting my tongue deep down her throat. Her tongue dives to the depths of my throat tickling my glottis as we both throat fuck each other with such fury I throw my leg over her thigh, her hands grab my cock as it leaps out of my shorts, she yanks her shorts sideways sliding my cock over her juicy thigh and into her pussy in one unhesitating thrust.

I throw my hips forward as she lifts her hips upward. Unable to control our lustful passion for each other we both cum violently as my cock hurls it's way deep into her luscious pussy.

Our tongues slide out of our mouths just long enough for her expressive thoughts...

"Fuck me right here on the floor. I don't care whose watching, it's my bar and I make the rules. Fuck me hard, fuck me deep...just throw that cock in me like we both knew this would happen the moment our eyes first met."

I pick her up, her legs wrap around my waist, the edge of her shorts cuts into my shaft, she senses my discomfort, reaches down pulling her shorts to one side. My cock barely goes semi limp then stoutly rises to the occasion. It's such a thrill to be multi orgasmic.

I throw her body up into the air then thrust upward as she falls. The weight of her petite body is enough to force my cock so deep into her pussy we both feel the instant excruciating pain as the massive head plunges through her cervix. Then, as if the thunder and lightening instantly disappear an amazing calmness rushes over our senses. I back her into a corner, she rests her hands on the walls to steady her body. Her legs press into my waist creating a four point foundation. I lift her thighs to more readily secure our position. Her heels dig into my hips. She inhales forcefully knowing our craving intentions are equally matched. Her words resound in my thoughts, my wildest desires...

"Fuck me hard, fuck me deep, throw that cock in me..."...

Her voice shatters my thoughts as her words fill my senses. I start fucking her so wildly her body slams against the corner walls. First one side then the other. I realize what she's doing so I keep my body rigid. She sets up a swaying rhythm that has her pussy ripping my cock from side to side. I start lifting upward then down accentuating the sensation she's desperately seeking. Finally we reach our goal and my cock is hurling it's way into her stretched out pussy which continually aches for more with each thrust.

Oblivious to the other customers we begin moaning with every thrust announcing to the world how intensely pleasurable this experience is becoming. We settle into a murmuring hypnotic state of pelvic slamming ecstasy that takes us beyond our multiple orgasmic bliss into a mesmerizing semi numbness that becomes an open road bound for glory.

As we reach a state of prolonged penetration neither of us knew was possible we become consciously aware of our audience...

"Yes, yes, get after it...more, more, cream that clit...fuck that pussy, inhale that cock, get it on, now, rock, rock, rock"...Soon the entire room creates a spontaneous mantra.

We fuck each other into an insane intensity until she slips down the wall. A guy and a girl go help keep her in position while another guy and girl get behind me and start shoving me harder into her body. Two girls enter the scene supporting her hips and thighs. She grits her teeth yelling uncontrollably...

"Fuck me like a pile driver on steroids, fuck me deeper than you've ever fucked before, fuck me until we dry up and your cock expands and tightens inside my tight swollen pussy, forever"... her words reveal her erotic desire to be fucked beyond a state of oblivion.

Her voice belts out what's flowing through both our intentions and surely, our audiences participation. I cum so many times it feels as if I'm continually oozing liquid nourishment. It no longer spurts out it just flows. Her outrageously wet pussy continually discharges more amazing nectar. Our breathing mimics a maxed out steam engine complete with jaw dripping residue.

One girl comes to our side stroking my cock as I withdraw then massages my cum soaked balls. Then she raises her hand licking it's palm. She offers me some, I inhale her hand. Her partner slides into the action massaging my partners enormous pussy lips filling his hands with cum. He offers it to my partner, she hungrily devours mouth full after mouth full. Everyone who wishes a luscious taste becomes a welcome guest.

Several others join in steadying our bodies and picking up the rhythm. Out of the corner of my eyes more and more people become involved by jerking each other off, massaging each others cocks, pussies, balls, pussy lips, tits, anal crevasses, tongues lashing insanely from mouth to mouth.

As our bodies begin to go limp we're placed on a rug with pillows to comfort our continuous penetration. I suck her tits every chance I get. Her nipples are huge and I can inhale most of her breasts one at a time. As I suck harder she massages my chest pinching my nipples then rotating them until they swell into huge rosette blossoms. She can suck like the best of them. Her tongue never stops swirling. My nipples ache so wondrously sending explosive aroused signals to my cock. Our hips slow down but never stop thrusting.

We change positions constantly then take time for rear penetration. Her hips lower, her head spins around, her face is all smiles, she wriggles her butt cheeks, I get the message. Withdrawing my cock slowly from her pussy I take time backing it out in stages, thrusting forward, withdrawing little by little giving her an aroused sense of anticipation.

Finally I withdraw completely. I slide the tip of my crown upward centering it on her rosebud. She widens and lowers her knees giving me an angle of thrust that is overwhelming. I reach between her thighs coating the head and shaft of my cock with hers and my cum. As I press forward she relaxes allowing me smooth entry. I withdraw, coat my cock with more cum and continue driving forward. As I thrust forward she rocks backward. I grab hold of her hips and we begin a steady rocking chair rhythm that others commence replicating. The depth of penetration is so overwhelming I feel my cock expand and elongate with every thrust.

Amazingly, the entire group starts murmuring...fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, elongating the words with every thrust. Within a couple minutes we're all thrusting and rocking to the same rhythm and tempo. The murmuring increases in volume...Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck.

The entire scene becomes surrealistic. I have one hand massaging her tits, the other massaging her pussy lips and extended swollen clit. Her body spasms as I slide her clit between my fingers. As it expands I feel it swell in the palm of my hand. I stroke it as if masturbating. Her body convulses with jerking motions that increase the intensity of penetration.

She massages my balls with one hand while steadying her body with the other. The feel of her fingers separating my balls and sliding them between each digit is intoxicating. Cum from her pussy flows onto my scrotum. She grips the sack just below my shaft then tightens her grip and slides her hand downward squeezing my balls into a suffocating strain.

As she releases her grip and continues massaging each ball separately the sack hangs looser. Then she grips the sack again this time swinging hard against my ass and her pelvic bone. I get her non verbal message and start hammer thrusting my cock so hard into her ass my balls sway so far they smack her belly button then swing backward into my ass.

Everyone reaches a level of intensity, thrust after thrust, shouting at the top of our lunges...FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK. We all realize we've reached a blissful state of unison fucking. The added fervor of this group endeavor intensifies each orgasm stimulating a heightened level of prolonging the ability to sustain penetration indefinitely.

All of a sudden the sunlight blasts through an open window. As we look around our faces light up like Christmas trees...Pure Joy in the making. We all burst out in laughter when someone yells out, HOLY FUCKING CUM...lets all toast the rising sun...with another orgasm...

I slowly become conscious that I'm drenched in sweat fucking an enormous cum soaked hole between the pillow and sheet of my bed...damn, that was one hell of dream...but it seemed so real...

...and what's this tequila sunrise doing on the bed stand???

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